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  1. Politoed, Kingdra event distributions announced for Japan: Available at Pokémon Cente
  2. Pokémon X and Y demo to be playable in Australia and Switzerland: Giratina to be avai
  3. Six new English dub episode titles leaked: 'Pokémon the Series: XY' sneak peek titles
  4. Bonus O-Powers will be available at launch: Participating Japanese stores to broadcas
  5. Rules changing for XY card game; Professor Sycamore revealed: First player can't atta
  6. Bonus O-Power's will be available at launch: Participating Japanese stores will be gi
  7. Pocket Monsters: The Origin English release announced: Pokémon Origins four-part mini
  8. Sylveon's TCG debut: Sylveon Collection announced for November: Box contains Sylveon
  9. Third and fourth Pocket Monster XY titles have been unveiled: Froakie will battle Fle
  10. Nintendo Dream interview reveals new mechanic changes: Exp share changes and other de
  11. Honedge's evolved form Doublade unveiled: Has the Ability No Guard
  12. Pokémon XY Global Link promotion announced for existing users: Dream Points to be con
  13. Pokémon Rumble U password for Shiny Eelektross announced for Europe: Will have the mo
  14. On the Origin of Species: Absol: Investigating the inspirations behind Pokémon
  15. Japanese Xerneas, Yveltal Half Decks announced for January: Xerneas Deck to contain H
  16. On the Origin of Species: Stantler: Investigating the inspirations behind Pokémon
  17. First two Pocket Monsters XY episode titles announced: Ash and Pikachu encounter Mega
  18. Birthday Pokémon event distribution announced for Japan: Ten different Pokémon to cho
  19. Former Nintendo President passes away: Hiroshi Yamauchi was Nintendo President from 1
  20. Pokémon TCG: XY expansion announced for February: Kalos Starter Set decks to feature
  21. New Fossil Evolutions Revealed: Aurorus and Tyrantrum revealed by different websites
  22. More details on XY anime series revealed: TV-Tokyo's mini-site updated
  23. On the Origin of Species: Corsola: Investigating the inspirations behind Pokémon
  24. Pokémon X and Y demo event to be at Lotte Kids Mart, Homeplus, Times Square in South
  25. New Pokémon X and Y videos have been released: A couple of new attacks shown
  26. On the Origin of Species: Dunsparce: Investigating the inspirations behind Pokémon
  27. Pokémon announces GottaCatchEmAll.com: New sweepstakes website unveiled
  28. Pokémon Rumble U password for Shiny Oshawott announced for Europe: Has Razor Shell, S
  29. Pokémon Smash announces a Sableye distribution event for Japan: New anime trailer sho
  30. Pokémon surprise announcement this Monday: Pokémon's followers advised to tune in at
  31. On the Origin of Species: Slowpoke, Slowbro and Slowking: Investigating the inspirati
  32. English names of October 2013 CoroCoro Pokémon revealed: Additional type-based mechan
  33. Pokémon Smash being replaced with Pokémon Get☆TV, Pocket Monsters: The Origin run tim
  34. 2013 World Championships Decks receive November release: Decks of Jason Klaczynski, Y
  35. Pokémon X and Y demo event to be at Homeplus, Lotte Department Store, Lotte Mart in S
  36. PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure to be re-released as a Nintendo Selects game: Re-re
  37. 14 new Pokémon Rumble U passwords announced for the US: Haxorus, Zoroark among the Po
  38. Five new Pokémon Rumble U passwords announced for Europe: Dragon Rage, Blizzard, Flam
  39. IGN reveals Litleo Evolution: Leaked online before being officially confirmed
  40. On the Origin of Species: Victreebel: Investigating the inspirations behind Pokémon
  41. Legendary Treasures details revealed: Several cards, subset Radiant Collection reveal
  42. October '13 CoroCoro unveils new 'XY' information: New Abilities, Mega Evolutions rev
  43. 'Genesect and the Legend Awakened' to premiere on CITV: Sixteenth movie to air in UK
  44. Pokémon X and Y Torchic event confirmed for the Korean language games: Will be availa
  45. On the Origin of Species: Magikarp: Investigating the inspirations behind Pokémon
  46. Pokémon Rumble U password for Snorlax announced for Europe: Will have the moves Stren
  47. Genesect and the Legend Awakened to premiere on Cartoon Network Oct. ...
  48. German title of sixteenth movie revealed: 'Genesect and The Legend Awakened' to air i
  49. Special anime episode announced for Oct. 3: Cilan, Brock will be in Johto
  50. Two more 'Adventures in Unova and Beyond' episode titles announced: Alexa, Gogoat, He
  51. Pokémon X and Y demo to be playable at the Eurogamer Expo in the UK: Will be playable
  52. Pokémon X and Y demo to be playable at HomePlus, Emart in South Korea: Will be availa
  53. New Pokémon spotted in Pokémon Direct: Pokémon appears for split second
  54. Pokémon X and Y-themed Nintendo 3DS XL systems to be available in United States and E
  55. Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter revealed: Bank can store up 3000 Pokémon on a Cloud
  56. New Mega Evolutions revealed during Nintendo Direct: Venusaur, Charizard and Blastois
  57. ExtremeSpeed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens to broadcast in Italy: K2 channel to air specia
  58. New Pokémon Direct to be broadcast tomorrow: Pokémon X and Y news will be featured
  59. Pokémon X and Y demo event at COEX Mall in South Korea extended another weekend: Will
  60. Pokémon Rumble U password for Shiny Magikarp announced for Europe: Will have the move
  61. Shiny creation trio to be available at Emart and Shinsegae department stores in South
  62. Two more Funfest Missions to be available at the COEX Mall in South Korea: Will be av
  63. 'Pokémon Haunted Night Gothic' campaign starting Sept. ...
  64. Team Plasma Tins leaked early: Promo Tins releasing Sept. 11
  65. Pokémon X and Y demo to be playable at Takashimaya stores in Japan: Pokémon papercraf
  66. First Pokémon Rumble U passwords announced for the US: Pokémon Rumble U available sta
  67. Pokémon Rumble U passwords for Shiny Garchomp, Serperior, Chandelure announced for Eu
  68. Cartoon Network announces four new dub episode titles: Butterfree, Jirachi, Beheeyem
  69. Final Best Wishes episode title has been unveiled: Zekrom, Bulbasaur to make an appea
  70. European locations for Shiny Creation Trio announced: GameStop, Toys "R" Us among the
  71. Pokémon Day to be held in Germany, Switzerland: Shiny Palkia, Shiny Giratina, Shiny D
  72. Pokémon X and Y demo to be featured on Nintendo Experience Tour: Nintendo Experience
  73. Nintendo 2DS announced for October release: Cheaper Nintendo 3DS without clamshell de
  74. Pokémon Rumble U passwords for Charizard, Hydreigon announced for Europe: Hydreigon t
  75. Legendary Treasures artwork, Promo Blisters surface: Promo Blisters feature Mew, Aggr
  76. Pokémon Rumble U password for Eelektross announced for Europe: Will have the moves ..
  77. Dub title of BW129 revealed: "Pirates of Decolore!" to air Sept. 7
  78. Pokémon Smash to announce new distribution for the Generation V games: Available at P
  79. PokeCollection reveals Season 15 DVD box set to be released in Australia and New Zeal
  80. English trademarks related to Pokémon Tretta uncovered: "Pokéfigure" trademarks ...
  81. Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice DVD UK release date changed to Sept. ...
  82. PokéCollection promotes additional XY TCG merchandise: First images of Starter Theme
  83. Play! Pokémon announces 2014 season updates: Changes include the discontinuing of the
  84. Extended episode preview shows Brock meeting Cilan, new Pocket Monsters XY scenes: Ir
  85. Pokémon Rumble U Password for Piplup announced for Europe: Will have the moves Drill
  86. Pokémon X and Y demo to be playable at PAX Prime: Convention to have dedicated Pokémo
  87. Trademarks found for new Pokémon product: "Pokkén Fighters" and "Pokkén ...
  88. 141st Best Wishes episode unveiled: Lapras makes an appearance
  89. First XY TCG products surface; BW11 name announced: Autumn featuring XY Starter produ
  90. Third password for Pokémon Rumble U announced for Europe: Will have the moves Night D
  91. Pokémon X and Y demo unveils title screen, various game elements: Completion Strategy
  92. Fairy type confirmed for the upcoming TCG Era: More information to be unveiled in...
  93. Pocket Monsters: The Origin anime special to air Oct. ...
  94. Team Flare Grunt card revealed at Pokémon Game Show: First XY Promotional card
  95. Black, White Kyurem figures to be available at GameStop with Pokémon Rumble U purchas
  96. Tournament to take place at the Fukuoka Pokémon Center: Will feature double battles
  97. GAME retailer to sell special edition Pokémon Rumble U game: 18 different NFC figures
  98. Pikachu to be distributed in Taiwan: Event Pokémon holds a Light Ball
  99. Lucario, Genesect Blister Pack Promos surface: Numbered BW85, BW86
  100. Pokémon X and Y demo version will be playable on various dates in Korea: Mega Evoluti
  101. Special version of Pokémon X and Y to be playable at 12 Aeon Malls: Will include excl
  102. Pokémon X and Y Super Music Collection release date to be Nov. ...
  103. 2013 Pokémon World Championships come to a close, 2014 location announced: 2014 World
  104. Xerneas Yveltal Blue 3DS XL sells out on Amazon in nine hours: Amazon.co. ...
  105. 2013 Pokémon Video Game World Championships winners decided: First European video gam
  106. Mega Kangaskhan revealed at World Championships: 202 track X and Y soundtrack also an
  107. Worlds 2013 Promo card revealed to be 'Champions Festival': Additional Worlds merchan
  108. Official site reveals Super Training, Mega Pokémon and English names of three Pokémon
  109. Six new Tretta pucks to be available at McDonald's in Japan: Pokémon names to be writ
  110. September CoroCoro reveals new Mega Evolutions: Three new Pokémon also revealed
  111. Pokémon X and Y will be playable at Gamescom in Germany: This will be the first time
  112. 139th, 140th Best Wishes episode titles unveiled: Chili, Cress make an appearance
  113. Krookodile, Lucario Blister Packs revealed for Plasma Blast: Set to be released Augus
  114. Legendary Dragons of Unova Collection releasing November: Box contains three Figures,
  115. Pokémon World Championship tournaments will feature live-streaming: This includes the
  116. Pokémon Rumble U trailer has been released: Official site unveils some localizations
  117. WCQ Tournament champions' Pokémon distribution announced for Korea: Hitmontop, Cresse
  118. Upcoming manga releases for August, September: New releases by VIZ Media, Shogakukan
  119. More information on Japanese Best Wishes event Pokémon: Genders and movesets revealed
  120. Shiny Creation Trio confirmed for more regions: Event Pokémon to be available in Aust
  121. Shiny creation trio event to come to Canada: Trio to be distributed at EB Games and G
  122. Pokémon World Championships Smeargle event announced: Distribution to take place Augu
  123. New Pokémon Oorotto revealed in Nintendo eShop Trailer: New Pokémon premieres in Nint
  124. Red Genesect Collection coming in September: Theme Deck, Genesect Pin, Promos include
  125. Pokémon Jumbo Jet to be retired: Pokémon-themed plane will make final flight on Augus
  126. Shiny Creation Trio events confirmed for US and EU. ...
  127. Japanese Pokémon Center to distribute four Pokémon from Best Wishes series: Distribut
  128. Jirachi available over Nintendo Wi-Fi for Korean players: The event will run the mont
  129. Cartoon Network's August schedule reveals new dub episode titles: Episodes to feature
  130. 138th Best Wishes episode title surfaces: A break is scheduled for Aug. 29
  131. The Pokémon World Championship website is now available: With the championship loomin
  132. New footage of Pokémon X and Y shown on Pokémon Smash: Fishing animation, additional
  133. Poster for Pocket Monsters XY shown on Pokémon Smash: Early scenes with Ash, Chespin,
  134. Porygon-Z Prerelease promo announced for Plasma Blast: Expansion to release Aug. 13
  135. Mysterious silhouette appears on Game Freak's website: Unknown if Pokémon related
  136. Pokémon Rumble U European & North American release dates confirmed: Wii U title to be
  137. First XY TCG products unveiled called Beginning Sets, two different varieties coming
  138. 2014 Play! Pokémon Modified format announced: TCG to become Next Destinies-on this Au
  139. Second international sale for Pokédex for iOS active: Sale ends on July 24
  140. New Pokémon Game Show details released: Event activities include downloadable content
  141. 7-11 to hold Stamp Rally for Pokémon Fair 2013: Stamp Rally to begin on July 15
  142. Limited edition Eevee 3DS LL to be available again in Japan: Daisuki Club members can
  143. Scans, translations for Mewtwo vs Genesect Deck Kit now available: Mewtwo vs Genesect
  144. Editorial: Why Nintendo needs to go region free: Over 22,000 people support petition
  145. English names of Pokémon and NPCs revealed in CoroCoro announced: Details on new Glob
  146. One New Zealander to win ticket to Australian Nationals: Five runners-up to win Gates
  147. Scans and Translations for EX Battle Boost are now available: EX Battle Boost will be
  148. Genesect Pokémon Doll now available for international Global Link users: Doll require
  149. Pokémon X/Y pre-order bonuses available with special ticket from August CoroCoro: ...
  150. New Pokémon, Gym Leaders, Team Flare surface in CoroCoro: Pancham's evolution unveile
  151. Pokémon Adventure Tour UK events announced: The event will have five different areas
  152. The US National Championships come to close: The winners revealed with their next sto
  153. Lucario and the Mystery of Mew to be re-released: Movie 8 returns to DVD Sept. 24, 20
  154. 136th Best Wishes episode revealed: Clair to appear
  155. The Summer Battle tournament allows players to battle Pokémon Center staff with the W
  156. Hitotsuki's English name revealed!: Localised name "Honedge" confirmed!
  157. Sale for Pokédex 3D Pro announced in commemoration of Pokédex Game Pokémania?'s relea
  158. Several battle tournaments against Pokémon Center staff members announced for Japan:
  159. Promotional Emolga card to be available at Pokémon Centers in Japan: Received when pu
  160. Masuda's video from Japan Expo France reveals information about Kalos: Design basis,
  161. Character Fair Jirachi event announced for Korea: Will be distributed from July 17 un
  162. New Pokémon unveiled: Hitotsuki revealed in Japan Expo
  163. Pokémon X and Y-themed Nintendo 3DS XL to be available in Japan: Xerneas-Yveltal Blue
  164. Movie 16 OST announced: OST to be released on July 31
  165. Genesect Pokémon Doll to be available for the Japanese Global Link: Doll requires a p
  166. Cartoon Network reports new English title of BW124: "Danger, Sweet as Honey!" to air
  167. 2013 Global Showdown Wi-Fi tournament has been announced: All Pokémon in the National
  168. Global Link for Generation V games to shut down Jan. 14: To be replaced by Generation
  169. Official X & Y Strategy Guide appears on Amazon. ...
  170. Pokémon Day to be held in Italy July 13 and 14: Team Rocket Meowth to be available
  171. Pokémon Enterprise Trainer cards unveiled for EX Battle Boost on Pokémon Smash: Chand
  172. Deoxys to be available to non-English games via Wi-Fi: To be available from July 1 to
  173. Pocket Monsters XY anime series to begin Oct. 17: Ash and Pikachu to start in Lumiose
  174. Eight new Pokémon toys are coming to Japanese McDonalds in July: The toys will promot
  175. Minor X and Y details showcased at World Hobby Fair: Additional learnset moves and do
  176. Dub title of BW121 revealed: "Team Plasma and the Awakening Ceremony!" to air July 13
  177. Pokémon Company issue statement regarding cheating: Warns it won't be able to restore
  178. Best Wishes series episode title for Aug. 15 surfaces: Noivern makes its debut appear
  179. Tanabata Festival Jirachi event announced for Japan: Will be distributed at Pokémon C
  180. A new Pokémon event promoting Pokémon X and Y is coming August: The Pokémon Game Show
  181. Ray Rizzo's Metagross to be distributed at the U.S. ...
  182. Australia to be part of 2013 Pokémon Video Game World Championships: National Champio
  183. Genesect Pokémon Doll, C-Gear skins now available for Korea: ExtremeSpeed Genesect: M
  184. Klaczynski hosts first major unsanctioned TCG Tournament: 2013 Klaczynski Open taking
  185. Winners announced for the Japanese Representative tournament: The six of them will re
  186. Four FunFest Missions to be available at Pokémon Centers in Japan: Pass Powers to be
  187. Next-gen World Hobby Fair 2013 to sell pre-order tickets for sixteenth movie: Event M
  188. Genesect blister pack unveiled for Plasma Blast: Plasma Blast to be released August 1
  189. U.S. National Championships will have new opportunities on the final day: A last chan
  190. Third trainer themed Pokédex skin now available for international Global Link users:
  191. 2013 Japan Representative Tournament to be streamed live: The winners will represent
  192. Keldeo-EX, Lugia-EX among the cards now revealed to be in EX Battle Boost: EX Battle
  193. Translations now available for Genesect, Mewtwo from Mewtwo vs Genesect Deck Kit: Vic
  194. Full scan, translation available for Genesect Promo card from EX Battle Boost Campaig
  195. Jirachi event details released for Japan: Will be available from July 1 until July 31
  196. Third set of Pokémon Scramble U NFC Figures unveiled: Will be available starting June
  197. More information on the latest Best Wishes episodes revealed: Alexa to make her anime
  198. "Pokédex Game Pokémania" to be released July 13th in Japan: Test your Pokémon knowled
  199. June International Challenge opens for registration: Participants can earn 15 Berries
  200. English names of four Pokémon and NPCs revealed: Fourth X and Y gameplay trailer live
  201. Exclusive movie Tretta and Tretta Festival coming to Japan: Japanese movie viewers wi
  202. Ikimono-gakari CD to be bundled with Eevee-themed extras in Japan: Purchasing 'Smile'
  203. Prologue to sixteenth movie to air July 11: Further CoroCoro pages reveal 'Mewtwo - T
  204. First cards for EX Battle Boost Campaign Pack, Mewtwo vs Genesect surface in CoroCoro
  205. Jirachi event announced for Japan: Singing Eevee event details unveiled
  206. Last chapter from 16th movie manga adaptation surfaces: Genesect Army shown to rebel
  207. Four new Pokémon revealed in July CoroCoro: Several new NPCs shown, two pre-evolution
  208. Fairies and the Fairy Type: Why Fairies aren't a bad idea for a type
  209. Korean release date for Pokémon XY announced: XY to be released on Oct. 12, 2013
  210. Pokémon Developer Round-table News: New Communication Features, New Pokémon and more!
  211. More Pokémon shown in second E3 trailer: New character, possible four-on-one battle s
  212. New Super Smash Bros. game scheduled for release in 2014 for Wii U and 3DS: Nintendo
  213. E3 Nintendo Direct reveals masses of information: Fairy type, several new Pokémon, XY
  214. Pokémon Adventures volumes 45, 46 release dates announced: Will be released in June,
  215. Pokémon Pocket Comics: Black & White announced: To be released Oct. 1
  216. Mewtwo Figure Blister has been unveiled: Will be released in July
  217. Voice actor Takkō Ishimori passes away: Takkō Ishimori, known for voicing Sengoku in
  218. Five new PMD Gates to Infinity passwords unveiled for Europe, Australia: First passwo
  219. Jirachi, Manaphy Pokémon Dolls available for international Global Link users: Passwor
  220. Pikachu Promo from Pokémon Center 15th Anniversary Premium Card Set fully unveiled: W
  221. Mew, Mewtwo Pokémon Dolls now available for Korean Global Link users: Password requir
  222. PokéBallerz playing Pokémon marathon for WaterAid: Pokémon marathon starts June 13
  223. Pokémon UK National Championships TCG Results: Robert Kinbrum and Sam T. ...
  224. Black & White Knock Out Collection released to Rite Aid Pharmacies: Newest Knock Out
  225. Ben Kyriakou wins UK VGC National Championship: Last year's champion takes UK Masters
  226. Eevee event announced for Japan: Is based off of the 'Pikachu and Eevee Friends' shor
  227. Pokémon X and Y anime to begin in October: 32nd Prize Fair pamphlet reveals X and Y a
  228. 133rd Best Wishes episode has been revealed: Beheeyem makes an appearance
  229. Plasma Blast Elite Trainer Box has been unveiled: Plasma Blast sell sheet reveals new
  230. Axe Rock, Kecleon Bazaar, Ultimate Wilds now available for European Gates to Infinity
  231. Metagross event now available for Driftveil Gym Season Play! Pokémon players: 2013 Sp
  232. New Team Plasma TCG merchandise surfaces: New Full Arts released, Alternate Holofoils
  233. Cartoon Network's June schedule reveals new dub episode titles: Ash's Charizard retur
  234. Pokémon X and Y to receive special E3 showcase on June 11: Exclusive showcase to also
  235. Ray Rizzo's Metagross to be distributed at the UK VCG Qualifier: Shiny Metagross to b
  236. New Tecmo Koei Senior Vice President hints at Pokémon Conquest sequel: Hisashi Koinum
  237. Voice actor for the English Pokémon dub gets married: Wedding bells ring for Pokémon
  238. Bulbanews begins staff recruitment for 2013: Inviting new hires for Generation VI
  239. 130th, 131st Best Wishes episodes unveiled: Butterfree, Dunsparce to make appearances
  240. 'Plasma Blast' Booster packs, Theme Decks unveiled: Will be released in August
  241. Genesect Army figures giveaway details announced for Japan: Only 100 people can recei
  242. Tornadus-EX Promo card revealed for the EX Battle Boost box: Received upon booster bo
  243. First six DLC dungeons available for Europe: Devices, Friend Bow among the items obta
  244. Newest Pokémon Scramble U NFC Figure announced: Pokémon Smash to reveal details on Ma
  245. First cards for EX Battle Boost unveiled: Will be released July 13
  246. Pokémon events to celebrate Pokémon Center's 15th anniversary announced: Each Pokémon
  247. June 2013 International Challenge announced: Ganlon, Petaya, Apicot Berries available
  248. Two Pokémon Tretta events announced for Japan: Winner receives Black or White Kyurem
  249. Eevee edition Nintendo 3DS LL unveiled: Lottery held to determine who can purchase th
  250. English names of the new Pokémon from CoroCoro revealed: New trailer now available