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  1. Feral Game
  2. the world dividers
  3. A Blond Ray of Sunshine (13+) (Complete)
  4. i wannna be a coooadinater!
  5. Tales of Frustration (One-Shot)
  6. Journey to Power
  7. HeartGold & SoulSilver: Rebirth
  8. The Capture
  9. Razor's Edge
  10. Pokémon Jade and Obsidian
  11. Pokemon the rise of darkrai- continued
  12. Guidelines for Reviewing
  13. Save Almia! And a Little Romance Along the Way -Proluge-
  14. Chasing Cool
  15. Farewell (PG Advanceshipping)
  16. Wish Upon A Star (multishipping, PG-13)
  17. Mother And Child(RedShipping, DiamondShipping, CrazyShipping, OneShot, PG)
  18. EverStone
  19. The Wizard of Azumanga Daioh
  20. Phantomness's Fanon Mansion (Parody, Crossover, Shipping, OCs, Rated R)
  21. Our Own Pokemon Series
  22. Chikorita Soup for the Pokemon Fan Fiction Reader's Soul
  23. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: A Bolt of Thunder
  24. A Marriage of Convenience (DBZ/Sailor Moon Crossover)
  25. Legacy
  26. Pokémon Special Agents
  27. Cherish the Moments [PG-13]
  28. Leeney's Poetry
  29. Sun and Moon (Poem)
  30. GENERATION-G A Fanfic Based on A New Region, New Pokemon and New Adventures
  31. My Fanfics...
  32. Pokemon: a Re-Imagining (Chapters 1-11 Completed!)
  33. Ash's Greatest Journey
  34. Sometimes Goodbye Is A Second Chance (Ikari PG)
  35. Max's Hoenn Journey
  36. Spirited (Legend of Uma)
  37. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team 9 Lives to the Rescue! (rated PG-13) - ch.4 up
  38. Digimon Adventure III
  39. All Knowing (13+)
  40. Galactic Operation: Johto (PG)
  41. Kalina
  42. Partners for Life (PG-13) (PMD)
  43. Pokemon: The Rainbow Prophecy (Co-authored with domesticshorthair)
  44. (Discussion) Which Fics Are the Best on the Forums?
  45. Pokémon XD002: Dimension of Shadow
  46. Pt: LEGENDS.com
  47. Journey of a Thousand James
  48. POKEMON: A Savior's Legacy
  49. Pokémon Adventures: Sparkling Gold, Shining Crystal , Metallic Silver(Questshipping)
  50. Love and Friendship- Pearlshipping
  51. Nightmare on the Job
  52. starsin and rugthor
  53. Garden of Legends
  54. Setting Sun
  55. Pokémon Golden Riders: The Chosen Ones
  56. Six: Trial By Legend - Rated T
  57. Ideas.
  58. Pokemon Story, Episode 1 (PG)
  59. Thruda High: 5 Episode Preview (PG-13, language, humor)
  60. Naruto: Akuma Nin Hitoshirenu Oite Za Konoha
  61. My Poems
  62. The Sanctity Of Aghartha
  63. Memories of the Mirage (One-Shot)
  64. A poem I wrote:
  65. Diamondshipping (Giovanni/Delia) drabble, PG
  66. Pokémon Diamond and Pearl: A Legend's Tale
  67. Red (Steelshipping, PG)
  68. Furious Storm
  69. +The Darkness of Rendia+
  70. Mushi [Poem]
  71. Black Rose (PG-13)
  72. Another untitled story
  73. Custom Robo Arena
  74. Ledgends Of aura
  75. A Sad Story that Moved Me (Note: I didn't write this)
  76. Fantastic Voyage!? (Game, PG)
  77. .Hack//Renaissance
  78. Coming Out and Going In (Non-Fiction)
  79. Love In The Area Of Battle (Multishipping, Rated PG-14, R)
  80. At the End of the Wilderness...
  81. Of Nuts and Pokeballs (Oneshot; Rated T for light cursing)
  82. Love and Friendship: Revived, so it's Better
  83. Can't stop loving you (Advance, PG, Songifc)
  84. Pokémon Fusion: The Fuse King
  85. The Weather Makers of the Mysterious Planet: The Floodgates of Hell
  86. Pairing Services Are Never Reliable (Poke,Contest, Ikari, Oldrivalshipping rated T)
  87. Location (Galactific, Saturn-centric)
  88. Paleo World (Original fic)
  89. Shinou Shadows
  90. Digimon: You'll Get All Floaty
  91. Fresh Prince Of Pallet Town
  92. Final Frontier: Hoenn Style!
  93. .Hack//Garden
  94. D-N-ANGEL: Birth of the Crimson Angel
  95. Tears In The Rain (advanceshipping oneshot)
  96. Touch (Galactific, semi-explicit, VERY creepy)
  97. Absolute Zero (NumberShipping Zero+Infi; PG-13)
  98. Of Rocks and Fossils
  99. The Adventures of Umbreon Gal
  100. Hello, Little Girl
  101. Letter From No Man's Land
  102. Blinded Love (Revised version one shot)
  103. Too late to say (Advance PG)
  104. Blinded Love
  105. (Discussion) Is it just me?...
  106. the final countdown of life
  107. Pokémon Rocket Revelations
  108. Today, Tomorrow, Always. (Mulitshipping, M)
  109. Faith (Take 2)
  110. A rhyme/poem I made (not about pokemon though)
  111. The Butterfree effect (PG but rating may change at certain points)
  112. Pokemon Special: Red, Green and Blue
  113. Pokemon battle.
  114. The Master of the Sea
  115. "Higher"
  116. Attack of the Memcache Errors!
  117. Pokemon Ranger: Out of the Darkness (Almia Continuation)
  118. Growing It Out (Original)
  121. The Memory Algorithm
  122. Rise of the Dark Lords (R, some swearing, mild violence and sexuality)
  123. Of Cats and Lizards
  124. Drabbles
  125. (Discussion) Writing Traditions
  126. Pokemon Battle Challenge
  127. Guilty Pleasures (A comedy drabble)
  128. Cloud - A Drabble
  129. I Spy (A comedy drabble)
  130. Watching Pokémon Through the Eyes of a Teenager
  131. Why Fire Red stinks (Game, Comedy)
  132. Dark Nostalgia
  133. Daniel Knight: Ace Attorney
  134. Love, War, and Pokemon Battles (Original characters, pokemon world setting)
  135. A Pokemon Mythology story (Writing class)
  136. Excuses (Non-Pokemon, original fiction)
  137. Pokémon The First Movie - Character Commentary
  138. Pokemon MD: Explorers of Dawn/Dusk
  139. Pokemon: Adventures Through Kalith
  140. Solena Shipped from PE2000
  141. Pokemon: Battle Challange Sign up!
  142. Fanfic Rules 2009 Edition--Updated May 23rd
  143. Konekodemon's NON-Pokemon Fanfiction Requests
  144. The Things We Do For Love (Co-authored with domesticshorthair)
  145. PMD2 Logbook(s)
  146. My angel (Advanceshipping oneshot)
  147. Deadly Blizzard (A Pokemon Fan Fiction)
  148. Darkest Longing (PG)
  149. A Pokemon Fan Fiction called "A Look into the Future" or "Start of the new hero"
  150. 1999 (Parody of "1985" by Bowling for Soup)
  151. Teenage Drama (Tentative title)
  152. Fear of Bugs
  153. Artemis and Nicole Ichirin
  154. Blessed Are We: A Poem
  155. Elliot's Hoenn Adventures
  156. What You Wish For
  157. Sirius
  158. Celestica
  159. The Legend of the Guardians: The Shadow Chronicles
  160. Juno's Sinnoh Story
  161. Edge of Destiny (Original)
  162. Tohjo Falls
  163. Cattlea and Tyler's Adventures
  164. Another Drabble (Still not Pokemon)
  165. Drabble One (Not Pokemon)
  166. Pokemon Ranger 3: The Shadow Casket
  167. Old Gideon McCrowley (My Fanfic Entry)
  168. The Journey
  170. Pokémon Ranger and the Gardener of Gratitude (PG-13; action/adventure)
  171. Original: The One in which Redder Battles a Silly Girl
  172. Battle for Hoenn
  173. Pokemon: the Thunder Knight
  174. Remember the Name!
  175. My Fanfiction Character
  176. Non-Pokemon: Scene 8 from a Memory
  178. A Pokemon Christmas (G)
  179. Pyles fanfic entry
  180. Need Help with Pokemon Fanfic (writers Block)
  181. (Original) Lost and Alone (PG)
  182. The Most Wonderful Time
  183. The Light in the Darkness (Rated R)
  184. Pokemon True Power
  185. Pokemon song thread
  186. Pokemon Adventures Red(G)
  187. Pokemon Coordinator Journeys(PG13)
  188. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Yellow Rescue Team(PG)
  189. Faith (Poetry) Rated G
  190. Faith (PG-13, Original/AU)
  191. Pokemon Dawn of Darkrai
  192. We all live in a Pokemon Universe
  193. Pokemon: The Platinum Journey
  194. Masterful Meowth (a tribute)
  195. Best Battle Fanfic Contest Entry Thread
  196. Cruise of a Lifetime (PG for violence)
  197. Whisper in the wind (Advanceshipping PG)
  198. Digimon - The Tamer Club
  199. Fighting Till The End
  200. Archie and Maxie
  201. Midnight Traveler and the Mystery Man
  202. Alix's Johto Adventures
  203. Ashinbattle: A Pokémärchen Tale (Anime, G)
  204. The Colors of a Champion.
  205. Breakfast at the Oaks (Anime, PG)
  206. Pokemon Red, Blue, and Green
  207. Inseparable (Advanceshipping M)
  208. (ANIME) Hikozaru & Lizardon: Giving Knowledge of Life (anime episode rating)
  209. Jovi's Lament (3 Years After XD) [Game, pg(?)]
  210. Curse of the Loved
  211. An Aura Guardian Is Born
  212. A Strange Love
  213. Rescue Team Gem (OH. MY. GOD. I'm actually posting this?)
  214. An Experimental Poem
  215. War
  216. An Aura Guardian Is Born
  217. Pokemon pen and Paper RPG (help needed)
  218. Verity, Valor, and Acuity
  219. TEEN: Travels of the Trifecta!
  220. A Story Without a Title
  221. Goodbye (Advanceshipping/Pokeshipping oneshot)
  222. Remember me (Ikarishipping PG) (rewritten)
  223. Magical wickedness! Powerchu is targeted!!
  224. A Battle Is A Battle (little bit of ikarishipping PG)
  225. Team Rocket's Friendship (Anime)
  226. Road to the Championship (T)
  227. Forgiven
  228. Childhood memories (Advance PG)
  229. Devious (Galactic fic, PG-13)
  230. (Coitobalnism, Aquarageshipping, NC-17)
  231. A Guitar Hero Through the Fire and Flames (Non-Pokemon Dragonforce Songfic)
  232. Remember me (Ikarishipping PG)
  233. Only as False (Death Note, PG-13, Light/Misa)
  234. Like a Line Drive! (Original, PG-13)
  235. Pokemon Ultimate League
  236. Pokemon Destiny
  237. Dreaming of you from far away, a Blownsocketshipping thread
  238. What If? (Ikarishipping)
  239. Pokemon Generations
  240. Pokemon Destiny (Rated M)
  241. Operation Main Frame
  242. Miraculous (Diamondshipping, PG)
  243. The Ode Of Rishi
  244. Terra's Tale (one shot)
  245. Unfortunately Blue
  246. Non-Pokemon Crossover: The Comeback King Saga
  247. Pokémon Platinum Adventures (OC-GAME-PG 13)
  248. This Cosmic Manifestation
  249. Lupine
  250. The G-Pod™, God's Cosmic MP3 Player!