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  1. Marowak's death scene
  2. So why did Lucario get its own movie anyway?
  3. REVIEW: S17 ep14 "Seeking Shelter from the Storm!"
  4. REVIEW: XY023: "The Bond of the Aurora! Amarus and Amaruruga!!"
  5. PREVIEW: Movie 17 Short: Pikachu, What Kind of Keys are These?
  6. Brock, Cilan and Tracey: Why Bother?
  7. Why were some JPN song adapted for the dub and not others?
  8. Pokemon Mega Evolution Acts
  9. Serena & Clemont Pokemon
  10. MUSIC: Alright BMGF, what key is Unbeatable in?
  11. The Dub: Non-canon, or just a separate continuity?
  12. PREVIEW: Upcoming XY episodes (Korrina, Hawlucha, Mega Lucario, Diantha, Mega Mawile, etc.)
  13. Umm..Was this really needed?
  14. Which Pokemon had the best debut episode...?
  15. The Movies: Canon or Non-Canon?
  16. What was with Flint vs. Cynthia in DP191?
  17. PREVIEW: XY032: Mega Lucario (Data)
  18. PREVIEW: XY031: Blaziken (Data)
  19. PREVIEW: XY029: "Ta-da! Fake Satoshi Appears!!"
  20. PREVIEW: XY028: "The Champion Carnet Appears! Mega Sirknight in the Fog!!"
  21. PREVIEW: XY027: "Flabebé and the Fairy Flower!"
  22. PREVIEW: XY026: "Peroppafu and Peroream! The Sweet Battle isn't a Piece of Cake!?"
  23. PREVIEW: XY025: Cyllage Gym Battle! Pikachu vs Tyrunt!!
  24. Hypothetical idea: a Professor Oak Special?
  25. Inventions or evaluations?
  26. PREVIEW: XY024: Undersea Castle! Skrelp and Dragalge!!
  27. Has the Anime series finally "Jumped the Shark"?
  28. A new Pokemon fan looking for some exciting myths/theory's to share?
  29. Pokemon Live is awesome. Really. *Spoilers!*
  30. Travel companions
  31. Hunter J's death
  32. NEWS: Upcoming XY episodes
  33. What (In your opinion) is the worst series of the animie?
  34. Everyone's Favorite Anime Music Piece?
  35. The Physique of the characters
  36. How a japanese VA of a main character can influence the screentime of said character?
  37. What references to older sagas would you like to see in XY?
  38. Does the Dub reference the Japanese Version at all?
  39. Future English Movie Remasters (Late)
  40. Why Does Pikachu Have Different Voice Cues In the Dub?
  41. PREVIEW: XY023: The Aurora Bond! Amaura and Aurorus!!
  42. PREVIEW: XY022: Fish the Golden Magikarp!
  43. PREVIEW: XY Special: The Strongest Mega Evolution Part 1
  44. PREVIEW: March 27: XY021 - Time to Debut! PokéVision with Serena and Fennekin!!
  45. REVIEW: I love Pokemon Origins!
  46. Why are there more then 1 legendary's in the Pokemon Anime?
  47. Will Shauna, Tierno and Trevor appear in XY?
  48. XY catches you'd like to see?
  49. PREVIEW: XY020: Battle Chateau Challenge! Viola VS Zakuro!!
  50. I'm dig'n the new animation,
  51. Pokemon The Series: XY Intro
  52. Reasons why Dawn is your favorite character
  53. NEWS: Pokémon season 10, movie 10, Origins on Hulu Plus
  54. Which is the character design you like the most?
  55. Which Pokemon type should Ash focuse on?
  56. Dr. Namba's VA, Ichirō Nagai, passes away
  57. Should Pikachu evolve?
  58. What kind of pokemon do you think Ash will catch in Kalos and witch evolve?
  59. So...current thoughts on Serena?
  60. Ash's empty promises.
  61. What OST Was This?
  62. Team Flare's portrayal
  63. Why DIDN'T they ever dub the Dawn and Brock specials???
  64. ATTENTION: Anime has a new mod!
  65. PREVIEW: XY015 - Harimaron vs Mafoxy! A Diet Battle!?
  66. PREVIEW: XY??: Mega Lucario
  67. PREVIEW: XY??: Snorlax
  68. PREVIEW: XY016: Dedenne is Pichu, Pichu is Dedenne...!?
  69. REVIEW: Pokemon XY New Years Special! Classic Episodes + New Episode Previews!
  70. PREVIEW: XY?:Mega Evolution Tournament
  71. Ash's Shiny Noctowl
  72. RULES: Anime Rules and Guidelines (NEW and UPDATED: 21st December 2013)
  73. Is TPCI trying to replicate the 4kids days?
  74. Should TPCI re-dub mewtwo strikes back?
  75. PREVIEW: XY0??: Grant, Viola (Battle Chateau?)
  76. PREVIEW: XY0??: Diantha, Gardevoir and Mega Evolution
  77. "Pokémon the Series: XY" English Theme?
  78. Which Pokémon Ranger that you saw in the anime do you like?
  79. How should the anime makes its direction?
  80. Ash's flaws as a trainer
  81. Why does the dub bother keeping any music from the Japanese version at all?
  82. Stock Move Animations?
  83. PREVIEW: Pikachu Short: "What Kind of Key Is This?"
  84. Should/Will TPCI Add a PokeRap To the XYAnime?
  85. PREVIEW: XY018 - Wake Up Snorlax! Battle in Parfum Palace!!
  86. PREVIEW: XY017 - Froakie VS Frogadier! Ninja Battle!!
  87. PREVIEW: XY019 - Madame X's Plot! The Scary Calamanero!!
  88. PREVIEW: New Years' special images
  89. What are the most overused phrases in the anime?
  90. What is the Pokemon Season 1 OST in this video?
  91. PREVIEW: Movie 17: The Cocoon of Destruction
  92. HYPOTHETICAL: What Game Character should've filled in for Misty and Brock in GS/AG/DP
  93. MUSIC: Music from "Gathering the Gang of Four"...
  94. What made DP so good?
  95. XY's battles feel more realistic?
  96. Team Rocket TRio Problem?
  97. X and Y UK Airdate
  98. Do you prefer subbed or dubbed episodes?
  99. Does Anyone Here Own A Canadian Copy Of Jirachi Wish Maker?
  100. Would you like to see pokemon shorts turned into a series?
  101. Pokemon.com and Cartoon Network:
  102. Where is Mewtwo?
  103. Pokémon Get☆TV Debuting Movie 17 (XY Movie #1) Info December 15th
  104. Alex Davis (Power Play) - Weirdest dub voice ever?
  105. Recently, the fanservice has gone up recently:
  106. Any way to hire myself as a voice actor for the dubs?
  107. What AG Episode Was This?
  108. Why was Alexa included in the group?
  109. Team Rocket: Goofy Villians, or Dangerous Villians?
  110. Could Burgundy appear?
  111. League Rivals: The good and bad
  112. Why isn't the anime as funny as it used to be?
  113. Why was Ho-oh in Episode 1?
  114. PREVIEW: XY011: "Pursuit in the Bamboo Forest! Yancham and Goronda!!"
  115. PREVIEW: XY012: Capture the Pokémon Buyer! The Kofurai Impersonation Plan!!
  116. PREVIEW: XY014: "The Mysterious Rain Shelter! Nyasper Saw it!!"
  117. PREVIEW: XY013: Nymphia VS Keromatsu! Big Commotion in the Kindergarten!!
  118. PREVIEW: XY010: "Harimaron VS Mega Mega Nyarth!!"
  119. XY's animation - thoughts?
  120. music fromt the game you want to hear in the anime
  121. Headscratching moments
  122. The Anime Nostalgia Thread!
  123. What's going on with XY's ratings?
  124. Will Alexa Return?
  125. Who are your favorite characters of the day?
  126. General thought on Legendary Pokemon in the anime
  127. Who is your favorite X and Y companion so far?
  128. XY009: Capture Lumiose Gym! Clemont's Secret!
  129. Cartoon Network's upcoming schedule?
  130. A question for the hardcore Pokemon anime fans
  131. Will the *swoosh* return?
  132. Do you believe that Ash will use his previously caught Pokemon in the Kalos League?
  133. Thoughts on a hypothetical Female Rival
  134. Thoughts on CoTDs in general
  135. Ash and Serena's Relationship
  136. Why does the Original Pokemon Series (Season 1-5) feel so Nostalgia?
  137. Will Ash ever see Froakie's first trainers?
  138. How will Pokemon end?
  139. Pokemon Kanto Background..??
  140. Misty and Brock?
  141. Uk and Australia current episodes
  142. The Right Side of the Scoreboard
  143. XY008: Pokémon Trimmer and Torimian!
  144. XY007: Leave it to Serena!? The Charging Sihorn Race
  145. XY Dub Voice Actors (Post-Sneak Preview) NO 4Kids ARGUMENTS!
  146. Best Animation Style?
  147. Why Does The UK Use Different Text?
  148. Could the new director and staff break the taboos of the anime?
  149. Any Pokemon Episodes/Moments that have made you emotional ?
  150. Anyone else getting AG vibes from the XY series?
  151. How do you solve a problem like only 70 Pokemon
  152. Which Pokemon do you think Ash will acquire in the XY series?
  153. Pokemon The Series: XY One Hour Preview (Dub)
  154. What did you think of the new Genesect and Mewtwo Pokemon Movie?
  155. XY006: Decisive Battle on the Ice! Pikachu VS Viviyon!!
  156. Why not a Professor Oak spin-off?
  157. Speculation: "Origins" Dub VAs
  158. What G6 Pokemon do you think will get the ASD treatment
  159. Where are Butch & Cassidy?
  160. What will be Clemont's reason for leaving his gym? And who watches it in his absence?
  161. Worst Anime Storyline
  162. Seriously, where do people watch the Anime?
  163. XY movies?
  164. Old Characters with Mega Evolutions
  165. trainer az
  166. Could Gary Appear?
  167. If none of the main characters had been ditched and we had 8,9 people alongside Ash?
  168. How do you become a powerhouse?
  169. The Funniest Episode from Each Region
  170. How will Tierno, Trevor and Shauna be handled in the anime?
  171. How will RS Remakes effect the anime?
  172. The Pokemon Rehash Formula
  173. AG episode 90
  174. Pocket Monsters 2 The Origin - Gold & Silver
  175. Diantha and the anime
  176. Observations and Theories on the Anime
  177. undubbed specials
  178. AG026, perhaps the wrong place for this, but...
  179. M17: Pokémon XY movie
  180. Pokeball Tree - Pokeballs growing on tree.
  181. Will Ash's Charizard Mega Evolve?
  182. Anime Pokemon knowing Egg, TM, or Tutor Moves Inexplicably?
  183. *swoosh*
  184. Pokemon Fan leaks.
  185. What do you think the nature of Ash and Serenas' past interaction is?
  186. Were Woobat, Yamask, Frillish and Amoonguss bland on purpose?
  187. Official "Pokémon the Series: XY" Dub Title Announcement Thread
  188. XY005: Gym Leader Viola Appears!
  189. XY004: Dedenne and Piakchu! Cheek Rub!!
  190. XY003: Keromatsu VS Yayakoma! Air Mobile Battle!!
  191. Ash and Paul rivalry
  192. New Preview of the XY Anime shown on special
  193. Which are Ashs powerhouses?
  194. how do you think cartoon network will handle xy
  195. MUSIC: Will Shinji Miyazaki finally release the rest of the Best Wishes music?
  196. Serena's goal : What do you think it is?
  197. I just saw something about a 10th anniversary thing...
  198. XY 001 & 002 - Hour long special
  199. Clemont and bonnie speculation/discussion thread
  200. New XY trailer + Official Site Updates
  201. Pokemon X and Y anime Opening and Ending
  202. New poster:
  203. DUB Voices for the Genesect in the Genesect Army?
  204. Japanese Voice Actors for Clemont, Bonnie, and Serena
  205. XY Dub Voice Actors
  206. How Will This Affect The Dubbing Gap?
  207. Did Ash ever answer "N"?
  208. Theories on the Use of the N Intro in the dub
  209. Are we sure Ash doesn't just travel alone?
  210. Will Cynthia return?
  211. Viola: what role will she play
  212. Serena: Rival or travel companion?
  213. Pokemon Smash X and Y Anime Promo
  214. PREVIEW: Pokemon X and Y Anime Series
  215. Super Training
  216. Special prgramming for XY: general discussion
  217. [Theory]Is Red Ash's father?
  218. Sixteenth movie featuring Genesect airing next month
  219. They should give one of Ash's companions a Pokedex...
  220. AG mark 2.0
  221. Who is the Mysterious Man????????
  222. So I guess Georgia and Burgundy are all forgotten.
  223. Scenes you wanted to see in the anime
  224. Why is the US dubs cable exclusive?
  225. Meowth vs Male Nyaonikusu Filler
  226. A theory on Mewtwo's Mega forms in the anime
  227. Good-Bye Dento and Iris thread: Will miss you!
  228. Ash's Friend's Team/Predictions and Speculation
  229. Will Contests return?
  230. Older Ash???
  231. XY starter evolutions
  232. Pokemon XY Corocoro poster!
  233. Genesect Trailer Mishap
  234. Characters You Wish Had Met
  235. “Pokémon The Series: XY” Two-Episode Sneak Preview; October 19, 2013
  236. NEWS: "Pokémon the Movie: Genesect and the Legend Awakened!" Announced
  237. Team Rocket's Motto: original motto or new motto?
  238. More episodes with actual battles
  239. TPCI or 4Kids: Pros & Cons! (In My Opinion)
  240. Why doesn't the anime use the game protagonist's for the anime?
  241. Does Boldore suck?
  242. Why is Ash's Swellow resistant to electric attacks?
  243. Team Rocket TRio less interesting?
  244. Saddest BGM in the Anime?
  245. Episodes & Scenes of Best Wishes you LIKE
  246. Less creative episode titles?
  247. Japanese Voice Roles
  248. Pokemon Trainer Paul: A Birthday Special for my friends in the Pokemon Anime
  249. Team Rocket's Black uniforms
  250. How much DEM does BW have compared to previous seasons?