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  1. Leaked document reveals upcoming games: Title list proves old consoles never die
  2. 'Rival Destinies' to premiere in Canada: YTV begins season on April 7
  3. Have the slime of your life with Dragon Quest Wiki: Dragon Quest-based wiki joins NIW
  4. New Kyurem Box TCG merchandise announced: Both a figure and card included
  5. Icaruspedia soars into NIWA: Kid Icarus-based wiki joins
  6. National Pokédex Beginning Set, new promotional cards revealed: Starters, Kyurem feat
  7. Black and White 2 announced for Australia, New Zealand: Games to be released Spring 2
  8. Official names of Black, White Kyurem revealed: Kyurem to change forme in Overdrive s
  9. Last two Best Wishes titles for April 2012 revealed: Durant, Carracosta to debut
  10. F-Zero Wiki races into NIWA's ranks: Wiki focused on F-Zero joins
  11. Yahoo kids reveals first Dark Explorers cards: Darkrai-EX, Zoroark, Umbreon revealed
  12. Entirety of Dragon Blast, Dragon Blade posted: Translations available
  13. PokéCollection reveals Dark Explorers merchandise: Cofagrigus Theme Deck; Krookodile
  14. CoroCoro reveals first Keldeo card: Keldeo Battle Strength Deck, New Beginning Set to
  15. Japanese blog reveals Shedinja, Garbodor from BW5: Shedinja is in Dragon Blade; Garbo
  16. European Victini boxes to be available: Unique boxes for Italy, Germany, France
  17. April CoroCoro begins to surface: Boxart for Black 2, White 2 revealed
  18. Pokémon Black and White 2 available for pre-orders from Play-Asia: Online retailer no
  19. 'Donamite' finale episode to air in April: Arc concludes with Kenyan, Dageki VS Masao
  20. Dragon Blast's new Energy card revealed: Blend Energy makes its debut
  21. UK Video Game Championships qualifier winner disqualified: Play! Pokémon manager rele
  22. Zekrom, Reshiram distribution to begin this week: Dragon duo destined for internation
  23. Plethora of new BW5 cards revealed: Full Art EX's, Drifblim, more revealed
  24. Distribution of 'Nobunaga's Black Rayquaza' announced: Event begins March 17
  25. March brings new Global Link promotions: Ducklett skin, Lucario currently available
  26. BW5 commercial features Giratina-EX, Rayquaza-EX: Numerous others confirmed for Drago
  27. Oha Suta reveals second teaser trailer for M15: 'Meloetta's Glittery Recital' preview
  28. March TCG Gym Challenge pack released for Japan: Promotional cards 124 through 133 re
  29. Distribution of Generation III Pokémon set for March, April, May in Japan: ...
  30. Pokémon: Black & White shifts to airing daily in Australia: Toasted TV's shift to Ele
  31. Pokémon Black and White 2 coming to North America and Europe this autumn: Nintendo of
  32. Meloetta quietly revealed in M15 poster: Pikachu short title revealed
  33. Pokémon Black and White 2 revealed on Pokémon Smash!: Game Freak director Masuda make
  34. Fourth, fifth, seventh Pokémon movies coming to UK Blu-ray April 2: Fourth, fifth mov
  35. 'ExtremeSpeed' Pikachu to be given away in Japan: The Kyūshū Shinkansen railway to se
  36. Pokémon Adventures placed third in Media Factory Animation poll: NishiOisiN's 'Zarego
  37. Fake Pokémon Yellow app removed from Apple App Store: TPCi releases statement
  38. May's English TCG set to be 'Dark Explorers': BW5 to feature Darkrai-EX among others
  39. Movie 15 pre-order tickets to be available from April 14: Kyurem VS the Sacred Swords
  40. Localization possible for upcoming crossover: Pokémon + Nobunaga may see internationa
  41. VGC distribution of Shiny Larvitar announced: Larvitar to know Superpower
  42. Masuda urges fans to watch Pokémon Smash! this Sunday: Possible new game details to a
  43. PAL PokéPark 2 release dates confirmed: European release on March 23; Australian rele
  44. Pokémon cards allegedly link to adult website: QR code misdirects, shocks family
  45. Keldeo to be revealed in upcoming CoroCoro: 'Nobunaga' scans also leaked
  46. Pokémon section now on Nintendo Zone: Acess to information on games, anime, TCG, othe
  47. Official Japanese Pokémon site reveals '2012 International Challenge': 'Japan Cup 201
  48. Dutch V&D stores to distribute Reshiram and Zekrom: Various Pokémon celebrations in N
  49. New Pokémon books announced: Six new titles to be released over three months
  50. Mewtwo to be distributed in Korea: 'Mewtwo Strikes Back!' to air on Korean TV
  51. Next Destinies promotional cards surface: Riolu, Luxio revealed
  52. Hoyts to air 'White—Victini and Zekrom' in Australia, New Zealand: Bulbagarden to dis
  53. First Dragon Blast/Dragon Blade cards revealed: Several Dragon types, various other c
  54. Pokémon Global Link reveals poll winner Arceus, Klink C-Gear skin promotions: Arceus
  55. Fortieth volume of Pokémon Adventures announced: Long-awaited volume finally announce
  56. Dub season fifteen to premiere on Feb. 18: Season titled 'Pokémon Black & White: Riva
  57. Official Pokémon site promotes return of Mewtwo: Next Destinies advertised; Mewtwo Wi
  58. Fourth, fifth Pokémon movies coming to German Blu-ray April 5: Both films to be relea
  59. Dragon Selection cards revealed; translations posted: Mini set introduces Dragon type
  60. 'Next Destinies' Explosive Edge theme deck released early: Various Fire, Water type c
  61. Next Destinies prerelease tournaments announced: Participants to get to use, keep Nex
  62. Rayquaza wins 15th anniversary poll: To be distributed in February
  63. Pokémon Medal World arcade game released: Namco Bandai release medal game which debut
  64. New Next Destinies information surfaces: First look at Full Art Reshiram-EX, Zekrom-E
  65. Pokeani loses domain name: Recovering Japanese fan site faces more downtime
  66. Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition press conference scheduled for Thursday: Live streaming
  67. CoroCoro reveals more information on Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition: Japanese release
  68. Pokémon Global Link reveals Japanese Crustle C-Gear skin, American Lucario promotions
  69. GameStop reveals PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond pre-order bonus: Pikachu, Snivy, Tepig, O
  70. Two additional Next Destinies cards revealed: Shaymin-EX and Lucario confirmed
  71. Canadian movie 14 broadcast announced: YTV to air fourteenth movie this Saturday
  72. Fourteenth Pokémon movies coming to UK DVD April 9: Both films to be released on DVD
  73. First Dragon type cards officially revealed: Salamence, Rayquaza, Haxorus featured
  74. Pokeani resumes operations after two-year break: Japanese site boasts new layout, log
  75. Crunching the numbers: Game trees: Enhance your game with the power of math
  76. Cartoon Network to air White—Victini and Zekrom: Cartoon Network to air the movie in
  77. Cartoon Network Pokémon timeslot changed in 2012: Anime to air half hour earlier in t
  78. Fourteenth Pokémon films coming to region 1 DVD April: Both films to be released in o
  79. Third 'Best Wishes!' ending theme officially revealed by TV Tokyo: 'Seven-colored Arc
  80. BW Wi-Fi battle rules to change: Dark Void to be banned
  81. Dragon Blade/Dragon Blast to be Japan's fifth BW TCG expansion: Dragon type to be fea
  82. CITV to air seven Pokémon movies, White - Victini and Zekrom UK debut: CITV to show m
  83. Japanese Pokémon movie site updates for fifteenth movie: Two posters presented; one p
  84. Pokémon, Nobunaga's Ambition crossover announced: Revealed on Twitter by Dengeki Onli
  85. Twelve Days of Christmas 2011 - Staff Appreciation Awards & Nominatons: Day 5
  86. Mamoswine promotion now available to Australian, Asian accounts: Promotion available
  87. Information on European VCG nationals revealed: Nationals to begin March 3 in UK, to
  88. Toho Auctions reveals Dark Rush: Set to release Dec. 16
  89. Pokémon.com posts first Next Destinies cards: Fifteen cards revealed
  90. Japanese distribution to be held to celebrate next year's zodiac: CoroCoro to also ha
  91. PAL Wi-Fi Victini distribution confirmed: North American, PAL, Korean Wi-Fi Victini .
  92. Winner of 'Vote to Befriend a Pokémon' poll announced: Arceus wins poll once again
  93. Second 'Best Wishes!' episode for January 2012 revealed: Bachuru, Dentula to be featu
  94. PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond to Europe, North America in 2012: PokéPark sequel to be re
  95. Movie 15 release date revealed: Kyurem, Musketeers to hit big screen July 14
  96. Pokémon Center store set up in airport: Temporary store to sell merchandise, bingo ga
  97. Central Japan International Airport to have temporary Pokémon Center store: Store to
  98. McDonald's Happy Meal campaign launched: Traditional Pokémon calendar also on sale
  99. Raikou-EX from Dark Rush revealed: Dark Rush to be released Dec. 16
  100. 2011 World Championships videos available: Cohen VS Cawthon match, others online
  101. Winter Deerling skin now available internationally: Skin available until Jan. 11
  102. Oha Suta reveals first teaser trailer for M15: M15 to star Kyurem, Cobalion, Terrakio
  103. New merchandise of Generation III Pokémon in stock: Products available in all Pokémon
  104. UK Victini C-Gear skin, Carnival Pokémon Musical now available: C-Gear Skin and Music
  105. Herman Cain quotes Pokémon again: Reused quotation correctly referenced
  106. Official Japanese Pokémon site posts notice regarding Pokémon Center Tohoku: Site ann
  107. TPC hints at Jump Festa reveal: Pokémon Battle Chess also on pre-order
  108. Dan Green loses wife to childbirth: Wife of famous dub voice actor passes
  109. Season's greetings from Bulbagarden: Fourth annual holiday contests launched
  110. Japanese Zoroark, Winter Deerling C-Gear skins now available: Promotions for Winter D
  111. Information on fifteenth Pokémon movie revealed: Kyurem, Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizio
  112. Cartoon Network to air a double movie marathon on Dec. ...
  113. Japanese Pokémon Center stores to distribute Shaymin: Gratitude Pokémon will be avail
  114. Gantle to make its anime debut next year: Satoshi to battle Gym Leader Yacon next yea
  115. First analysis of Autumn Regional Champion released: More official analyses to be rel
  116. Third Battrio V set announced: Kami trio to be focal point
  117. Special Tepig available in United States: IGN reveals new password for Rumble Blast
  118. Third Battrio V set announced: Kami trio to be the focal point
  119. CoroCoro reveals two Dark Rush cards: Umbreon and Zorua images surface
  120. Fourth Black & White Series TCG set announced: Next Destinies to arrive Feb. 8
  121. TPC announces Pokémon Global Link Famitsu Cup to be held over Japanese Wi-Fi: Nationa
  122. Surprise announcement to be revealed at Jump Festa: Subject matter currently unknown
  123. Worldwide store distributions announced: Victini for Korea also announced
  124. Global Link releases Winter Décor: Promotional Altaria also available now
  125. Kami trio to appear in 'Best Wishes!' this December: Pod, Baoppu to appear again
  126. Japanese Thundurus and Tornadus Wi-Fi distribution announced: Two of the Kami trio to
  127. European Poison Touch Croagunk, Croagunk C-Gear skin and Victini available soon
  128. European Blastoise C-Gear skin available: This is the final Kanto 2nd stage starter s
  129. Autumn Deerling skin now available internationally: Skin available until Dec. 8
  130. Poison Jab Croagunk available on Pokémon Global Link: IGN reveals further information
  131. Kami trio to appear in 'Best Wishes!' this December: Episode presented in multiple pa
  132. Pokémon.com celebrates Victini: V for Victini Sweepstakes, Wi-Fi event and TV Movie D
  133. Victini C-Gear skin released worldwide: Skin available until Jan. 12, 2012
  134. Bulbawikis start staff recruitment drive: Want to be on staff? Hit us with your best
  135. Korean Global Link accounts to get access to new Dream World area: Area, Décor to be
  136. Autumn Deerling skin now available for Japanese Global Link accounts: Promotion to en
  137. Amazon announces Pokémon Adventures release dates: Two new volumes to be released in
  138. Pokémon popularity poll launched: Winning Pokémon to be distributed by the Global Li
  139. Pokémon Global Link announces three Japanese promotions: Promotion for one version ma
  140. Satoru Iwata talks about 3DS, Wii U, Nintendo at briefing today: New Pokémon game hin
  141. First TCG product announced for 2012: Japanese 'Dragon Selection' subset arriving Jan
  142. CITV to air five Pokémon movies in UK: CITV to show Pokémon movie every weekday throu
  143. Mamoswine, Banette, 'Carnival Pokémon' promotions currently available: Promotions lim
  144. First 'Dark Rush' card revealed: Venusaur enters BW era
  145. More 'Best Wishes!' previews than usual shown after Pikachu short: Clips from reveale
  146. Eleventh, twelfth Pokémon movies to get UK DVD release: DVDs to be released Nov. 28
  147. Blissey promotion to be available for Christmas: Password to be given away by Pokémon
  148. Junichi Masuda reveals information on N: Game Freak director gains attention of fans
  149. Masuda replies to tweet regarding remakes of Generation III games: Game Freak directo
  150. Masuda replies to tweet regarding remakes of Generation III games: Game Freak...
  151. Pokémon.com launches the Legendary Sweepstakes: Successor to Zoroark Sweepstakes unde
  152. European Charizard C-Gear skin available: Europe to get one other C-Gear skin later t
  153. Pokémon Typing DS re-release confirmed: New black keyboard to be available mid-Novemb
  154. Three new volumes for tenth chapter of Pokémon Adventures announced: Volumes set to b
  155. Aoi Yūki, Mamoru Miyano win Newtype Awards: Mamoru Miyano wins Best Actor, Aoi Yūki w
  156. '2011 Autumn Friendly' Wi-Fi tournament announced: Registration begins Oct. 12
  157. ZeldaInformer Black and White League Starts Fresh: New Leaders, Elite Four, Champion
  158. Pokédex 3D gets worldwide update: Update unlocks features
  159. Summer Deerling skin now available on Japanese Global Link: Skin available until Nov.
  160. Two pairs of episodes for October 2011 revealed: Sources of information contradict
  161. TPC to attend Jump Festa this year: Company to debut at event
  162. European Zoroark C-Gear skin currently available: Skin available until March 29
  163. Satoshi to battle Adeku Oct. 13: Gigaiath to make debut
  164. Play! Pokémon 2011-2012 season rules revealed: New TCG and VG rules to fit recent eve
  165. Old Mansion Dream World event announced: Event to begin on Sept. 28
  166. Dutch playday to give away Zoroark: Pokédex 3D featured in 3DS demonstration
  167. 'Best Wishes!' preview clip reveals events of future episodes: Adeku, Monozu, legenda
  168. Banette to be available for Halloween: Distributed through a Pokémon Global Link prom
  169. Birthday Togekiss distributed internationally: Togekiss for all... during your birth
  170. Dub of 'Black Hero,' 'White Hero' to be released this December: English titles, relea
  171. Second Battrio V set released: Set features several Black & White Pokémon, as well as
  172. Old Mansion Dream World event announced: Event to begin on Sept. 28
  173. European Super Pokémon Rumble release date revealed: Get ready for a 3D rumble as Sup
  174. PokéPark 2 and Mewtwo Event Announced: Sequel to Wii game, and previously hinted Mewt
  175. Crunching the numbers: Game theory: Enhance your game with the power of math
  176. Junichi Masuda to make announcement on 'Pokémon Smash!' Sept. ...
  177. European Venusaur C-Gear skin available: Europe to get two other C-Gear skins later t
  178. Satoshi, Dent to battle Subway Masters in October: Episode to air October 6
  179. 3DS Circle Pad add-on announced: New base gives console second circle pad
  180. Pokémon celebrates 'Month of Zoroark': Sweepstakes, DVD, manga, C-Gear skin, TCG box,
  181. Pokémon Center to open in Sendai: "A place for children in the region to come togethe
  182. October 2011: A great month for manga fans: Four new manga releases for Japanese and
  183. Zoroark and Deerling C-Gear skins available: PGL to undergo extended maintenance
  184. Victory Cup promo to debut at Fall Battle Roads: Card revealed in Battle Roads organi
  185. Full list of NES 3DS Ambassador games revealed: Other five Virtual Console games reve
  186. New Japanese BW3 cards revealed: Conkeldurr, Lucario, and more featured
  187. Poison Jab Croagunk C-Gear skin available: Japan to get 2011 Worlds C-Gear skin
  188. Pokémon: Black & White anime coming to Australia and New Zealand: McDonald's toys and
  189. Kamiture to appear in the last two episodes of September: The Raimon City Gym leader
  190. Flare Red Nintendo 3DS to hit North America: New color choice available September 9
  191. One-hour anime special to premiere in September: Subway Masters to make their anime d
  192. Bulbagarden launches new e-zine: Bulbapedia, Bulbanews to close temporarily
  193. Third English Black & White expansion revealed: Noble Victories to feature Victini an
  194. Pokémon Rumble Blast gets European release in December: UK title will differ from US
  195. Pokémon Day in Poland planned for August 20: The first event of its kind in Poland
  196. World's best Pokémon players crowned at 2011 Pokémon World Championships: Elite playe
  197. Emerging Powers set and deck lists revealed: Set to include over a dozen English excl
  198. Additional Psycho Drive/Hail Blizzard cards revealed: Pikachu, Grimer, Meowth, Vanill
  199. CoroCoro provides first look at EX cards: Mewtwo EX to appear in September
  200. Week-long Pokémon marathon raises over $2,300 for charity: All 649 Pokémon caught in
  201. TCG Starter Figure Boxes announced: Boxes expected to release in September
  202. Crunching the numbers: Graph theory: Enhance your game with the power of math
  203. C-Gear skins featuring Audino, 2011 Championships now available: Skins available only
  204. First two 'Best Wishes!' episodes for September revealed: Episodes feature, Oobemu, D
  205. Nintendo reveals total sales for Generation IV and V: Total number of sales for all m
  206. Three more Emerging Powers cards revealed: Ferrothorn unseen in Japanese sets
  207. C-Gear skin to be distributed during Pokémon World Championships: Skin available now,
  208. ANA Flights air Pikachu short for 2011: 'Pikachu's Summer Bridge Story' plays for Aug
  209. Gamers embark on seven-day Pokémon marathon for Child's Play: Gotta catch 'em all
  210. Pokémon Typing DS to get new keyboard: Re-release scheduled for autumn
  211. New BW TCG merchandise announced for Fall: Includes Zoroark-Illusions Collection and
  212. Global Nintendo 3DS price drop announced: New "Ambassadors" program introduced for ..
  213. Super Pokémon Scramble delayed in Japan: 3DS title now scheduled for Aug. 11 release
  214. Canadian airdate announced for Pokémon: Black & White: Series debuts August 1 on YTV
  215. "Black & White" anime to resume in UK this September: Episodes 1-14 repeated in ...
  216. US 'Zoroark' DVD release date confirmed: US DVD to come three weeks after UK release
  217. New Black & White Battrio set released: Set features several Black & White Pokémon, a
  218. Battle Gift Set due for November: Additional promos released
  219. Personality & Development: Misty's Togetic: Reviewing the characterization of anime P
  220. Famitsu, Pokémon CEO hint at 'surprise': Support for both Nintendo DS and 3DS hinted
  221. Pokémon Rumble Blast to be released this autumn: "Super Pokémon Scramble" to see ...
  222. Science and Pokémon: A Good Catch: Exploring the technology behind Poké Balls
  223. New TCGO: Trainer Challenge league open: City Championship League introduces three ne
  224. Singing Pikachu distribution announced: "Can You Name All the Pokémon" promotion ...
  225. Minccino C-Gear skin available internationally: Global Battle Union's Season 1 result
  226. He's got a special lure, too?: An analysis of Cilan and Iris
  227. ExtraLives play "Mop Up Marathon" for charity: Gamers seek to raise over $9,000
  228. Toho Auctions posts entire Red Collection: Set includes six secret rares
  229. Legal Issues? There's an app for that: Thoughts on TPCi's takedown of mobile apps
  230. More BW TCG merchandise has been announced: Reshiram/Zekrom Boxes and BW2 Collector's
  231. Personality & Development: Meowth: Reviewing the characterization of anime Pokémon
  232. Pokémon Smash! features Red Collection: Various Pokémon cards revealed
  233. Official site reveals Rugged Helmet card: Promos from the Summer Carnival also shown
  234. Pikachu C-Gear skin to become available via Global Link: Event runs through August 31
  235. The Pokémon Company announces iPhone, Android app: TCG-based game to be available thi
  236. What's new: The vB4 upgrade: How the forums have changed, and a little shameless self
  237. Bandai TCG promotional cards revealed: Figures and cards to be released late Septembe
  238. ONM announces "Pokémon Adventure Camp": Shelmet, Karrablast and AR Markers at festiva
  239. Personality & Development: Misty's Horsea: Reviewing the characterization of anime Po
  240. Red Collection Carracosta and Cover Fossil revealed: Fossil mechanic explained
  241. Red Collection commercial shows off new cards: Set to be released July 15
  242. Pokémon Global Link updated: Global Battle Union enters second season
  243. Cards and merchandise for Emerging Powers surface: Beartic, Braviary, and Pokémon Cat
  244. Pokémon announces 2011 National Championships: America's best Pokémon players face of
  245. Pokémon plush dolls coming to Europe September 2011: Tomy strikes deal to release exp
  246. Dwebble shown for Red Collection: Set to be released July 15
  247. Personality & Development: Misty's Psyduck: Reviewing the characterization of anime P
  248. Black & White Trainer Kit announced for August: Kit will feature Excadrill and Zoroar
  249. Global Link announces additional fourteenth Pokémon movie promotions: New Musical sho
  250. New Red Collection cards and Hail Blizzard/Psycho Drive info surfaces: A new TCG mech