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  1. Black & White Trainer Kit announced for August: Kit will feature Excadrill and Zoroar
  2. Global Link announces additional fourteenth Pokémon movie promotions: New Musical sho
  3. New Red Collection cards and Hail Blizzard/Psycho Drive info surfaces: A new TCG mech
  4. Third Japanese BW expansion announced: Hail Blizzard and Psycho Drive coming Septembe
  5. A nine-year-old boy saved Pokémon TCG: Lucas Ayala's persuasive letter to his teacher
  6. Gobitto, Zorua, Dageki and Zuruzukin to make their anime debut: Bel, Cabernet, Kenyan
  7. Beckett cancels new Beckett Game Strategyst magazine: Beckett combines new magazine w
  8. Red Collection preview included in Battle Theme Deck: Victini: Theme Deck in stores n
  9. Black & White: Emerging Powers expansion announced: Set to be released in August
  10. A personal view of the Pokémon VGC UK: Thoughts from the day
  11. Super Pokémon Scramble box art and new mechanics revealed: Pokémon from Generation II
  12. Pokémon Smash! Musical show currently downloadable: Japanese Global Link Musical prom
  13. CoroCoro reveals more Red Collection cards: July CoroCoro leak shows more Red Collect
  14. Dawn's Buneary voice actress passes away: Tomoko Kawakami succumbs to cancer
  15. Personality & Development: Ash's Charizard: Reviewing the characterization of anime P
  16. Nintendo of Europe hacked: European branch hit one week after Nintendo USA hacked
  17. Red Collection receives tremendous update: New promotional cards also included
  18. Super Pokémon Scramble announced for 3DS: Game to be released July 28
  19. Play! Pokémon announces early TCG rotation to HGSS-on: U.S. ...
  20. Nintendo shares fall following Wii U announcement: Wii U announcement blamed for 5-ye
  21. Next Nintendo home console revealed at E3: Wii U to succeed Wii
  22. Compare & Contrast: Dragon Quest: Pokémon isn't the only monster-training game
  23. First episode for July 2011 revealed: Don George and Shooty to appear
  24. 3DS recieves much anticipated update: eShop, other options now available
  25. Nintendo suffers hack attack: US server compromised but no customer data stolen, says
  26. Various distributions for June, July 2011 revealed: Shiny Hydreigon, Shiny Golurk, Zo
  27. Cartoon Network to air a Black & White marathon on June 18: First 8 episodes of seaso
  28. Cartoon Network to air a Black & White marathon on June 18: First 8 episodes of seaso
  29. Two new Pokémon revealed for Red Collection: Escavalier and Accelgor debut for the TC
  30. Personality & Development: Ash's Bulbasaur: Reviewing the characterization of anime P
  31. Postponed episode to air in June: Basslao to debut in delayed BW026
  32. Pokédex 3D app coming to 3DS: Free downloadable Pokédex app to be available at 3DS eS
  33. Pikachu that know Fly to be distributed in Japan: Pikachu to be available until Septe
  34. Crunching the numbers: Enhance your game with the power of math
  35. Personality & Development: Ash's Squirtle: Reviewing the characterization of anime Po
  36. UK airdate announced for Pokémon: Black & White: Series to debut June 4 on CITV
  37. UK airdate announced for Pokémon: Black and White: Series to debut June 4 on CITV
  38. Chandelure brightens the Trading Card Game: Known cards of Japanese Red Collection ex
  39. Pokémon Café Global Link promotions currently on-going: Décor, C-Gear skin, more avai
  40. Archen, Archeos to be featured in BW039: Fossil Pokémon to appear alongside Araragi,
  41. New UK DVD release date for Zoroark movie: Now releasing 29 August
  42. Impact of the Diamond & Pearl series: The top five characteristics that made the Diam
  43. McDonalds Happy Meals to feature Black and White figures: McDonalds and Pokémon to te
  44. Battrio sequel on the horizon: Promised game defies all predictions
  45. Pokédex apps pulled from market: The Pokémon Company makes copyright claim
  46. Eevee's evolutions now available on Global Link: Play to Befriend a Pokémon! rewards
  47. CoroCoro to reveal new Pokémon game next month: This issue: Zekrom and Reshiram distr
  48. Anime in Indian subcontinent shifted to Pogo: Season 12 premiered with four new episo
  49. The anime shifted to Pogo in the Indian subcontinent: Season 12 premiered with four n
  50. Two June anime episodes revealed: Dangoro, Tabunne to appear
  51. Two June anime episodes revealed: Roggenrola, Audino to appear
  52. Personality & Development: Ash's Pikachu: Reviewing the characterization of anime Pok
  53. Porygon, evolutions to be featured in Global Link promotion: Promotion to be availabl
  54. And Starfy makes eighteen: NIWA network swells to legendary proportions
  55. Destiny Deoxys to get UK DVD release: Deoxys arrives in UK on May 9
  56. Munna C-Gear skin to be available outside Japan: Distributed through Pokémon Global L
  57. 2011-2012 Modified format announced: HGSS-on change to possibly happen early
  58. Wii successor to be shown at E3: Nintendo to unveil next home console in June
  59. Dengeki DS announces new Pokémon game: Details to be revealed in May 21 issue
  60. Palpitoad to appear in two May episodes: No update on missing Plasma episodes
  61. Fire Emblem Wiki joins NIWA: Another new member coming next week
  62. VGC 2011 locations announced: U.S. to kick off start to 2011 Season
  63. Pokémon Black and White Versions sell nearly 2.5 million in March
  64. Eeveelution game not to last forever: Linkage with Pokémon Global Link to end May 5
  65. Event-only Victini to know Fusion Bolt, Fusion Flare: C-Gear skin featuring Victini t
  66. Thirteenth movie to re-air on North American television: Previously cut intro expecte
  67. ZeldaInformer starts Black and White League: Bulba affiliate expands upon its previou
  68. Dreams of new artwork come true: Final images surface on Pokémon Dream World
  69. First chapter of 14th movie manga adaptation leaked: Fully evolved forms of Gen V sta
  70. Pokémon video game marathon underway in Britain: Pokémon4Life raises money for Japan
  71. Nintendo Magazine Interview Confirms: Pokémon World based on Japan
  72. Mystery Egg event coming stateside: Toys 'R' Us to partner with TPCi for anime-based
  73. Global Link to launch April 13, according to official website: Speculated date is now
  74. Liberty Pass distribution extended: Event to end on April 27
  75. Bulbagarden webmaster interviewed in Australian magazine: Archaic discusses history o
  76. IGN holds top Pokémon contest: Website begins to determine top 100
  77. Global Link launch date still unconfirmed: Earlier announcement removed from official
  78. 4Kids Entertainment files for bankruptcy: Former dubber goes bankrupt
  79. Best Wishes! Wish List: What do you wish for?
  80. New deck boxes and sleeves revealed for April: Litwick and Darumaka among those featu
  81. Battle & Get! Pokémon Typing DS! websites open: Game basics revealed, first footage
  82. Online Eeveelution game to interact with Dream World: Game launched, Dream World stil
  83. Compare and Contrast: The Final Fantasy Legend: Pokémon isn't the only monster-traini
  84. Can Pokémon be educational?: How to implement Pokémon in the classroom
  85. 3DS upgrade available from release: Firmware update to improve system stability
  86. TCGO Trainer Challenge open beta launches: Limited beta shows off new technology
  87. World's first Pokémon Blu-Ray releases announced: Australia to get Arceus and Zoroark
  88. Four new episode titles for April revealed: Hitomoshi and Monmen, to make their debut
  89. On the Origin of Species: Venipede, Whirlipede and Scolipede: Investigating the inspi
  90. Emonga VS Tsutarja, to be featured in BW028: Episode to air March 31
  91. Japanese Worlds qualifiers canceled: Earthquake aftermath continues disruption
  92. Disney XD Japan to air Pocket Monsters in May: Diamond & Pearl series to premiere in
  93. Disney XD Japan to air Pocket Monsters in April: Diamond & Pearl series to premiere i
  94. Earthquake delays international Global Link launch: Nintendo cites "need to conserve
  95. PLDH announces completion of Unova Collection: Unova Collection, the493 include wallp
  96. NIWA founding figure farewelled: WiKirby owner passes away
  97. TheSpeedGamers hit target: $15,000 raised and still going
  98. BW026 postponed, BW027 airing instead: BW026 postponed for unknown reasons, BW027 to
  99. Airing of two-part Rocket-dan VS Plasma-dan episode to be moved: Battle against Arti
  100. Pokémon PAX booth boasts upcoming TCG products: TCG Online, blister promos shown
  101. Remainder of Battle Strength Decks revealed: Decks due for release March 18
  102. Science and Pokémon: Pokémon eggs: Analyzing the concepts behind the game
  103. Black and White have successful launch in NYC: Exclusive report from event attendee
  104. Sendai earthquake, tsunami impact Pokémon officials: Sugimori stuck at airport, Harad
  105. New Adventures, RéBURST manga released: March 2011: a big month for manga
  106. First steps into the future score high: Bulbanews review - Pokémon Black and White Ve
  107. Nintendo add bonuses to UK BW tour: T-Shirts available for first 20 people and expert
  108. 1.08 million copies of Black and White sold on U.S. launch day: New record for Pokémo
  109. Victini enters the Trading Card Game: Battle Theme Deck: Victini to have June release
  110. The Speed Gamers to host third Pokémon marathon for charity: Handheld games from Gene
  111. British gamers aim to catch 151 Pokémon for charity: Charitable effort in aid of the
  112. BW033 concept art leaked: Elgyem to make an appearance
  113. On the Origin of Species: Woobat: Investigating the inspirations behind Pokémon
  114. New York fans' wishes granted: Ken Sugimori tweets "Arrived in New York"
  115. New Battle Strength Deck cards and promos exposed: Those featured include Zoroark, Da
  116. Europe wakes up to Pokémon Black and White: Generation V gets its Western debut acros
  117. International Pokémon Global Link launch delayed: Online service to launch March 30
  118. OverClocked ReMix's Pokémon fan remix album released: 'The Missingno Tracks' availabl
  119. TRsRockin shuts down: Webmaster moves on to different pastures
  120. Black and White's final leak surfaces: Final names revealed
  121. Australian copy of Pokémon White found to work on a Japanese 3DS: Nintendo's region-l
  122. Pokémon Black and White: The Experience: National Pokémon promotional mall tour worth
  123. Anime voice actors to appear at mall tour: Actors to attend New Jersey tour
  124. Black & White to get June debut in UK: 2-Episode Preview Shown at Weekend; Series wil
  125. Black and White DSi bundles announced: DSi consoles to feature Reshiram and Zekrom
  126. Black and White pre-launch events announced: Concept art to be shown at New York and
  127. Additional Black & White TCG information revealed: Two rumored names confirmed
  128. More action-packed episodes coming to DVD: Galactic Battles boxset imminent
  129. Pokémon refreshed in the Netherlands: Thirteenth movie to air this Friday
  130. Australia to gets in-store Victini event: EB Games and Toys "R" Us to distribute ...
  131. Masuda and Sugimori to meet London fans on launch day: Game director Junichi Masuda a
  132. Battle Subway English names revealed: Subway Bosses Ingo and Emmet revealed by ONM
  133. Japanese online Pokédex updated to Kyurem: Three Pokémon not included
  134. Thirteenth movie and Pokémon: Black & White to get UK premiere: CITV to screen movie
  135. Masuda dismisses "No third version" speculation: Game director denies rumor that ...
  136. Black and White concept art unveiled: Further English names also confirmed
  137. TPCi not happy about Cartoon Network movie cut: Future airings will keep first ten mi
  138. UK Celebi event announced: Pokémon Black and White prelaunch event to be held at GAME
  139. No 3DS enhancements for Black and White: Junichi Masuda dispels rumors
  140. TPCi to release online version of the TCG: Trainer Challenge to debut in April 2011
  141. Alternate Victini movie confirmed: Reshiram and Zekrom to be featured in separate
  142. Bulbagarden rings in the new year: Contest winners, promotions, site development proj
  143. BW Mall Tour plagued with hacked distribution: Wonder Guard Spiritomb distributed at
  144. Unconfirmed: Black and White not to be followed by a third version: Mana Ibe denies a
  145. 3DS impressions straight from Greece: A diehard fan's first impressions
  146. Unconfirmed: Two Victini movies coming in July: Zekrom, Reshiram to star in separate
  147. Wealth of American Black & White TCG set announced: Set releasing April 25, theme dec
  148. Black and White to be enhanced on 3DS: Full 3D not supported
  149. Celebi travels through time, around globe: More in-store distributions announced
  150. Sweden to get Celebi event as well: GameStop and Toys "R" Us stores to distribute the
  151. Celebi distribution announced for Finland: Event Pokémon to be distributed by Anttila
  152. Aloe's English name revealed: Revealed by foreign game guide
  153. Australasian 3DS pricing, release date set: Glasses-free 3D arriving March 31
  154. Unused Pokémon design revealed in magazine interview: Cloned sheep considered for Pok
  155. Information on Greek Celebi distribution revealed: To be distributed in select stores
  156. Norway Celebi distribution expanded: Celebi now distributed at Spaceworld, Gamestop,
  157. Mall tour, movie debut announced for UK: Black and White promotions continue
  158. Further fifth generation localizations revealed: Mebukijika, others localized
  159. Web advertisement reveals more English names: More localizations emerge from triple b
  160. Mexican Celebi distribution announced: Celebi to be distributed at GamePlanet stores
  161. Black and White demo reveals several English names: Mall tour gives new localizations
  162. Nintendo of America announces Victini event for North America: Event to last from lau
  163. Iwata affirms Pokémon on 3DS: Fans await further announcements
  164. Reading Gamerbase tournament moves to London: Closure of Reading branch forces reloca
  165. Localizations for several Pokémon, features revealed: Official Pokémon site, Official
  166. Localizations for several Pokémon, features revealed: Victini, Global Link, Xtranscei
  167. Additional Black and White localization details revealed: Dream World not available a
  168. Toys 'R' Us reveals American Black and White pre-order bonus: Reshiram and Zekrom wal
  169. Handsome to make a comeback in Best Wishes: Junsar and Professor Araragi to appear al
  170. Pokémon: Black & White to premiere on Feb. 12: New season to premiere with a one hour
  171. Preparations begin for 2011 Video Game Championship: Rules written down in - and play
  172. Global Link introduced internationally: Black and White online play detailed
  173. 3DS, Wii Pokémon games in development: Release date, boxart for Typing DS also announ
  174. IGN reveals more English Black and White names: Pokémon, abilities, moves translated
  175. English names for Iris and Dent revealed: Iris to keep her name while Dent's name cha
  176. English names for Iris and Dent revealed: Iris to keep her name while Dent's name cha
  177. English names for Iris and Dent revealed: Iris to keep her name while Dent's name cha
  178. TPCi announces numerous upcoming events: Anime, TCG dates announced
  179. Liberty Pass event announced for PAL regions: Distribution to begin March 4
  180. Pokémon.com launches regional mini-sites: Previously US-only site expands to some Eur
  181. Unconfirmed: Lost World to be released in Call of Legends: Anticipated Stadium card s
  182. Cartoon Network moves anime airing an hour later: Season finale to air at 9:00am
  183. Reading Gamerbase Tournament prizes revealed: Nintendo DSi bundles for Top 2; DSi XL
  184. Norway Celebi distribution announced: Celebi to be distributed at Spaceworld stores
  185. Canadian Black and White Sampling Tour announced: Tour to stop in British Columbia, O
  186. Nintendo reveals 3DS launch dates: Handheld to launch before end of fiscal year
  187. Official Nintendo Magazine reveals new English names: More names from the unconfirmed
  188. Best Wishes! dub title revealed: Ash's Pikachu event details also announced
  189. New Manga to serialize in Shonen Sunday: New Pokémon manga to target older audience
  190. Victini, Zuruggu to be distributed this year: C-Gear themes to also be available
  191. Victini, Zuruggu to be distributed this year: C-Gear themes to also be available
  192. World of Illusions box announced: February release to include Zoroark jumbo
  193. Spring 2011 Sneak-Peek Tins announced: Tins to contain preview packs, figures
  194. More Black and White English names revealed: More English names revealed
  195. More Black and White English names revealed: Names of characters, Pokémon, more revea
  196. List of Generation V English names revealed: List quietly gets removed from fan sites
  197. U.S. Black and White promotional tour announced: Mall tour to show thirteenth movie i
  198. Crown Beasts to be available over Wi-Fi: Starting Feb. 7
  199. European, Australian Black and White release confirmed: First main series game releas
  200. European Black and White release confirmed: First main series game released in Europe
  201. 3DS release information expected Jan. 19: International markets targeted
  202. Fifth PokémonWorld, PokéCharms, Gamerbase tournament announced: Fansites unite with G
  203. Unconfirmed: New Pokémon battling game in works for Wii: Game to be similar to Gale o
  204. Nintendo issues warning for the upcoming 3DS: Console not suitable for young children
  205. Various manga release dates announced for 2011: February 2011 manga in Japan
  206. Legendary beasts distribution reveals Celebi event: Event information hidden in codin
  207. Legendary beasts distribution reveals Celebi event: Event information hidden in codin
  208. Chinese names revealed for latest anime: Anime characters, Pokémon translated
  209. More Generation V localizations revealed: Munna keeps name, others get new titles
  210. Small bits: Best Buy selling Pokémon HeartGold for $19.99
  211. American Black and White release date announced: Games to be released March 6, 2011
  212. Toys 'R' Us to distribute Ash's Pikachu: Distribution to last Jan. 30 through Feb. 5
  213. Elemental monkeys named: Grainy images provide Christmas gift
  214. Toys 'R' Us to distribute Ash's Pikachu: Distribution to last Jan. 30 through Feb. 5
  215. 'Zoroark: Master of Illusions' to debut February 5: Raikou, Entei, Suicune to be dist
  216. Unconfirmed: Possible Black and White American release date revealed: GameStop releas
  217. Best Wishes teaser for 2011 shown: Satoshi's egg hatches, Team Plasma debuts, more
  218. 'Zoroark: Master of Illusions' to debut February 5: Legendary Beasts distribution als
  219. 'Zoroark: Master of Illusions' to debut February 5: Legendary Beasts distribution als
  220. Sinnoh League Victors to premiere in United Kingdom: CITV to premiere the season with
  221. CoroCoro reveals theatrical release date of Movie 14: "Victini and the Black Hero" to
  222. Galactic Battles premieres in Australia: Toasted TV to air Galactic Battles
  223. Additional 'Call of Legends' information surfaces: Set to be first in 'Call of Legend
  224. CoroCoro magazine reveals early 2011 information on anime, games: Zoroark with Bark O
  225. Takeshi, Hikari return to anime: Special episode scheduled for 2011
  226. NintendoWiki joins NIWA: A wiki all about Nintendo itself is the alliance's latest me
  227. Darkrai to be distributed in Japan: Mamoswine to also be available on Global Link
  228. December manga news: New manga in North America, Japan
  229. Hoenn episodes added to Pokémon TV: Macy's parade footage also available
  230. Satoshi VS Aloe in 2011: Second Gym Battle of Best Wishes! saga
  231. Dark foxes move to international arena: Zorua, Zoroark to keep Japanese names
  232. First Best Wishes episode for 2011 revealed: Miruhog to make its debut appearance
  233. Shogakukan announces Pocket Monsters HGSS manga release date: To be released Jan. 28
  234. 'Call of Legends' information surfaces: Shiny Legendary Pokémon to be in set
  235. Third annual Christmas Contest launched: Are you born to be a winner?
  236. Victini to be distributed for fourteenth movie: Victini to have something special abo
  237. New trailer for 'Victini and the Black Hero' shown on Oha Suta: Promo reveals footage
  238. Bulbapedia's editor in chief resigns: Editorial board member MAGNEDETH assumes head e
  239. Golden Sun Wiki joins NIWA: A wiki aiming to be the number one Golden Sun source join
  240. 14th movie title confirmed: Title and logo revealed, no other details
  241. More things to be obtainable on Global Link: C-Gear wallpapers, Dream World furniture
  242. New Battrio expansion to release in December: Various new aspects and features to be
  243. TPCi enters second Macy's float: New legendary Pokémon join Pikachu in parade
  244. Tsutarja, Pokabu, Mijumaru localized: The long wait is over!
  245. More Black & White Collection cards surface: Set to be released December 17
  246. More TCG promo sets revealed: World Collection Box and Clash of Legends images surfac
  247. Sugimori art of Generation V Pokémon revealed: Event-only Pokémon, Daruma Mode Hihida
  248. Animal Crossing Wiki joins NIWA: A wiki based on the Animal Crossing series joins NIW
  249. Pokémon.com to reveal three Pokémon Monday: Starter Pokémon's English names to be rev
  250. Bel to make her anime debut: Episode to air Dec. 16