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  1. Blastgatr deck
  2. My Discovery
  3. Triumphant Early Shelving
  4. Donphan Prime (RR-on)
  5. what card do you hate the most?
  6. Unlimited vs Modified Format VISUAL difference???
  7. How many cards do you have?
  8. Who's your favorite TCG illustrator?
  9. palbert6393 trade thread
  10. HS - Triumphant Prerelease Tournament
  11. Help with "legal" cards?
  12. Question about a card..
  13. i want to know how do i get into the world champions?
  14. Lost link deck?
  15. This Guy Just Came Back to the TCG, So He Needs Some Help.
  16. Selling Cards
  17. TCG website?
  18. Togekiss/Umbreon/Drifblim (BR)
  19. How do I tell if my cards are real or not?
  20. Quick question about a card effect
  21. opened original pokemon packs
  22. What card you like the most?
  23. What is your most powerful card?
  24. looking for a few promos
  25. Modified Mind Flud Deck
  26. Did I make a good trade?
  27. Need a few original, jungle, fossil cards. Please Help!!!
  28. [Selling] D&P Majestic Dawn Cards
  29. I found some rare foils!
  30. Cake's Trade or Sale Shop
  32. need help plz
  33. Rulings question
  34. Who Knew you Could Find Rare Stuff in Drawers?
  35. Cards
  36. newbie in desperate need of help.
  37. How do you keep your cards?
  38. Shiny Shinx Card
  39. Mine and Your Undaunted Luck so Far.
  40. Tons of cards, mostly older series
  41. misty's poliwrath update
  42. Legend Pieces
  43. A Question.
  44. My Trading Thread
  45. Undaunted Prerelease
  46. My trade thread
  47. I just joined
  48. Swamped! - Swampert/Donphan
  49. Raikou and Suicune Legend deck!
  50. Let's see your card...
  51. i just got a charizard card!
  52. list your exs, xs, primes, and ledgends
  53. MAJOR UPDATE - Ultra Rare Card Collection so far, MANY SCANS
  54. so i was looking through my old pokemon cards......
  55. What have you gotten in a Booster Pack?
  56. 2 TCG rulings wanted
  57. Your first card?
  58. Can someone help me with the value of a card?
  59. help with electric water deck
  60. Small question from a guy who hasn't played since neo-destiny... lol
  61. 3 new Undaunted Cards!!!
  62. Return of Kadabra to TCG
  63. Anyone remember what they got out of their first pack?
  64. What single card do you have the most of?
  65. Question about Frontier brain cards
  66. Deck-building help requested!
  67. N00b needs major help with first deck - Unlimited MightyKrow - Politoed666 requested
  68. Been digging around the old collection recently.
  69. Rate this shick
  70. Base Set Venasaur & Pokemon Breeder Needed :)
  71. EXPANSION SYMBOLS: Where can I find which is which?
  72. how to get an answer?
  73. Mountain Flower
  74. A few rules questions
  75. Would Pokemon OCG be better if ...
  76. Total noob seeks "tutor"
  77. What is a reverse holo?
  78. New Cards Today
  79. Comparison: Pokemon TCG to all other TCG
  80. HeartGold & SoulSilver trade
  81. Lugia Legend Card
  82. Venadrill
  83. Number of Energy cards in a deck?
  84. Fake?
  85. Does anyone here actually play the card game?
  86. New TCG Cards Are Silly
  87. HS Unleashed Prerelease Specials
  88. How do you get colorless energys?
  89. Cosmic Rain - The Starmie Deck from HELL
  90. An attempt to get into the TCG
  91. Important survey for school
  92. Returning to the game after years
  93. Cena's Wondetabulous Glaceon Lv. X Deck (rate plz)
  94. Question about Darkness Energy (Special)
  95. Help in understanding the TCG Metagame?
  96. Pokémon Trading Figure Game - Unreleased figures
  97. FlyDown Needs help!!!
  98. A TR member making a deck thread not pertaining to the "TR's Return" set
  99. A waste of time!
  100. Dragon type cards
  101. Pokemon TCG Online (official)
  102. Got really lucky :D Question though...
  103. Tyrannitar Beatdown
  104. Standard Legal?
  105. I'm working on building up a deck...
  106. Are Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver cards at Burger King possible?
  107. please review **fighting deck** i plan to use in state championships
  108. New Releases
  109. Groundbreakers Mightyena
  110. A Lugia/Ho-Oh Legends Deck? Already?
  111. Question: How long do pre-releases run?
  112. Closed
  113. Counterfeit cards report
  114. What are your rarest cards?
  115. WANTED:- Original Base set FIRST EDITION Booster Decks
  116. new trading figures?
  117. Topps Cards
  118. Real english Ho-Oh LEGEND & Lugia LEGEND!!
  119. Salamence 2.0
  120. HeartGold & SoulSilver Expansion
  121. Salamence
  122. Pokemon Rumble
  123. Simple Questions thread
  124. Weekly youtube show about the pokemon TCG!
  125. Winning Christmas Deck list
  126. Help for a newb
  127. Salamence LVX
  128. Pokemon Tin fraud?
  129. The Trading Coin Game - Any love?
  130. Help a newbie out?
  131. Gliscor Lv. X Help
  132. Favorite deck of all time. ALL TIME!
  133. Neo Genesis grey 1st edition cards
  134. Platinum Arceus: Best Mistake Ever
  135. POP Web site still down
  136. Trading cards still popular?
  137. Where to find cheap cards?
  138. Do you think new Gym Leaders' Pokèmon may come out?
  139. Battle Road Autumn
  140. Pokemon trading cards
  141. A Fake Card Game
  142. What IS this???
  143. Ernie Hudson - Pokémon TCG Fan
  144. Imakuni? Cards
  145. Random Fake Cards
  146. Japanese Team Rocket Holographic Mewtwo
  147. delta engine deck - delta domination
  148. Another deck... Maybe.
  149. rate my unlimited deck - dragon rush
  150. I need a good site to buy singles?
  151. Axle Helios' Card Shop
  152. LEGEND series announced
  153. my first deck -- whitesqual
  154. Need help- What card is this?
  155. Base Set Nidoking deck?
  156. Minor problem: T-Shirt sizes in OP Profile?
  157. Need some advice for my first deck.
  158. Does anyone know what kind of cards these are?
  159. Arceus cards for release?
  160. Do anyone still have their Golden Pokemon cards from Burger King?
  161. Dewgong's Card
  162. Help a deck? Maybe?
  163. Help with Raging Flame Deck
  164. Lol most of my freinds cards are fake!
  165. rate my my machamp deck
  166. Alternate version of Darkness Slumber deck
  167. Infernape deck
  168. Pokemon Scramble card game?
  169. Pokémon TCG Cards at Burger King
  170. How do you feel about the almost released "Rising Rivals" series?
  171. Need advice for my Chronic Headache deck
  172. Who wants to trade?
  173. Help my poison/bug deck
  174. Need advice for my Darkness Howl deck
  175. This pisses me off, and I don't even play the TCG anymore
  176. Manga character in RR set?
  177. Jackolas - Trade Thread
  178. How much are these cards worth?
  179. Booster Boxes or Single Booster Packs
  180. Have you ever gotten ripped of when buying cards off Ebay?
  181. Question about cards
  182. My fakes... :D
  183. Rate/Help My Deck
  184. Favorite TCG Artists?
  185. What are the odds of a LV. X in a pack?
  186. Pokemon cards - are these worth anything?
  187. Porygon-Z Lv. X
  188. Trading Figure Game
  189. Creating and henching up your deck
  190. Pokemon: The Tabletop RPG?
  191. Poli's Trades - Many Lv.Xs/Primes/etc.!
  192. Pokemon TCG-Recc Price/ Checklist
  193. What this is for
  194. Extras
  195. Common Concern: No place to play
  196. Pokemon: Legends Green
  197. Check these out!
  198. TCG set abbreviations
  199. Hang on, when did that happen?
  200. Your Local League?
  201. Common Concern: The cost of a good deck - Updated for BW-on!
  202. Meet your new moderator
  203. A question about TCG leagues
  204. Rate your interest in learning more about the TCG.
  205. playing pokemon cards on my own!?
  207. Special vs Basic Energy...
  208. Starting a Pokemon League
  209. Need Help Identifying a Card: Scyther from Jungle that does not have Expansion Symbol
  210. Super-rare misprint?
  211. Does anyone here actually play the TCG?
  212. My New Cards Seem to be Fake
  213. Lack of Activity
  214. List of all sets?
  215. Minor Errors
  216. Castaway
  217. Meowth card help
  218. Rare Lucario Card
  219. Pokemon League Unboxed, Savannah, Ga
  220. drugenalmighty's trade thread
  221. Videos from 2008 Pokemon TCG World Championships
  222. Trying to determine what these cards are...
  223. The good old days of PKMN TCG....
  224. What's your favorite card you have?
  225. Rate and coment my deck
  226. do you think pokemon cards are too much $$$$$$
  227. inspired by Pokemasters' Forum's TCG project...
  228. Amazing Facts about Pokémon Trading Cards
  229. Which Trainer Figures would you like to see?
  230. Majestic Dawn Decks
  231. Pokemon cards up for trade
  232. I can't find Groundbreakers ANYWHERE.
  233. Question about the second set
  234. Are you a Battler or a Collector?
  235. Pokebeach goes bust...
  236. Booster Packs?
  237. Availabilty of figures?
  238. Remember Fake Cards?
  239. How many ex's / Lvl.X's do you have? TRUTHFULLY
  240. Tournament?
  241. Strategy Talk
  242. Muk Is Psychic?!
  243. Groundbreakers in Australia?
  244. Figure Game Flash board!
  245. Crystal figures in America
  246. Hariyama
  247. neo 3 japanese sugimori artwork
  248. Got some non-american figures...but
  249. Couple of Questions concerning fly away, focus energy and more..
  250. Help! I have a couple of questions...