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  1. Beasts Like Us {one-shot}
  2. The War that Shook the Worlds (HaloxPokemon crossover NC-17)
  3. Fanfiction Summaries
  4. Generation X
  5. Ashes (PG-13) A/U High Fantasy
  6. Changing Lanes (A first attempt at a Pokémon fic)
  7. Curiosity (PG-13 or R oneshot)
  8. World of Battle
  9. Rain: A Mystery Dungeon fic
  10. The Blind Alley (PG-13) Action/Adventure
  11. The Other Pokemon Adventure
  12. Journey fics, thoughts?
  13. Hallow (PG-16) Romance One-shot
  14. Andyman's fanfic: Of Beauty and Might (PG-13)
  15. A One-Shot Tale of Team StarTrekkers
  16. Stranger in a strange world. (A Remix of my first Post here.)
  17. Tales from the Stage Door (re-post)
  18. Casual Goodbyes - R
  19. One Million Reasons Why I Miss You (pikashipping one-shot)
  20. The legend of Drakedale City
  21. Pokemon Journey of Sarah
  22. Isolation.
  23. Finding Yourself
  24. Dead to the World- A (very) short story.
  25. Dinner and a Story
  26. Haunted And Taunted(Rated R; Blood And Gore, Some Strong Language)
  27. Digimon in the REAL world
  28. Other: Final Destination 5: The Price Of Paradise (PG-15)
  29. Existentialism.
  30. An Ode to the Inferno
  31. The Retelling of Pokemon Colosseum
  32. My Pokemon Adventure Part 2
  33. My Pokemon Adventure Part 2
  34. My Pokemon Adventure Part 1
  35. Pokemon brought to life
  36. Pokémon KZ: Journey {New Chapter Every Tuesday and Friday}
  37. Shadow's Soul
  38. Double Dating Can Sometimes Be Trouble (Darkmagicshipping, Banditshipping) Pg-13
  39. The Industrial Guillotine
  40. Lessons in Pokémon - D: Ended.
  41. Fetus (poetry)
  42. Deoxys and The Old One - Team Rocket's Last Stand
  43. Killing Him with Kindness (one-shot, OC [and Rocket]-centric, PG-13)
  44. The Aura is With Me (Advanceshipping)
  45. A Legendary Slumber
  46. Pokemon: Battle of Aura
  47. Snorunt (Parody of “So What” by P!nk)
  48. Dark Freedom [15]
  49. Pokemon London Abduction
  50. Pokemon XR: Sinnoh Frontier [Original, PG-PG13] [COMPLETE]
  51. Thunder (a Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfic)
  52. Shipping One-Shot Requests?
  53. Hidden in Plain Sight, a G-Rated Ikarishipping Fic
  54. Star of the Show-A G-Rated Ursula Story
  55. Viridian - The Dark Fanfic
  56. Metamorphoses
  57. ~~Elemental~A wolf story~~
  58. Power (PG-15)
  59. Christmas Present (Banditshipping, Darkmagicshipping oneshot)
  60. Heart of the Sea
  61. The Super Pokefriends Christmas Special (PG, Holiday one-shot)
  62. Mistletoe Mishaps (Darkmagicshipping, Banditshipping) PG
  63. D R E A D
  64. Pokémon Trainer Battle: Mystery Dungeon
  65. Indebted
  66. Christmas Songs (Rated R-ish)
  67. Getting over the shame of writing Fanfiction
  68. Reviews
  69. Monster Mishmash (Banditshipping oneshot)
  70. Gold vs. Silver oneshot
  71. Merry Christmas Pearlshippers (for those who celebrate!)
  72. Kanto Rumors- What Really Happend
  73. Pokémon Trainer Battle: Gold Silver Fusion
  74. Bang Head Here
  75. Untitled
  76. is this the place?
  77. Downfall Of A Master (PG-14; Pokemon LX oneshot)
  78. Sally's Journey!Articuno awaits!
  79. Good Things Come in Threes! [CHP3 Up]
  80. Island Hazards
  81. It's the Quenchiest (Avatar fanfic)
  82. Beyond the explorations of Time & Darkness
  83. Watching the Sky
  84. Search The World (PG-13, Non-Canon) Chapter Two Is Up
  85. Pokémon Trainer Battle!
  86. A Legendary Journey
  87. The Choice
  88. MATURE: The Life of the Legendaries (Shipping; Crackfic) <Chapter 16 Up>
  89. Survivor: Diamond and Pearl (NC - 17)
  90. Tales from the Stage Door
  91. Full Battle, 6-on-6!
  92. Equilibria - [PG-14]
  93. The End of Soul [PG-13]
  94. Thief (PG, Game-verse, no pairings)
  95. The Disappearance of Kris
  96. One Heck of a festival and a new perspective on life.
  97. Winds of Change
  98. Sunrise [oneshot]
  99. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2: Beautiful Freedom
  100. The Mewtwo Project (PG-13, language, violence, original, Pokemorphs) (On haitus)
  101. Pokemon PLT meta-fic
  102. Hidden Meaning - It's Human Nature
  103. Chu'd
  104. No Honor Among Thieves
  105. Pokema: thousands came, nine returned.
  106. Drama In The Castle
  107. I'm Fritz Westmyn. And this is my story. <*<*<*RATED R*>*>*> (Updated: 06/09/10)
  108. Pokemon Academy: Dedication Through Light and Darkness
  109. The Limits of Kindness (PG-13)
  110. Framed (13+)
  111. Surreal
  112. Black Licorice (Team Rocket fanfic)
  113. Johto Falls
  114. Nintendo Versus Witches: An Adaption of Roald Dahl's The Witches
  115. The Southlands Saga
  116. Pokemon in the REAL world
  117. Cynthia! She's a Really Cool Trainer!
  118. First chapter of my new fanfic is up!
  119. Princess Pokemon Elementary
  120. People ideas needed
  121. Pokemon World Online
  122. Oneshot Contest Entries - Voting begins now!
  123. Breaking the Barriers [PG-13]
  124. Aftermath (One Shot)
  125. My first fan fic
  126. DISCUSSION: ATTENTION WRITERS! Your Favorite Tropes and Plot Devices?
  127. Cubone's Adventure 2
  128. Cubone's Adventure (The Legend of the PokéPacks)
  129. Akash Tattva
  130. Rush Through Da Regions (Soulshipping, Updated Twice Every Week)
  131. Jodie's Story: A Mystery Dungeon Fanfic (E 10+)
  132. Paper Mario 4: Rise of Kamek(All audiences)
  133. Times Forgotten
  134. The Harbour Inn of Canalave City (A Cherish the Moments One-Shot [PG-13])
  135. Spirit Snow
  136. Ditz (PG-13, Lt. Surge/Daisy Waterflower)
  137. Gundam SEED Armageddon
  138. mews love story
  139. Split (Non-Pokemon)
  140. Adventures of BMGf (PG)
  141. The Soul of Johto
  142. Pokemon: Shades of Kanto(PG, to be safe)
  143. Shades Of Violet(PG-13, Violence, Language) Some Ikarishipping, Some Twinleafshipping
  144. Meister: The Short Story Collection (NC-17; content not suitable for children)
  145. Genfic, Misty-centric, G
  146. A Day from Heaven, the Dream from Hell, and a Memory for Eternity-Personal Narrative
  147. Five-Region Rush redone
  148. A Longing Summer Night at Lake Valor (Advanceshipping)
  149. History In the Making - My fanfic
  150. Freaks
  151. The Legend of Barry
  152. Brotherly Love (13+) (Complete)
  153. Looking Back – It's Painful
  154. Pokemon Regi legend
  155. This Isn't Goodbye
  156. Lover's Fool (advance, contest, pearl) (PG)
  157. Fanfiction contest sign up thread
  158. Adventures in Hoenn (Epilogue, updated: Under the Night Sky)[Gamefic][PG]
  159. Adventures in Hoenn
  160. Takeshi's Paradise [Rocketshipping: PG-13]
  161. Death Within Darkness (mild violence)
  162. Pokeshipping Drabble (G)
  163. Trinity Entrada: The Quest Through Kanto [PG-13]
  164. A Close Encounter With Color [PG-13] [11/14: Chapter 3 is up!]
  165. 3 Vampires, 3 Bums......Same Stuff Right?
  166. A Year in the Life of a Gym Leader. (A Cherish the Moments One-Shot [PG-13])
  167. fanfiction
  168. Pokemon XR: Shadow Apocalypse (Original, PG-PG13) [COMPLETE]
  169. The Weird World of Wuzzleberg: A New Journey For Ash and Friends
  170. Never Give Up (an Ikarishipping oneshot)
  171. Thoughts of a Fanfic Writer Writing Pokemon Thoughts
  172. Heatran's thoughts
  173. The Thoughts of Pokemon (AKA Pokemon's Diary)
  174. Caterpie's Thoughts
  175. Mew's Thoughts
  176. Thieves: The Legacy (Rated R)
  177. Ficlet (G, Professor Oak-centric)
  178. GREEN (Mature)
  179. Outcast (Non-Pokemon, PG-13)
  180. The Plague's Chosen
  181. It's All Because of Her
  182. Marcus' Unusual Journey (Adventure, Comedy), PG-13
  183. Pokemon: Ocean Blue
  184. TEEN: Communication [Chapter Eighteen Now Posted]
  185. PMD2: Night at Treeshround Forest
  186. The Hunted Realm
  187. Ethereal
  188. Memories With Blurry Edges - A Poem
  189. Over riding Passions. (Adult content)
  190. Reunited (Malovent M)
  191. I'm With Stupid
  192. Pokémon Legends: Trouble on Mt. Coronet!
  193. A Galactic Lullaby
  194. Catharsis (PG, Flint x Lola, pre-anime)
  195. PokéRock - Pokémon fan music
  196. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon- アメリカの探査
  197. POKEMON: From Littleroot
  198. Pokemon: Joshua's Journey
  199. What I would do for You
  200. Clash of The Titans
  201. Operation: Sinnoh Storm Remake PG-13- R
  202. Permanent Disequilibrium (Paul/Dawn | Barry/Dawn)
  203. I'm So Sorry, Dawn
  204. Penultimate (PG-13)
  205. Moving on up!
  206. Shaymin's secret Kingdom
  207. Greedy (Genfic, PG)
  208. A Pokemon movie-esque fic
  209. Pokémon LX: The Road To Mastership
  210. Dragonslayers (comedy, anime one-shot, rated PG)
  211. Creation (Galactific, R100)
  212. Subete ga Hajimaru (Many and varied pairings, K+ to T, drabble collection)
  213. Talk About Imbalance [PG - PG-13]
  214. My Sanctuary of Love [[One-Shot!]]
  215. Pokemon Musical PG-13 (Just to be safe)
  216. Envious (Pokeshipping, PG, introspection)
  217. 1st Pearlshipping fan fic
  218. Pokémon: The Ash Ketchum Chronicles (A Pokémon GK prequel)
  219. Hidden Projects Serial
  220. The Dark Lord
  221. Independence Day (One-Shot)
  222. Legend's Rage (PG-13)
  223. Atmospheric Pressure
  224. Shaymin's Bizarre Adventure of Hotcakes and Danger (Extremely NSFW)
  225. The Empowered (original, not sure about rating)
  226. Tree vs Grass, Revisited (Pokefic sequel)
  227. The Daily Crush Syndrome
  228. A Red Leaf
  229. Shades of Destiny
  230. Our Journey Together
  231. The Vigilante
  232. Angie's Goodbye (MorpheusShipping and others)
  233. Pokémon – Advanced Hero
  234. Roses and Marigolds (K+), Contest/Advanceshipping One-shot
  235. Umbreons Great Day (One-shot)
  236. The Author (Working Title)
  237. Rocket and Kasumi:One-shot tie in
  238. Pokemon Blak:The True Tale of Kanto[PG-13]
  239. Speechless- PG-13... Or something. Some adult themes, Violence, Language
  240. Lunar Destinies (PG, K+, or E)
  241. Friends Forever (Mystery Dungeon, Team Eevee)
  242. Together We Fight
  243. REGISTEEL (XXX for swearing, sex)
  244. Final Fantasy: Tales of the Crystals (Book 2: The Crystal in the Cave
  245. The Catalyst
  246. Teenager Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Reality [PG-13(language)]
  247. I've never written a fic, before
  248. Lucky (Special-based, Rockety, PG)
  249. Michael De Phend: Ace Attorney (PG-13 for Strong Language)
  250. Feral Game