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  1. Pokemon DEATH BATTLE!!1112111213342!!111ONEONEONEELEVEN
  2. SPECIAL: Pokémon Special colour art book
  3. SPECIAL: November 2013 "Pocket Monsters Special" Review Thread
  4. REBURST: What Generation VI pokemon would you have liked to see in Pokemon ReBURST?
  5. SPECIAL: Is Chuang Yi still publishing Pokemon Adventure?
  6. What is your Speculation for the X and Y Chapter of PokeSpe?
  7. SPECIAL: What is your favorite arc of PokeSpe?
  8. Who Is your Favourite Pokemon Adventures Character?
  9. SPECIAL: The PKMN Special Voice Casting Thread (BOTH Sub and Dub)
  10. SPECIAL: Question On the Motion From Birthdays and Blood Types of Main Characters
  11. Capture/Evolution/Release Thread 2 !
  12. Pokemon Special BW2 Arc News
  13. PokeSuper BW Chapter Reading Order
  14. Pokemon Special/Adventures Favorites
  15. Near Death Experiences
  16. Pokemon Pocket Comics
  17. Manga Fanart !
  18. Pokemon the Comic
  19. May Plot Discussion
  20. sticky DOT comic
  21. Possible Character futures
  22. Capture/Evolution/Release Thread
  23. Have the manga been becoming translated less lately?
  24. SPECIAL: Is it possible to get another Dex Holder meeting?
  25. Is anyone else bothered by this?
  26. PokeSpecial 'Generations'
  27. If you could battle any of the Dexholders, who would it be and why?
  28. Should there be a Pokemon live action movie?
  29. Pokemon Anime vs. Manga (PokeSpe, DPA, anything)
  30. MERCH: What is Pocket Monsters Waza Museum?
  31. Near Death Experiences
  32. Should there be a Sequel of Pokemon DPA !
  33. Official Pokémon Collectibles
  34. FANMADE: Mokepon (by H0lyhandgrenade)
  35. SPECIAL: VIZ to be releasing the RS chapters of Adventures?
  36. REBURST: Pokémon RéBurst ending on 10 October
  37. Tell me some good anime to watch
  38. SPECIAL: Pokemon Adventures 15th anniversary
  39. Chuang Yi's website is hacked and spammed!
  40. DPA: What If DPA had Americanized names
  41. New to Pokemon Manga - any advice?
  42. If you could change anything in pokemon adventures
  43. FANMADE: Pokemon Videos
  44. ADAPT: Original Dragon in Heroes of Fire and Thunder?
  45. REBURST: Which pokemon would you like to see a human Burst with?
  46. SPECIAL: What did you think about the whole "Musha eating Black's dreams" schtick?
  47. MERCH: Japanese Pokémon Toy Car Campaign
  48. Manga VS. Anime
  49. Kosaku's Pocket Monsters manga
  50. SPECIAL: So why does Special have such an effed up release, anyway?
  51. MERCH: Pokemon Lego Models
  52. im trying to find a proper list of the english released manga
  53. ADAPT: The manga adaptation of the Keldeo movie has *finally* been announced
  54. "Pocket Monsters B2 - W2 ~ A New Legend ~" Review Thread
  55. Papercraft Pokemon Models
  56. SPECIAL: Pocket Monsters Special Volume 41 announced for June
  57. Pokemon Houses
  58. Which demographic type of manga you like the most?
  59. New Black & White 2 manga starts in next month's CoroCoro Comics!
  60. SPECIAL: Pokémon Adventures Box Sets
  61. REBURST: We're now a year into "Pocket Monsters RéBURST." What do you think of it so far?
  62. Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition 6-part manga to be posted online
  63. MERCH: "Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition" action figures coming out March 17th!
  64. SPECIAL: So the cover for Volume 40's been revealed...
  65. How censored are the other Pokemon manga Viz has published?
  66. Cool Manga Starts
  67. SPECIAL: Fans let Media Factory know that they want an animated adaptation of SPECIAL
  68. REBURST: Shin's reburst form
  69. SPECIAL: Shadow Triad - A case of Adaptational Villainy or elaborate Red Herring?
  70. SPECIAL: Timeline
  71. SPECIAL: Pokemon Special BW's Serialization
  72. MERCH: Do you have any Pokemon clothes?
  73. Pokémon Newspaper Comics
  74. Do you have any Pokemon books?
  75. FANMADE: PMD Explorers Of Destiny
  76. ADAPT: Question about "Electric Tale": on "Ranks" and "Levels" in the manga
  77. Anakubo Kousaku's "Pocket Monsters BW"
  78. MERCH: What Pokemon toys do you own?
  79. MEMO: Pokémon Manga & Other Media: Release Dates & Where to Buy
  80. ATTENTION: Statement of Address and Summary of Upcoming Changes
  81. ADAPT: The Electric Tale of Pikachu manga
  82. SPECIAL: Is the Platnium Chapter finished?
  83. Pokémon Manga & Other Media General Chat Thread
  84. Who's Your Favorite Character From Pokemon Adventure?
  85. SPECIAL: Pokemon Adventures Popularity Contest results
  86. SPECIAL: Pokemon Adventures/Special: Good, Bad or Both
  87. You would be perfect, if only...
  88. DPA: Was Koya based on Silver?
  89. RULES: Manga & Other Media Rules & Guidelines
  90. SPECIAL: Pokemon Adventures volumes 15-29 to be released?
  91. 30 days of Pokemon manga challenge
  92. SPECIAL: What made Emerald think he could defeat the battle frontier in seven days?
  93. SPECIAL: What Dex Holder do you think has the best/worst/funniest team?
  94. Your idea for a Pokemon Manga series
  95. PMRS and DP
  96. SPECIAL: Why is Red's current team missing a Fire-type Pokémon?
  97. Official Pokemon Trainer...Plush?
  98. DPA box set releasing October 16
  99. Identifying two characters
  100. [SPOILERS] Should Pryce's past and motives have been more fleshed out? How?
  101. SPECIAL: What IF Pokemon Special (Adventures) was made into an Anime?
  102. The Pros and Cons of Viz Media
  103. SHONEN JUMP and Pokémon?
  104. SPECIAL: Overall honest opinions of Pokemon Adventures/Special
  105. Is Pokemon Adventures worth getting?
  106. ATTENTION: A reminder about Viz's phrasing
  107. Is Akari from Pokewake meant to be a transsexual?
  108. Would you like to see more manga that explore different aspects of the series?
  109. Manga you want to see licenced
  110. FANMADE: Black Adventures Comic
  111. Pokemon Papercraft
  112. Similarities between "Pocket Monsters Reburst" and "Digimon Frontier?"
  113. Online eeveelution game
  114. Volumes 4-7
  115. What exactly is this?
  116. Pokémon Smash! Discussion
  117. Those old Pokémon chapter books
  118. Generation Five Figures available in USA?
  119. Very good Pokemon artwork
  120. Chung-Yi vs. Viz Media
  121. PkMN Adventures Diamond & Pearl Platinum Vol.1?
  122. New to the Manga, Question.
  123. Where are these scans from, if they're licensed?
  124. Anyone else actually like Zensho?
  125. Chuang Yi Releases volume 35...
  126. Viz Media License "Pokémon Black & White" Manga
  127. Deaths in the pokemon manga
  128. Pokémon: Getto Da Ze!
  129. ADAPT: Arceus and the Jewel of Life Adaption - Missing Final Chapter
  130. Pokémon Tri Adventure: New manga release
  131. How are the other three 4koma manga?
  132. So hey, did any of you have the foresight to save those preview pictures for Special?
  133. Which chapters does rotom appear in, in pokemon adventures?
  134. which dex holder is most like you?
  135. How You think legendary Pokémon will appear in Gen.IV (PMSP)?
  136. New Pokémon Manga to Start in Shonen Sunday?
  137. "Pokemon Ieru Ka na"/"Can You Name all the Pokemon?" for the 5th gen
  138. Question about R/S chapter *possible spoilers*
  139. Upcoming manga release dates
  140. Official "Who's Your Favorite Character" Thread
  141. Magazine
  142. How Come The Platinum and HGSS Chapters Have Barely any Rounds?
  143. Issues You Have With Your Local Translation
  144. Pocket Monsters Scanlations?
  145. What's your favorite Pokemon manga?
  146. How is Pocket Monsters?
  147. Why exactly do so few manga use the game names?
  148. Nuzlocke!
  149. "Pocket Monsters Legendary Encounters" starting November 29th!
  150. Manga Theme Song
  151. Viz's June 7 Pokémon Manga
  152. Viz releases a Viz Manga app for the IPad
  153. Pokemon Manga Dissapointment thread
  154. How do you suppose Kanto would have been portrayed in Golden Boys?
  155. Pokemon Live!?
  156. Was HGSS All About the Evolutions?
  157. Do you wish for more manga to have female lead roles?
  158. Which is your favorite dexholder team?
  159. Where can I buy Golden Boys manga?
  160. Do you think Phantom Thief Pokemon 7 was supposed to be multi-volume?
  161. What If DPA! WAS the DP arc of Special ?
  162. What manga do you want to see sequels or remakes to?
  163. What book is this from?
  164. What's your opinion on the other manga?
  165. Quick Question
  166. Favorite Manga character
  167. Why is Pocket Monsters considered the first adaptation?
  168. Viz Ruins Everything
  169. Amazon updates with more Viz releases - Adventures, Arceus and the Jewel of Life
  170. Do you suppose Viz will release, or rerelease, other manga?
  171. Where are Diamond and Pearl in the Platinum chapter
  172. A song question
  173. A Possible Trend
  174. Pokemon Live Action Movie?
  175. New Pokemon Special Diamond & Pearl Summaries
  176. Diamond & Pearl Chapter Question
  177. How have you been amazed and confused by Pokemon Special?
  178. a side chapter (coluseum/XD) proposal
  179. Can somebody translate this for me?
  180. Who would you cast to voice the characters?
  181. Magical Pokémon Journey (quick questions)
  182. Newbie needs help
  183. Do you expect them to reveal certain parents in Pokespe?
  184. What if the various Pokémon manga series and oneshots each got made into an anime?
  185. Pokemon Adventures/Special: Is It Overrated?
  186. Need help determining the value of some of my manga...
  187. New series "Master Pokemon Black & White!" to start in next month's CoroCoro
  188. The official CoroCoro site has uploaded a chapter of the "Pocket Monsters" manga
  189. What's your opinion on Electric Tale' compared to the anime?
  190. SPECIAL: Where can I find the Japanese version of Pokemon Special?
  191. Anywhere to read the whole pokemon adventures manga online?
  192. Wayne/Hayate - Gold's Father?
  193. Chuang Yi vs. Viz
  194. Why is it so rare to hear about the other manga?
  195. Technically other media...
  196. Pokemon Posters
  197. Pokefarm.org
  198. Strange/annoying things in the manga
  199. VIZ releasing Pokemon Special D/P arc volume in February 2011
  200. Best Special/Adventures Chapter?
  201. Edits
  202. Black/White: How will Kusaka-san handle Cheren and Bel?
  203. Golden Boys?
  204. Pokémon Special FAN-MADE Animé
  206. Volume, chapter, I'm confuzzled!
  207. Pokemon Special platinum chapter question
  208. Pokémon Adventures anime!
  209. What are the odds...
  210. Adventures taken off of Mangafox
  211. Ihara's Twitter
  212. How to write to the mangakas?
  213. Would I like Adventures?
  214. Please Help: Trying To Find A Piece Of My Childhood (Novel)
  215. Pocket Monsters Special Merchandise?
  216. Where WERE they sold?
  217. Meanings of the names Hareta and Mitsumi?
  218. Bone Rush
  219. Capsule Monsters Manga Value?
  220. Chuangyi strikes back again
  221. What Are The New Titles Gonna Be?
  222. How are the other Pokemon manga?
  223. Alternate version of "Pokemon Master Trainer" game with MEW?
  224. A midly obsessive-compulsive question for all those fans of PokeSpe
  225. This is so mean
  226. Should I try any of the manga series?
  227. Would you read any of the other manga if they were released where you live?
  228. "Ruler of Illusions: Zoroark" Manga
  229. Dengeki Pikachu (japanese)
  230. Pokemon Light Novels
  231. How is Electric Tale of Pikachu?
  232. What happened to the Platinum arc?
  233. What's the most popular Pokemon manga in Japan?
  234. Crystal in the HGSS arc
  235. DPA8, Adventures 9 & 10 release dates announced
  236. Pokemon Magical Journey
  237. Pokemon Live-Action Movie
  238. Pokeball beach ball?
  239. Game characters you want to see--manga edition!
  240. This area will serve the purposes of Team Rocket!
  241. Dengeki! Pikachu Search.
  242. Ranger 3 manga
  243. Poke - doujin - Chocolate Panic
  244. Is better Yellow being a girl or boy?
  245. Some Posterzine Pictures ^____^
  246. Movie adaptations
  247. First Pokemon Manga?
  248. A Bigger Hint to volume 34
  249. DP Quiz Book
  250. New Chuang Yi releases