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  1. Magnagate Navigator to be available in Tsutaya stores: Menko cards given after answer
  2. Best of the Best CD announced for Japan: Japanese anime opening, ending theme songs i
  3. 2013 Pokémon calendar sold at Japanese McDonald's: Available with purchase
  4. Keldeo C-Gear Skin announced for Korea: Download available from Nov. 8 until Feb. 28,
  5. Starter Egg event announced for Korea: Distribution from Nov. 8 until Nov. 11
  6. Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza Pokémon Dolls to be available: Pokémon Doll avatars now ava
  7. New trailers released for new Pokémon Mysterious Dungeon game: Two animated trailers
  8. Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza Pokémon Dolls to be available: Meowth, Emolga, Ducklett Pok
  9. Poké Forest dungeon download to be available for PMD Magnagate: Free download from No
  10. Spiral Force/Thunder Knuckle Metagross promo card revealed: Numbered 197/BW-P; Receiv
  11. Special Edition Charizard Nintendo 3DS XL announced for Japan
  12. 103rd, 104th Best Wishes episodes revealed: Unova League begins
  13. Amazon Japan opens Pokémon Store: Pokémon Center merchandise now available online
  14. Dengeki Nintendo reveals the 102nd Best Wishes episode title: Episode to air Nov. 15
  15. Black Kyurem-EX, White Kyurem-EX Strength Decks released: Contain four new EX's: Zapd
  16. New Halloween C-Gear skin for 'Pokémon Black and White Versions 2' players: Halloween
  17. Japanese M15 home video distribution announced: Available in Japanese stores Dec. 19
  18. Pokémon Reorchestrated: Kanto Symphony: Album of licensed orchestral covers to be rel
  19. Retrospective on Pokémon movies: The Hollywood News embarks on a Pokémon movie marath
  20. Japanese Pokémon Centers announce Eevee promotion: Funfest mission and new merchandis
  21. Zelda Informer use Kickstarter to fund Pure Nintendo Magazine: A $20,000 goal is need
  22. Pokémon Center Cup Wi-Fi tournament announced: Japanese Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 .
  23. Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 launch in North America: Dream Radar also available; Gene
  24. 101st Best Wishes episode title announced: Iris vs Drayden
  25. Three PWT downloads to be available for Japanese Pokémon Black 2 and White 2: Pokémon
  26. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Magnagate and The Infinite Labyrinth boxart revealed: Game t
  27. Gothorita with its Hidden Ability to be obtainable via Pokémon Global Link: Serial co
  28. Meloetta, Keldeo Pokémon Dolls announced: Décor items to be available starting Oct. 1
  29. Jumpluff to be available for Korean Pokémon Black and White: Serial number provided i
  30. Nintendo to hold special event for Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 launch: Games on sale
  31. Dream World to have new features: Game Pals can now become Dream Pals
  32. Nintendo Direct announces Pikachu 3DS XL for Europe: Pokédex 3D Pro release date also
  33. Pokémon Dolls, C-Gear skins announced for international Pokémon Black 2 and White 2:
  34. Official Pokémon Facebook, Twitter feeds go live: Pokémon website unveils social medi
  35. Three PWT downloads to be available for international Pokémon Black 2 and White 2: Po
  36. 98th-100th Best Wishes episode titles announced: Pokéfan magazine reveals Unova Leagu
  37. Eighth BW Era TCG expansion announced for Japan: Spiral Force, Thunder Knuckle to be
  38. Eighth Black and White series TCG sets announced for Japan: Spiral Force, Thunder Knu
  39. Translations of Plasma Gale, Team Plasma's Powered Half Deck available: Sets released
  40. English Dub of Kyurem VS. The Sacred Swordsman: Keldeo announced: Cartoon Network pre
  41. Boundaries Crossed blister packs, box announced: Black Kyurem, White Kyurem boxes can
  42. Strongest class Single Battle Pokémon to be distributed at Pokémon Center stores: One
  43. New PWT download for Japanese Black 2 and White 2 announced: 'The Battle Between Lege
  44. Halloween, Pokédex C-Gear skins to be available for Japanese Pokémon Black 2 and Whit
  45. Reshiram, Zekrom, Keldeo Pokémon Dolls available in the international Dream World: Po
  46. Wii U international launches revealed: International release dates revealed on the sa
  47. Nintendo Direct Japan reveals Wii U launch date: Wii successor to be launched on Dec.
  48. CoroCoro October reveals information regarding new Mystery Dungeon: 'Pokémon Mystery
  49. Keldeo event confirmed for Finland: Keldeo now available at Stockmann department stor
  50. Genesect event confirmed for Australia: Genesect available starting October 11
  51. Genesect event confirmed for UK: Genesect available starting October 12
  52. Global Link to undergo maintenance: Site to go down in preparation for Black and Whit
  53. Cobalion-EX from Plasma Gale revealed: Plasma Gale set to release Friday
  54. Keldeo event announced for Korean Pokémon Black and White: Distribution to begin in D
  55. Genesect event announced for English Pokémon Black 2 and White 2: Genesect available
  56. Black Kyurem-EX, White Kyurem-EX Battle Strength Decks officially revealed: Decks inc
  57. Black Kyurem-EX, White Kyurem-EX Japanese TCG boxes revealed: Moltres-EX, Zapdos-EX t
  58. New C-Gear skin available for Korean Pokémon Black and White: Ducklett C-Gear skin av
  59. New English TCG box revealed: Black Kyurem, White Kyurem box to be released November
  60. New C-Gear skin now available for English Pokémon Black and White: Klink C-Gear skin
  61. 97th Best Wishes episode title revealed: Tornadus, Thundurus, Landorus to appear in t
  62. Next English Pokémon TCG set revealed: Boundaries Crossed to be equivalent of Japanes
  63. Ten more Pokémon Dolls released: Additional Pokémon Dolls for the Dream World availab
  64. Changes to 2013 Play! Pokémon season announced: Regional Championships to occur on th
  65. Australian Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 pre-order bonuses: EB Games releases commemora
  66. Announcing the new Bulbanews Editor-in-Chief
  67. Pokémon Adventures 15 year anniversary: Celebrating 15 years of a special series
  68. New blister pack announced: Dragon Vault blister pack to be available in October
  69. Limited edition Pikachu Yellow 3DS XL sells out: The new limited edition 3DS sells ou
  70. Pokédex 3D receives update: Final update rolls out
  71. Two new Pokémon Dolls to be available in the Dream World: Black Kyurem and White Kyur
  72. Details of All Star Cup Wi-Fi tournament revealed: All Star Cup to be held September
  73. New Game Freak game with Pokémon cameo announced: Japanese Pokémon Black and White ba
  74. New Wi-Fi tournament announced for English Pokémon Black and White: Autumn Friendly t
  75. Plasma Gale commercial released: Beheeyem, Amoongus, Infernape to be Plasma Pokémon
  76. Pokémon RéBURST volume 7 announced: Seventh volume of Pokémon RéBURST announced for O
  77. Pokémon Adventures volume 42 release date announced: Final HeartGold & SoulSilver vol
  78. Keldeo event confirmed for Australia: Colt Pokémon to be available from September 15
  79. 96th Best Wishes episode title revealed: 'Meloetta and the Undersea Temple' to air Se
  80. Five new 'Rival Destinies' episode titles revealed: From Meloetta to the rogue Dragon
  81. Pokémon art exhibition published online: 151 artists, 151 works of art
  82. 94th and 95th Best Wishes episode titles revealed: Samurott to make its TV anime debu
  83. Legendary EX Tins receive international release: Tins contain 2 DRX packs, 1 EPO pack
  84. Japan to get limited edition Pikachu 3DS XL: Preorders begin August 25th
  85. More information regarding Team Rocket's latest operation has been revealed: Kami tri
  86. Final Dragons Exalted blister contents revealed: Lilligant Blister contains Black Sta
  87. Plasma Gale's Cubchoo and Beartic revealed: Beartic to be a Plasma Pokémon
  88. World Championships Culminate: The results from 2012 Pokémon TCG and VGC finals
  89. New Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 Wi-Fi tournament announced: All Star Cup to be held i
  90. Several new promotions for Japanese Pokémon games announced: Events available for Bla
  91. CoroCoro features Plasma Gale: Lugia-EX, Colress Machine, Plasma Energy revealed
  92. New Pokémon available with the Pokémon Dream Radar: Hoothoot available with a secret
  93. New C-Gear skin available to international users of Global Link: Promotion available
  94. CoroCoro features Plasma Gale: Lugia-EX, Corless Machine, Plasma Energy revealed
  95. Tropical Beach to be 2012 Worlds Promo: Pikachu Plush, Hawaii themed T-shirt, and mor
  96. Plasma Gale officially revealed: Seventh Japanese set introduces Plasma's Pokémon
  97. Plasma Gale officially revealed: Seventh Japanese set introduces Plasma's Pokémon
  98. Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 dubbed introduction movie now available: Animated movie s
  99. New Pokémon dolls available in Japanese Dream World: New appliance items also availab
  100. 2012 World Championships finals to be broadcast live: Commentary will be included
  101. Trip VS Alder to be featured on Sept. 6: 'Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup' conclu
  102. Pokédex 3D Pro release date announced for UK: Pokédex 3D Pro to be released November
  103. UK Keldeo event announced: Keldeo to be distributed at GAME and Gamestation stores
  104. Gamestop Keldeo event announced: Distribution begins August 27
  105. Further Pokémon Conquest passwords released: Snivy, Misdreavus, Zoroark accessible
  106. New C-Gear skin available for English Pokémon Black and White: Crustle C-Gear skin av
  107. Pokédex 3D Pro North American release date announced: Pokédex 3D Pro to be released N
  108. First Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 Wi-Fi Tournament announced: Two new Pokémon Global
  109. Keldeo Box TCG merchandise releasing October: Box contains Keldeo figure
  110. Dragons Exalted set and theme deck lists revealed: Set releases August 15
  111. Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 release date confirmed for Australia and New Zealand: Pok
  112. The Top 5 Battle System Innovations: The most important changes to battling
  113. Details of 2012 World Championships announced: World's top players to compete August
  114. Several Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 promotions announced for Japan: Sticker rewards g
  115. Pokémon game soundtracks available on iTunes: Soundtrack commercial video released
  116. Two new Pokémon Conquest downloads revealed: New Pokémon passwords also given out
  117. Two new Dragons Exalted Blisters revealed: Pokémon featured are Lilligant and Scolipe
  118. 91st and 92nd Best Wishes episode titles revealed: 'Ash, Iris, and Trip - The Last Ba
  119. 'Kyurem VS the Sacred Swordsman: Keldeo' review: Pikachu the Movie 15th
  120. Ghetsis featured in November's 'Team Plasma Gift Set': November to also see 'Everyone
  121. European Analytic Porygon, Porygon2 Doll, Porygon-Z C-Gear skin now available: Promot
  122. Three additional Dragons Exalted cards revealed: Altaria, Registeel-EX, Milotic confi
  123. Two new downloads for Pokémon World Tournament revealed: "Gathering! Gym Leaders" ...
  124. Two new Pokémon manga volume release dates revealed: Kyurem faces Keldeo, new Burst W
  125. Third downloadable episode for Pokémon Conquest available via Wi-Fi: Ranmaru's Story
  126. Pokémon Black and White Versions 2 Soundtrack release date revealed: 4-disc Pokémon B
  127. Pokémon Fan reveals new information about Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup: Iris's
  128. Translations of Freeze Bolt/Cold Flare available: Set includes 130 cards; releases Ju
  129. CoroCoro August issue reveals 'Genesect': No. 649 has finally arrived
  130. Pokémon 3D: Is it feasible?: What next for the video game series?
  131. Pokémon Smash reveals two Pokémon available with the Pokémon Dream Radar: Beldum and
  132. Aria Forme Meloetta C-Gear skin to be released: Gothorita with the hidden ability Sha
  133. 'Double Album Box' TCG merchandise revealed: Box releasing in August
  134. 90th Best Wishes episode title revealed: 'Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup' begins
  135. Meloetta and Plasma's Pokémon debut in TCG: Both Formes featured, additional promos r
  136. Timburr from Cold Flare revealed: Keldeo's Resolution Forme also included
  137. Pokédex 3D Pro promotional video released: Several new features shown
  138. Ciao magazine features Meloetta OVA: DVD includes the short "Sing, Meloetta: Search f
  139. Seventh English Black & White set releasing November 7: Name currently still unknown
  140. New downloadable episode for Pokémon Conquest available via Wi-Fi: New password also
  141. New merchandise for Dragons Exalted revealed: Blister packs to feature Chandelure and
  142. Ten more new dolls available in Dream World: All languages receive addition to Pokémo
  143. Pokémon.com announces Pokémon Power Bracket: Legendary Pokémon to compete for fans' v
  144. Two new Pokémon Dolls to be available in Dream World: Reshiram Doll and Zekrom Doll t
  145. Genesect revealed by sixteenth movie teaser: To appear in sixteenth movie in 2013
  146. Team Rocket Radio Show to be streamed worldwide: Program will be available online eve
  147. Freeze Bolt's Vileplume revealed: Card's Ability makes Weakness ×4
  148. First downloadable episode for Pokémon Conquest available via Wi-Fi: Next Pokemon pas
  149. Download for Pokémon World Tournament revealed: Tournament to be based on 2012 World
  150. Porygon to be distributed to celebrate relaunch of Pokémon Global Link: Porygon and o
  151. Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 release date confirmed: New English names revealed
  152. Pokémon Conquest European release date confirmed: Crossover to hit Europe on July 27
  153. Japan's BW7 TCG set to be 'Plasma Gale': Set to release September 14
  154. Nintendo Direct reveals English release of Battle & Get! Pokémon Typing DS: Kami trio
  155. Ten new Pokémon Dolls available in the Dream World: Icy Cave accessible, Pikachu Doll
  156. Skyla from Cold Flare, Escape Rope from Freeze Bolt revealed: Escape Rope to have sam
  157. Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 released: New games' content discovered
  158. 89th Best Wishes episode title revealed: Iris deals with raging Dragonite
  159. New 3DS model announced: Battery life improved, screen 90% larger
  160. CoroCoro Ichiban and official site promote BW6: Oddish, Ether, Scizor and more reveal
  161. Several new Pokémon Conquest passwords revealed: Passwords may be entered once a mont
  162. Pokémon announces 2012 National Championships: America's top players to compete at US
  163. Pikachu the Movie Premium Box release date announced: Pikachu the Movie Box release d
  164. First Dragons Exalted cards revealed: More expansion details known
  165. Pokémon Global Link reopens: New Dream World information revealed
  166. Dengeki magazine reveals further B2W2 details: New Pokédex numbers, new anime episode
  167. Pokémon Smash reveals new movie trailer: Scenes from Be an Arrow! shown
  168. B2W2 Gym Leaders confirmed: Revealed on B2W2 guidebook cover
  169. Japanese B2W2 event Pokémon announced: Fossils, Kanto starter Pokémon
  170. 2013 TCG Season to rotate to BW-on: Five sets rotated September first
  171. First C-Gear skins for the new Global Link to be given away: Keldeo C-Gear skins for
  172. New B2W2 details now available on the official Japanese Pokémon website: Keldeo's For
  173. A new Pokémon special to be included with DVD giveaway: Pokémon ~Search for the Rinka
  174. Official Site details new 'Ace Spec' Trainer cards: Additional promotional cards reve
  175. The Speed Gamers aim to catch all 646 Pokémon for charity: Week-long marathon for ACT
  176. Wi-Fi event Victini distributed again: Players get a second chance to get Victini
  177. Introducing 'BulbaNewsNOW': Source of fast, short updates on Pokémon news through Twi
  178. Pages from 15th movie manga adaptation surface: Elder, matriarch of the Village of Dr
  179. More scans from CoroCoro Magazine for July 2012 surfaced: Keldeo's Resolution Forme f
  180. Pokémon sales sheet gives details of guidebook containing "Perfect National ...
  181. CoroCoro Magazine for July 2012 reveals new information for Pokémon Black and White 2
  182. More 'Rival Destinies' episode titles revealed: Tachiwaki Gym to be called 'Virbank G
  183. "Memories" release date revealed: June 26 on iTunes, July 11 on CD
  184. Striving for equality: Why Bulbagarden is taking a pro-LGBTQ stance
  185. Pokémon marathon to air on Cartoon Network on June 16: Six Black & White episodes and
  186. Team Rocket radio show to premiere July 1st: Radio show staring Jessie, James, and Me
  187. Keldeo's Resolution Forme revealed: CoroCoro cover reveals new forme
  188. Resolution Forme Keldeo announced: Original Keldeo to be known as "Usual Forme"
  189. Dragons Exalted decks to feature Hydreigon, Garchomp: Fall 2012 tins image also revea
  190. New Dragons Exalted information revealed: Fifteen Dragon-type Pokémon included
  191. E3 winds down for another year: Wii U promoted but no release date given
  192. Global Link offline for three weeks: Service expected to resume before B2W2 release
  193. Manchester Gamerbase hosts 4th tournament: Fourth Manchester tournament will use VGC1
  194. Pokémon Smash showcases PokéWood and new trailers: Ghetsis and Skyla confirmed to rea
  195. Compare & Contrast: Dragon Quest Monsters: Pokémon isn't the only monster-training ga
  196. Team Rocket's 'Pokémon Radio' show on Twitter: Gather under the name of Team Rocket!
  197. Pokémon Fan features Freeze Bolt/Cold Flare: Ten new Pokémon cards revealed
  198. Pokémon Fan magazine reveals 87th 'Best Wishes!' episode title: Episode to air on Jul
  199. Pokémon charity marathon to start June 1st: Marathon Man to host their second annual
  200. Crunching the numbers: Mixed strategies: Enhance your game with the power of math
  201. Kyurem to be BW Promo 44: Kyurem Box begins hitting stores
  202. New opening theme for Best Wishes! Season 2: Be An Arrow set to be second opening
  203. BW-P Promotional Flygon exposed: Card to be Japanese BW6 box promo
  204. English Dragon Set, BW6, name revealed: Dragons Exalted to release August 15
  205. September's Dragon Tins to include Pokémon-EX: Mewtwo-EX, Darkrai-EX, Rayquaza-EX to
  206. Pokémon toys coming to US Happy Meals: Includes several TCG cards
  207. Four new Freeze Bolt, Cold Flare cards revealed: Charizard, Blastoise to appear
  208. First two titles for 'Best Wishes! Season 2' revealed: Cilan and Dawn set to have a P
  209. New McDonalds toys coming to Australia next month: McDonalds Collection included
  210. Gym Leader Homika to make her anime debut next month: The two-parter episode schedule
  211. New footage from Best Wishes! season 2 reveals further details: Dawn, Cynthia, Caitli
  212. Animated B2W2 trailer now officially available: Yesterday's leaked trailer shown on o
  213. Official Site features Freeze Bolt and Cold Flare: Box Promo to be Flygon
  214. Pokémon Dream Radar, Pokédex 3D Pro announced for North America: Official North Ameri
  215. Japanese Black and White 2 site updates with new art, screenshots and information: Re
  216. 'Cattleya' to make her anime debut in 'Best Wishes! 2': Sakaki to lead Rocket-dan in
  217. CoroCoro reveals new information on Black 2 and White 2: Information on Meloetta dist
  218. Black Kyurem-EX and White Kyurem-EX revealed: Freeze Bolt/Cold Flare to release July
  219. June TCG Gym Challenge pack revealed for Japan: Four new Pokémon cards included
  220. Kami Trio receiving new formes in upcoming games: CoroCoro cover reveals possible new
  221. Singapore to have Pikachu distribution: Pikachu with Light Ball to be given out
  222. Luke, Zorua to make a comeback next month: Episode to air on June 7
  223. Pokémon TCG BW6 English expansion given release date: Additional merchandise revealed
  224. A new batch of 'Rival Destinies' episode titles revealed: Donamite arc titles reveale
  225. Japanese Spring Battle Carnival brings new promo: New Pokémon Tool card: Palace Belt
  226. Pokémon Global Link upgrade for Black and White 2 revealed: Online service to update
  227. SixPrizes reviews Dark Explorers: Best cards in Dark Explorers explained
  228. Pokémon Adventures volume 41 release date announced: New volume starts HGSS chapter
  229. Distributions of Darkrai, 'powerful tag Pokémon' announced: '2012 Spring Friendly' al
  230. Satoshi to slide into seventh on May 17: Freegeo, Churine, Elfuun, Tesseed, Baivanill
  231. Dark Explorers Prereleases start: Over forty new images available; Full setlist revea
  232. Nintendo Direct announces new 3DS apps: New B2W2 trailer also revealed
  233. Blissey from Dark Explorers revealed: Blissey numbered 82
  234. Japan's July TCG set anounced: Freeze Bolt and Cold Flare to release July 13
  235. Pokémon Smash reveals news about Black 2 and White 2 and M15: New episode of Pokémon
  236. Black and White 2 site updated with trailer: Official site features the first footage
  237. Global Link Spring 2012 Japan Cup C-Gear Skins revealed: The Musketeer Trio; Cobalion
  238. May issue of CoroCoro magazine leaked: Plethora of information revealed
  239. Movie 15 trailer airs on Oha Suta: Footage of Meloetta's Pirouette Forme included
  240. Fourteen new Dark Explorers cards revealed: Entei-EX, Raikou-EX, Groudon-EX and Kyogr
  241. May CoroCoro begins to leak: Information includes possible new characters and Meloett
  242. Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition submitted for classification in Australia: Spinoff game
  243. Japanese release date for Black and White 2 announced: Online retailer reveals June 2
  244. Keldeo Strength Deck, National Beginning Set fully revealed: Translations available
  245. 77th, 78th Best Wishes episodes revealed: Hachiku to make his anime debut
  246. 'Rival Destinies' to premiere in Italy: K2 channel to air season premiere on April 20
  247. Another batch of 'Rival Destinies' episode titles has arrived: Kami trio special to b
  248. Nagashima Spa Land to distribute Piplup: Distribution lasts from April 28 to May 6
  249. Happy Piplup C-Gear skin now available internationally: Piplup C-Gear skin available
  250. Full Restore marathon underway: Proceeds for British Red Cross Disaster Fund