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  1. Online TCG with original cards?
  2. Pokémon Play It! Version 2 on Windows 7 - Help Needed
  3. Road to NE Regionals '14: Darkrai/Yveltal (Seeking Aid)
  4. Pokémon TCG: Shin Base Set (tentative name) - GamerZack7's First Custom Set
  5. Who's better, reshiram vs zekrom card game
  6. Which Pokémon Types Do You Think Deserve to Be Their Own TCG Types?
  7. Your Recent TCG Hauls
  8. Exploetta deck (WIP - Looking for feedback)
  9. Place To brag
  10. Unova Starter Set
  11. Meowstic? Good or bad?
  12. Rate My Deck
  13. Pokémon TCG Elite Trainer Box Discussion
  14. pokemon tcg codes
  15. Amazon
  16. Rate my Deck
  17. Prized Possessions
  18. New Pokemon X/Y cards avaliable
  19. Mysterious Charizard reprint?
  20. Miss printed cards
  21. Entire base set for $220 NZD
  22. Error japanese pocket monster
  23. Error Japanese Pocket Monster Card
  24. Red Genesect Collection no TCGO deck access code
  25. fake cards
  26. Rare Pokemon card attracts record-breaking $50k offers on eBay
  27. Should all types be split in the TCG?
  28. a miscut Pikachu card from the Ex Sandstorm series
  29. Is Plasma Energy in Booster Packs? If not, where is it found?
  30. Fake pokemon cards?
  31. Can anyone shed some light on this card?
  32. Thoughts/Improvments
  33. Help with a card
  34. Can someone help me get PTCGO working?
  35. Announcing the Reddit PTCGO Open Tournament
  36. Just wondering, none of you by chance have any Gen. III bosster boxes, do you?
  37. advice needed!
  38. How to Prepare for a Tournament
  39. Electrode Card
  40. Quick funny deck
  41. Iowa Pokemon League
  42. What's your worst card?
  43. Your favorite card?
  44. What's your favorite card to play with in tcg for game boy
  45. TCG
  46. Deck help - Electric/Dark
  47. Getting Started - What to Do?
  48. Garchomp Fighting & Water Deck (Help)
  49. Auburn vs Alabama
  50. Boundaries Crossed Prerelease
  51. Intense PTCG GIVEAWAY!
  52. What kind of pokemon card is this?
  53. PTCGO tournament
  54. Japanese 1st edition holo skyridge raikou
  55. goblin games sept. battle roads!
  56. Post your collection here!
  57. Looking for detailed info about Pokemon error cards - can anyone help me?
  58. What is your curret personal deck?
  59. Dragons Exalted Prerelease
  60. TCG Buddy?? Please reply
  61. Massive Amounts of Fake Pokemon Cards Seized
  62. TCG Types Expansion: Don't we need AND want it?
  63. Pokemon card spending tips please!
  64. Binders VS Sleeve Books
  65. The Deck/Booster Pack to get Grass-Type Pokemon/Grass Energy cards?
  66. Pokemon Organized Play Seasonal Format Rotation
  68. Nationals 2012 in Indy
  69. 1st Edition BASE Set - To bother, or not to bother?
  70. Jungle Tauros
  71. my battle roads deck
  72. Help needed identifying Japanese card
  73. I wanna get into the competitive side of the TCG, but dunno what I'm doing.
  74. This Sawsbuck card is SO overpowered that I just might have to SELL it...
  75. Card Lists with a Twist
  76. Building my first deck, need some item help
  77. First Generation Decks
  78. If you could rename a deck or make your own....
  79. card identification help needed please!
  80. "Psyflamez" Deck
  81. Golden Pokemon catcher
  82. What do you think of this deck i'm working on?
  83. Dark Explorers Prerelease
  84. DP expansions reverse holo
  85. More deck help
  86. Troll and toad feedback?
  87. Grass Deck Help Needed
  88. 1st Bulbagarden Skype TCG tournament!!
  89. IDEA: Bulbagarden league
  90. TCG Leagues
  91. I can't find that darned poke artwork! : Feraligatr δ
  92. Collector's how do you sort your cards?
  93. Deck Help
  94. What EX/ex's do you have?
  95. Favorite Card
  96. TCG Collecting
  97. Newbie Deck Help
  98. I'm new to the TCG, please help me decide which deck to buy!
  99. Pokemon TCG questions
  100. Your rarest cards
  101. ANNOUNCEMENT: Trading Threads Notice
  102. New Moderator!!! (Introduction Thread)
  103. Deck Question
  104. Great New Pokemon TCG Website Retailer
  105. Epic TCG Pulls
  106. TCGO
  107. Colecting neo genesis- some opinions please!
  108. Tournament Discussion
  109. I'm back :D
  110. teaching someone the game, PLEASE HELP!
  111. Cinccino and Audino
  112. Questions about the TCG and my deck
  113. can somebody tell me what these cards are worth?
  114. what are these cards worth
  115. Help determining whether these cards are fake/real
  116. QR Code on Pokémon Card Turns Up Adult Site
  117. Pokemong TCG Online BETA
  118. (RATE MY DECK!) Pokemon Next Destiny
  119. Poke-store?
  120. Official Pokémon Website Announces EX Cards
  121. how to make good decks
  122. Kelleo's Pokemon TGC Pokedex
  123. Deck Rating Wanted
  124. Which is the rarer card?
  125. New Girls-Only Official League in Provo, Utah!!
  126. Is this card fake?
  127. Poll - What color should the new Dragon TCG type be?
  128. Awesome Victini Card
  129. Neo Genesis- I would welcome some advice!
  130. Your best victories
  131. MetaCardsTV
  132. What is your favorite pokemon TCG pack and why?
  133. TrollAndToad Packs of 5 Boosters
  134. TCGO Deck redemption codes
  135. Your star pokemon deck.
  136. Energy Cards With No Numbers
  137. Anyone giving away BW pack codes?
  138. Probopass DP43 promo error card?
  139. Coin from EX Hidden Legends, WishMaker Theme Deck?
  140. Which deck should I pick?
  141. some one tell me what these are
  142. Going to a League for the first time in a while ..
  143. Should Dragon-type Pokémon be changed from Colorless to Fire-type in the TCG?
  144. Chansey Neo Destiny & Pinsir Aquapolis: what's the true?
  145. Pack Prices
  146. I need a hand...
  147. TCG Errors and Misprints
  148. Have you ever built your own deck? If so, can you help me build one?
  149. New Theme Deck Leaked?
  150. Early card releases - take your pick!
  151. Organizing My Cards
  152. Old collection of original 151 Pokemon Cards - Make a fair offer?
  153. Pokemon PVC Figures?
  154. What is the Rarest card you own?
  155. Do you know anyone who owns an Egyptian Mew card?
  156. 1997 Japanese Pocket Monsters cards
  157. Lugia LEGEND 116/123 ?????
  158. Good Deck combination?
  159. How Do You Organise Your Cards?
  160. 2010 Promo Shuckle Card Misprint?
  161. $200+ worth of new stuff coming out this fall...
  162. Fastest/Strangest Win?
  163. Serperior (B&W 6)
  164. Web series Magikarp?
  165. Can You Help Me Finish My HGSS Sets??
  166. In a deck
  167. Pokémon You Never Get
  168. Can someone value my cards?
  169. fake card with worst quaility seen
  170. Is There Something Wrong With My Zorua Card?
  171. 2 Misty cards needed
  172. Counterfeit Cards
  173. Pokemon B & W happy meal cards
  174. Japanese / Living in Japan Users
  175. NA Mc Donalds PROMO
  176. Deck Building
  177. Can you value my cards?
  178. Double-printed Cards
  179. They still make trading cards?
  180. Most up to date price guide
  181. TCG Profit [$]
  182. What Pokémon do you think we'll see in the English Red Collection set?
  183. The mystery of the BW Stadium card
  184. My Sereuniclus Deck
  185. A new game style
  186. The Dawn Again
  187. Leafeon Variant
  188. How much is this worth?
  189. New cards that match olde cards
  190. What would you like to see in the TCG?
  191. Prerelease bonus
  192. Playing Pokémon TCG again
  193. Imakuni "spoof" cards
  194. Black and White TCG: Theme Decks
  195. Backwards pack?
  196. Pokemon TCG online beta game
  197. LackeyCCG
  198. aschefield101's faking emporium
  199. ConTort
  200. shiftreon
  201. Prof-It!: Video series to learn competitive play!
  202. Jamboree?
  203. LUXLOCK
  204. Call of legends theme decks
  205. Fake Pokemon Cards here!
  206. Modified Royal Guard, want opinions
  207. Call of Legends pre-release
  208. Pokemon TCG language question
  209. FS: Pokemon Card Mixed Lot (400+) - HOLO, 1st EDITION, RARE
  210. Really just had to
  211. MewGar
  213. Trade with Rubx, You know you want to!!!!
  214. The newest trade spot
  215. how can you tell Old fake pokemon cards
  216. EricDLee's Pokémon Card Fakes
  217. Where can I play the Pokemon TCG?
  218. TCG CotD. Day 5, Gym Heroes Erika's Dratini
  219. TCG card of the day: Day 4, Neo Genesis Cleffa
  220. TCG Card of the Day: Day 3 Neo Genesis Slowking
  221. My Dratini Deck
  222. TCG Card of the Day. Day 2, Base set Wartortle
  223. TCG Card of the Day. Day 1, Base Set Electabuzz
  224. Pokemon city TCG tourneys 2010
  225. Lord_Mewtwo's Trade Thread
  226. Most Broken Card
  227. Luxchomp
  228. [Plainville MA] Battleground Games & Hobbies *POKEMON SNOW THROW League*
  229. Salamencemaster1's Trade Tower
  230. Needs Help
  231. Yeah you can talk about bad trades you made, but what about ripoffs courtesy of YOU?
  232. Cards
  233. Where To Buy Online Pokemon Collectors
  234. Barrier Deck
  235. Does Anyone Buy PokeMon Cards? ( My Collection Inside )
  236. Verdant Dance: A Leaf-min Deck
  237. Most regreatable trade you ever done.
  238. Your First Pokemon Card
  239. Old cards
  240. Entire base set collection for sale
  241. Palkia and Dialga Legend
  242. E-Skyridge Fisherman NEEDED!
  243. Cofused...
  244. I have a card...
  245. Definitely not the same as 6 months ago.
  246. Ho-Oh LEGEND: Top for Bottom
  247. Will there be any Pokémon ex/Lv.X/Prime/Legend type of card in the BW series?
  248. Deck Help.
  249. Trades
  250. dialga g scizor deck