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  1. EVERYONE: This work, which has no name
  2. EVERYONE: Epic Adventure of Unspoken Destiny
  3. EVERYONE: Right Beside You
  4. TEEN: Backgrounds
  5. TEEN: Pokemon R/B
  6. EVERYONE: Poetry of Life
  7. EVERYONE: A Tree
  8. The Green Chronicles: The Sacred Gift
  9. Crystal Shards
  10. TEEN: Ash's Polygamy issues (a PearlShipping/AdvancedShipping/AmourShipping fanfic)
  11. A Wish For It To Rain [One-Shot]
  12. MATURE: Pixelmon: Legend of Steve (Pokémon/Minecraft crossover) (Mature for strong language)
  13. EVERYONE: Pokemon: Secrets of the Forty Thieves
  14. ATTENTION: Survey Results, Sad News and Good News
  15. EVERYONE: A not so typical journey
  16. TEEN: Adveture in the Sinnoh region! (fanfic)
  17. EVERYONE: A New Life - For Better or Worse.
  18. TEEN: Noses (Pokemon/One Piece Crossover)
  19. TEEN: {shantih, shantih, shantih} {one-shot}
  20. MATURE: Different
  21. TEEN: Nervous Ticks
  22. TEEN: Twice Burned, Never Shy
  23. EVERYONE: A Sine of Things to Come
  24. EVERYONE: Live from the Fireside: Season 8 (Interlude Story 1c: Jack and Moltres, part 1)
  25. ATTENTION: 2014 Spring Awards Official Winners List
  26. TEEN: The Magical Resistance (Chapter 19 Posted)
  27. TEEN: Pokémon: Shadows of an Era
  28. TEEN: Like No One Ever Was
  29. ATTENTION: Spring Awards 2014 Official Nominees and User Voting
  30. EVERYONE: A letter to a friend
  31. TEEN: Rebirth (Naruto Fanfic)
  32. EVERYONE: Default Back to Basics Valentine's Day Special (One-Shot)
  33. MATURE: POKÈMON: The Legend of the Sacred Gift (Two)
  34. MATURE: Kanto, 20 years later(CHAPTER 4 IS UP!)
  35. TEEN: The Atlantis Codex
  36. MATURE: The Infectious Darkness Ages 10+
  37. ATTENTION: Spring Awards 2014 Nominees List and Voting Thread
  38. TEEN: Tetrix- Second Chapter Up!
  39. EVERYONE: Soulmaster's Assorted Writings
  40. ATTENTION: Spring Awards 2014 Begin!: Nominations Open
  41. TEEN: Nightmare Guild
  42. TEEN: Erin's Log
  43. TEEN: Under The Spotlight
  44. ATTENTION: Fairground Survey and Awards News
  45. TEEN: The Hour of Twilight
  46. TEEN: Divine Anarchy
  47. MATURE: Let the World Fear Us (non-pokemon)
  48. MATURE: Elliot's Great Adventure
  49. TEEN: The Uninspired Journey of Unova
  50. TEEN: A New Dawn! In Kalos!
  51. TEEN: The Sinnoh Journey
  52. MATURE: Orang'es Adventure!
  53. MATURE: The Legend of the 'Mon
  54. TEEN: Poison Touch
  55. EVERYONE: The World Tournament Senior Cup! (Chapter 1 p.1 up!)
  56. EVERYONE: The Story of Tenshi
  57. MATURE: There's a girl on the throne! Four Wishes: Dreams
  58. TEEN: Atarashii Sekai ( A New World)
  59. TEEN: Stainless Steel: or, Steven Stone's Adventures in Hoenn
  60. TEEN: Monsters Among Us: A Pokemon AU
  61. The Science of Battle: Kanto [1]
  62. TEEN: The Courteous Soldier
  63. TEEN: Freshman Team
  64. TEEN: Bloodstained
  65. TEEN: In Our Free Time (Pokemon Special)
  66. TEEN: Parental Abandonment
  67. ATTENTION: 2013 Autumn Awards Official Winners List
  68. EVERYONE: Weekend Shenanigans
  69. Ritchie: The Boy Who Won
  70. TEEN: In Sanity
  71. TEEN: Thor's Hammer
  72. TEEN: Slipping Away
  73. MATURE: The Metropolis (Borderline T-M; Needs Mod Judgement)
  74. TEEN: Fireleaf ~ A Pokemon Creepypasta (PG-13)
  75. TEEN: Psychic Duelist Django Spirit (Season 1: Number Hunters) (Final Chapter Up!)
  76. EVERYONE: Destiny Bond
  77. TEEN: Chasing Moonbeams (NaNoWriMo)
  78. The Order of the Guardians
  79. TEEN: The Legend of Zelda: Twin Kingdoms
  80. TEEN: It's Electric: Cranking it to Eleven.
  81. A Champion's Journey!
  82. TEEN: A dark twist
  83. MATURE: The Brightest Darkness
  84. MATURE: Kane's Song Lyrics
  85. TEEN: Steam, Wind and Rage
  86. MATURE: Lysandre Goes Clothes Shopping: STILL GOING, BABY (april fools chapter up)
  87. EVERYONE: Melanie: The Kalos Chronicles (X/Y Spoilers)
  88. Expect The Unexpected!
  89. EVERYONE: Gym Leader Randri: A Memoir
  90. TEEN: Dreams
  91. 2013 Autumn Awards Official Nominees and User Voting
  92. MATURE: Ashley
  93. TEEN: Withering Hope
  94. EVERYONE: The Kalos Connection (X/Y Spoilers ahoy!)
  95. MATURE: Beneath the Surface (A Pokemon Fanfic) - (Chapter Two now up)
  96. ATTENTION: 2013 Autumn Awards Voting Thread
  97. EVERYONE: Rise of the Fairies
  98. TEEN: Pokemon Next Generation - Conner's Arc
  99. TEEN: Unsung Heroes
  100. An Extension to the Pokemon War Theory
  101. Autumn Awards 2013: Nomination Begins!
  102. TEEN: Wading through the Swamp of Dreams
  103. Crystal Shards: A Nuzlocke Story...
  104. MATURE: the existentialist {a homestuck/humanstuck fan-fiction}
  105. ATTENTION: New Awards Categories - Voting
  106. TEEN: Pokemon Special: Upon the 25th Battle
  107. TEEN: War and Peace
  108. TEEN: Tower Academy: Shining Start
  109. TEEN: The Long Walk
  110. TEEN: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Shadow of Zoroark
  111. EVERYONE: Maid!
  112. TEEN: {some rise by sin} {chapter seven: eye for an eye}
  113. TEEN: Awesomenauts: Search for the Crystal
  114. EVERYONE: Kanto: The Second Journey
  115. TEEN: School Competition Entry
  116. TEEN: Pokemon: Dungeon Delvers (Chapter 4: Second Time Twice the Effort)
  117. I Have A Pokemon Dream...
  118. May's Awesome Pasta Bake
  119. TEEN: Chuchu and Expo
  120. The Fairground Rulebook & Welcome Hub (Updated 12/01/14 - please read before posting)
  121. EVERYONE: Pokémon: Champions
  122. EVERYONE: Dawn's Secret Admirer
  123. TEEN: One Shot: BBC's Sherlock: My Immortal (one shot)
  124. EVERYONE: Destiny's Heroes: Unbeatable
  125. The Rising of Inferno (Intro)
  126. TEEN: Bad Fic Bingo: Pokemon Edition (the adventures of an extremely OOC Ash and friends)
  127. TEEN: Pokemon: Rocket Apocalypse
  128. TEEN: Wind & Rain [UPDATE] [4/15/14]
  129. TEEN: PMD: End of Darkness Chapter 1
  130. TEEN: How I Met Your Father-OntherocksShipping
  131. TEEN: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: To a Conquering of Spacetime
  132. MATURE: Capsized
  133. TEEN: I Can't See The Light
  134. God
  135. ATTENTION: The 2013 Summer Awards Winner's List!
  136. MATURE: (for Language) Popstar Chronicals: Dairy of Chad Shonen (updates daily)
  137. EVERYONE: Pokémon: A Missing Part
  138. Getting Back a Treasure
  139. EVERYONE: The Myth of Munia (one shot thingie)
  140. I Shall Come Back
  141. EVERYONE: Pokemon: The Black & White Adventure (chap. 4 is up)
  142. ATTENTION: Submit Your Fics To The BulbaGarden Tumblr!
  143. TEEN: School Days
  144. Pokemon: The Forgotten Memories
  145. Cherry's Sudrian Adventures
  146. EVERYONE: Voice of Energy
  147. EVERYONE: Forever Bonded
  148. ATTENTION: The Summer Awards Official Nominees + Reviewer and Newcomer Voting
  149. A World on Fire
  150. EVERYONE: paper beats rock. (supernatural/destiel fan-fiction)
  151. EVERYONE: Pauls Journeys
  152. TEEN: [ONE-SHOT series] Flames of a Revolutionary – A Maiden’s Decision
  153. ATTENTION: The Summer Awards Voting Thread!
  154. ATTENTION: The Workshop Upgraded
  155. TEEN: Pokémon Revolution: Volume One - Chapter Three
  157. ATTENTION: The Summer Awards Nomination Opens! (CLOSED)
  158. ATTENTION: The Fairground Welcome Hub!
  159. The Seven
  160. TEEN: The Passage
  161. ATTENTION: Summer Awards Announcement: Including Nomination Changes
  162. TEEN: Soaring to Victory
  163. Infinite Unimportance
  164. EVERYONE: Not a Typical Rescue Mission [PG]
  165. MATURE: Tales of Mossdeep
  166. EVERYONE: Cop Till You Drop
  167. Life of a Pokémon: The Agony of Battles and What a Trainer is Worth
  168. MATURE: Under the Skies of Hoenn
  169. TEEN: Pokemon Special ~ The Next Chapter [CHAPTER FOUR POSTED]
  170. Uncountable: An Advanceshipping One-Shot
  171. The Duke's Son
  172. An Announcement about the Spring Awards
  173. EVERYONE: Weekly Prompt: Faux
  174. TEEN: PMD: Explorers of Memory
  175. Pokemon: Secrets of the Forty Thieves
  176. TEEN: Hikari...Shinji....Satoshi!(T, IkariShipping, PearlShipping)
  177. TEEN: As the Birds Keep Singing (Chapter Two)
  178. TEEN: Behind the Silence
  179. (R17 for HORROR) "GORAN"
  180. Sister Showdown: Agatha and Bertha meet AGAIN!
  181. TEEN: A Journey of 1000 miles
  182. ATTENTION: Ratings Guide 2.0
  183. TEEN: Love Shack
  184. Sleep In My Eyes
  185. EVERYONE: Monsters & Men (Series Two)
  186. TEEN: The Human Species
  187. MATURE: Hunted (Completely Original)
  188. MATURE: The Sturmkrieg Blitz
  189. MATURE: A Changed World (Science Fantasy/Adventure) [Not a Fanfic at all]
  190. EVERYONE: Pokémon Best Wishes: Reloaded Edition
  191. TEEN: Got bit, fever hit.
  192. EVERYONE: A Friendship Treasured and Portrayed [Non-Fiction; Poetry]
  193. TEEN: The Kane Dome
  194. TEEN: The Wails of August
  195. TEEN: The Untold Tales of The Dark Knight (Season 1) (Chapter 2)
  196. My name is Thomas
  197. EVERYONE: CS Adventures
  198. Xana's Revivial
  199. TEEN: Ode to Arino (Parody of “Angry Video Game Nerd Theme” by Kyle Justin)
  200. The Great Workshop Quiz
  201. EVERYONE: Eminence
  202. TEEN: Baetylus
  203. TEEN: Dashes of Salt & Pepper (Chess & DualRival), Set I
  204. Jay's Journey through the Henzo Region (PG)
  205. TEEN: Eolas: The New World Beyond (Chapter One)
  206. TEEN: Mistara (A Pokeshipping Story)
  207. TEEN: - RED - (Chapter One, Away!)
  208. TEEN: The Pokemon Adventure
  209. TEEN: [Homestuck/MSPA]A Session of Rednecks
  210. EVERYONE: Back To Basics (WARNING: Gen 6 Spoilers Ahead!) - CHAPTER SEVEN IS UP!
  211. EVERYONE: NONFICTION - Needs to be a Pokemon
  212. Team Rocket: Built On Lies
  213. EVERYONE: To My True Love
  214. EVERYONE: Faded Warmth [Completed]
  215. ATTENTION: The Winter Awards 2013 RESULTS!!!
  216. MATURE: Requiem:Gemini
  217. TEEN: - [Pokemon] Shattered -
  218. EVERYONE: Identity and Promises [Kanto-OT]
  219. TEEN: Nick's epic journey
  220. TEEN: Seasons; Book 1: Autumn (Chapter 4)
  221. TEEN: Flames of a Revolutionary (Chapter 8: Challenging the Gym, Part 2: The training)
  222. MATURE: Loving Hope!
  223. TEEN: A Pokémon Story
  224. EVERYONE: The Hazel from Hoenn
  225. MATURE: Battle From the Heart (Chapter 4 is Up)
  226. TEEN: Brothers' Bond
  227. TEEN: Blown Both Ways (Luckyshipping)
  228. MATURE: For I Have the Power of Triangles!: A Parody of Modern Shipping Fics
  229. TEEN: Ivory Wings
  230. EVERYONE: The Heroes of Fire, Ice and Lightning (Dream 13)
  231. EVERYONE: Black Hearts
  232. EVERYONE: The Birth of a Hero! (Chapter One, Two & Three) 1/27/2013 (currently on hiatus)
  233. PokeQuest
  234. TEEN: Within Our Crumbling World (Advanceshipping)
  235. Plot Driven vs Character Driven
  236. Land of Monsters (Three)
  237. ATTENTION: Woohoo, we have made some hirings!
  238. ~~There's No I In Team! Chapter 2 Now Up~~
  239. The Winter Awards 2013 Voting Thread
  240. Rival's Story: Epilogue
  241. MATURE: in living color
  242. EVERYONE: Legendary Genesis
  243. EVERYONE: A Child Like No Other (Added Adition! Parts 1-3, ENDING!) Updated!! (1/20/2013)
  244. EVERYONE: A Wing for a Wing: an abstract Voyage of the Hero
  245. TEEN: Prophecy of a Thousand Dying Angels
  246. TEEN: PMD Rescue Knights
  247. MATURE: Poké Wars: Downfall of a Champion
  248. TEEN: [AdvanceShipping] PKM Rangers: Rise of the Dark Gems
  249. MATURE: The Rebellion----Chapter 1---- What Happened?
  250. EVERYONE: Champion Alliance