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  1. EVERYONE: Hoso Havoc (One Shot)
  2. TEEN: Rebirth of Sinnoh - Volkner's Tale
  3. TEEN: P2 - After the Fall
  4. EVERYONE: FAN-FICTION [Non-Pokemon]
  5. TEEN: More Than Expected
  6. EVERYONE: A New Wold (Preview)
  7. TEEN: Generic Journey Story
  8. TEEN: The Department of Magic (Harry Potter fanfic)
  9. Sentinel (Transformers one-shot, Dark of the Moon spoilers ahoy!)
  10. EVERYONE: Fireworks - Mustardshipping(Ash/Kenyan) one-shot
  11. TEEN: Darkness before Dawn (3)
  12. EVERYONE: Pitched, Stomped and Shattered (One-Shot)
  13. EVERYONE: Pokemon: Legends of Kanto
  14. Motherhood of some Legendaries
  15. EVERYONE: Roses and Mushrooms.
  16. TEEN: Tales of the Aranthorian Knights by Anopa and Glory Blaze
  17. EVERYONE: Jumbled Jazz
  18. TEEN: The Grave of a Lost City (Pokemon + Thief The Dark Project Crossover)
  19. Pokemon: Negaverse Rising
  20. EVERYONE: Pokemon BrainBronze
  21. TEEN: Beginnings (Mafia style Diamondshipping)
  22. TEEN: No Freedom for Marionettes
  23. Summer Awards 2011 Voting Thread
  24. TEEN: Tales of the Zurus
  25. From aura zero, ( Shootingshadow from fan fic.com thank you for the aura zero idea)
  26. EVERYONE: Dialga and the Reverse World Master
  27. EVERYONE: The Azure Pumpernickel (One Shot)
  28. EVERYONE: Pokejourney!
  29. TEEN: The Inheritance
  30. EVERYONE: Sketches Of Time Gone By
  31. Alpha's Destiny
  32. EVERYONE: MythBusters-Pokemon Special (Part 1 + Bonus MythRap Parody Up!)
  33. MATURE: An Unforgiving World
  34. The Pokemon Boarding School
  35. TEEN: The Power Of Origin
  36. TEEN: Champion Game {Chapter 35}
  37. TEEN: The Oppression
  38. TEEN: Eternal Prophecy (Pokemon)
  39. TEEN: No Region For Old Men (RG/UP collaboration)
  40. TEEN: Ai's Adventure
  41. Stupid little screenplay I wrote
  42. TEEN: The Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony Canto III
  43. TEEN: [Dragon Ball/Z: title too long to fit] "The sun is shining, the birds are chirping.."
  44. TEEN: Sonic X (non-Pokémon)
  45. EVERYONE: You Scratch My Back, I Scratch Yours
  46. Summer Awards Discussion
  47. EVERYONE: Experimented
  48. TEEN: Welcome to Our World
  49. Summer Awards 2011: Nomination Thread
  50. TEEN: The Mask's Secret
  51. TEEN: "The Foreigner" [Ch.4]
  52. EVERYONE: Knights in Shining Armor [one-shot]
  53. TEEN: A War Arises *Medieval/Pokemon fic* (Chapter 3 is up! Please comment!)
  54. EVERYONE: Oh boy... Parents: A contestshipping fic
  55. EVERYONE: The Lure Allure
  56. A Cold Heart Is a Dead Heart
  57. The Gym
  58. EVERYONE: All Because Of Her
  59. TEEN: Blizzard
  60. TEEN: kisin return (Soul Eater)
  61. MATURE: PokeWorld: Beginnings (Chapter 1)
  62. EVERYONE: The Lost World of Giratina
  63. EVERYONE: Pokémon~ The Cyber Wars
  64. EVERYONE: The Legend of Spiritomb
  65. TEEN: Just another Soul Eater Fan Fic (With Chapter 2)
  66. The Sinnoh Saga: The Journey of Lucas
  67. TEEN: Other Side Of The Bone (SuBuWriMu)
  68. MATURE: Muddy Waters
  69. EVERYONE: Ash’s Secret History:
  70. TEEN: Beginnings: Dragon of Water (SuBuWriMo)
  71. EVERYONE: Golden Discovery's
  72. TEEN: Echo In The Graves
  73. MATURE: Tarnished Gold: The Story of Cynthia
  74. A Soul Eater Fan Fiction
  75. EVERYONE: Sun, Fun and Memories
  76. TEEN: Wind and Rain - The Stormy Story of Team Cyclone (Chapter 3 added 6/15)
  77. Aladdin and the King of Thieves (Pokemon Style)
  78. LevitatingLamprey's Writing Overflow
  79. TEEN: Old McDonlad Had A Paul (SuBuNaMo)
  80. EVERYONE: Giratina's Friendship Story
  81. TEEN: Pokemon Adventures: Beyond the Horizons
  82. MATURE: When All The World Was Young
  83. TEEN: Somewhere Only We Know (SuBuWriMo)
  84. MATURE: Virus (SuBuWriMo)
  85. EVERYONE: Martyrs of the Wild (non pokemon)
  86. TEEN: Life Is Not Ice Cream And Chansey Dances--a Pokémon DPA fic
  87. TEEN: Yesterdays Champion
  88. EVERYONE: The Fiery Threat
  89. TEEN: Memory [SuBuWriMo]
  90. EVERYONE: Kingdom Hearts Keepers (working title) (SuBuWriMo)
  91. Exploring the tags and their use rules
  92. The path of the pseudo-champion (SuBuWriMo)
  93. TEEN: Locked in Battle (SuBuWriMo) *Chapter 5 up*
  94. The story of Zoe: A meerkat born in London Zoo in 2009
  95. TEEN: Courier: The Package
  96. MATURE: The Sinnoh League(SuBuWriMo)
  97. MATURE: [SuBuWriMo] Hell's Theater [P4]
  98. MATURE: The Greatest Generation (An Assassins' Creed Fanfic) - SuBuWriMo
  99. MATURE: The Red Sands (SuBuWriMo)
  100. MATURE: The Rise of Silph (SuBuWriMo; 16)
  101. EVERYONE: Pikachu (for SuBuWriMo)
  102. TEEN: The Kane Dome
  103. TEEN: Encounters: Book One: Blinto (Rewritten and remade!)
  104. TEEN: Mothermon 3 (weee! Prologue!)
  105. SuBuWriMo - June 1 to June 30
  106. TEEN: Serpiente - The climb of the Snake Queen
  107. Episodium:A non-pokemon story (Part 1)
  108. TEEN: Literal Game Freak! (CHAPTER 1 UP!)
  109. TEEN: What History Hides
  110. EVERYONE: Journeys of a Rocket (Chapter 3 up!) update 7/18/11
  111. EVERYONE: Song of the Staraptor (rated E for Everyone)
  112. Warriors: Treachery
  113. TEEN: The Ice to Your Fire
  114. EVERYONE: Johto, begin! (first fanfic)
  115. TEEN: Here Comes The Sun
  116. TEEN: Team Flame: Lost Mysteries of Legends (Ben 10/Pokemon) *Episode 4*
  117. EVERYONE: Ace Black, Dragon Tamer(Chapter one up!)
  118. TEEN: RaccoonHearts (Kingdom Hearts Fanfic) Chapter 4 uploaded
  119. Camilla's Journey
  120. MATURE: Calvin and Camille's Sinnoh Adventure
  121. EVERYONE: Secretary (One shot, Best Wishes, G)
  122. TEEN: Broken Paths
  123. MATURE: World Domination For Dummies - Chapter 1 is up!
  124. TEEN: Broken and Burning [Chapter Two Added]
  125. Stainless Rivalry [Lugion, Gastly's Mama & SCND collaborative crossover]
  126. Okamiden Kai
  127. TEEN: Driftveil Shore
  128. MATURE: Hoenn Wars
  129. TEEN: Poké Ball: A Mystical Adventure (Crack/Parody) (Episode 2)
  130. To See The Future
  131. TEEN: The Monster of Cinnabar Mansion - Rated PG13
  132. TEEN: The Silver Wind - Rated PG
  133. Okamiden Kai: Chapter 1 & 2
  134. EVERYONE: Lorrna Adventures
  135. TEEN: Whispers of the End
  136. TEEN: Toying With the Heart
  137. MATURE: Behind Closed Doors
  138. TEEN: The Surprising Adventures of a Glaceon in Unova (Finished!)
  139. TEEN: Godo's Taking Flight small-shots (current; song:Flight)
  140. MATURE: Crowley High NC-17
  141. EVERYONE: World of Silence (DPPt AU)
  142. Skaraflame's Poetry Bank
  143. EVERYONE: The Legend of Unova: Marshal's Quest (Chapter Two Added)
  144. EVERYONE: The Midnight Food Fuss
  145. TEEN: Reds Creed: Pokehood (CHAPTER 1 START; Vs. MissingNO.)
  146. The Chronicles of Poke'Tech Academy
  147. EVERYONE: Pokemon Flamed Destiny
  148. EVERYONE: Pokemon Adventures: Kanto (Chapter 1 The Beginning)
  149. Pokemon Journey
  150. The origins of the Tao Trio.
  151. Generation 5 Polkamon Song Parody
  152. SilverFlame
  153. EVERYONE: Pokémon: Jikasei Journey
  154. TEEN: Evolution (Chapter 12 is up)
  155. The Dragon Chronicles.
  156. Silver Eyes (Poem)
  157. TEEN: A twist to the regular story
  158. EVERYONE: My Pokemon Aside
  159. EVERYONE: Bonds Chpt:1
  160. TEEN: Grey: A Story of Black & White
  161. TEEN: Adventures through Maciel [Ch4]
  162. EVERYONE: Once Upon a Moonlit Evening (two shot)
  163. EVERYONE: Pokemon Star Island: Chapter 1
  164. TEEN: Avatar the last Airbender: Arceus and the Jewel of life(crossover)
  165. EVERYONE: Sick Daze
  166. (PG) Pokemon Red Parody- Cheering Up Shadzy
  167. TEEN: PokeShots
  168. MATURE: Pokemon: Legends of Unova
  169. EVERYONE: (Pokepoem) A Storyteller's Request
  170. EVERYONE: Professor Instrutilus' Study of Pokémon
  171. TEEN: Forever at a standstill (Ferriswheel T-M)
  172. TEEN: Pokémon: The Gray Dawn
  173. Twitter account for the Writer's Workshop!
  174. EVERYONE: Jim's Unova Journey
  175. Pokemon: Letters, and Liars [Part 1 of the EPIC three part saga!]
  176. I was Peer Pressured into This.
  177. TEEN: Rifters 1 War of Dimensions
  178. TEEN: Flinch:Intro *Non-Pokemon*
  179. EVERYONE: Average [One-Shot]
  180. EVERYONE: The Begining of Pokemon.
  181. Bowser's Final Stand (Mario Fic)
  182. TEEN: Life for us...a Gym leaders past.
  183. Pokemon the Musical
  184. EVERYONE: Paper Mario Crossworlds
  185. MATURE: Kingdom Hearts: Lost War (4)
  186. EVERYONE: The Birthday Baile
  187. EVERYONE: Goldeen Scoop for Dawn's Heart (HeatTag)
  188. TEEN: The Pinnacle of Trainerdom!
  189. EVERYONE: Close Quarters (Paul and Dawn)
  190. EVERYONE: A Tale of Alegria (One Shot)
  191. TEEN: The Pocket Monster Diaries
  192. TEEN: Behind Pained Eyes
  193. EVERYONE: A Whole New World
  194. EVERYONE: Mystery Dungeon III: Race to the Victory
  195. TEEN: If I remain (an underlying story of Legends of Demigods.)
  196. TEEN: Sk8r Boi (Non-PKM. Based on Legends Of Demigods)
  197. EVERYONE: Parody Sue Fanfiction! Journey through the Pokemon Region! Mary-Sue 00ber special!
  198. EVERYONE: Who Do You Think You Are? (Non-Pokemon One-Shot)
  199. Infinite Joys (Chapter 2)
  200. Pokemon Trainer Battle! Red, Blue, and Yellow
  201. The Poke'Tech Chronicles
  202. Letter
  203. TEEN: The X-Nauts Secret Society
  204. EVERYONE: Chronicles Never Fade – The Warriors of Newmoon
  205. TEEN: Brick Wall (Two-Shot Fic, Ikari)
  206. Ch One: Starts with a Chilly Breeze...
  207. TEEN: Interactive Fiction: Let's Create a Mary-Sue!
  208. TEEN: The Two Brothers
  209. TEEN: On Top (one-shot)
  210. Search and Rescue
  211. TEEN: Silver Seas: Lugia's Chosen One
  212. TEEN: A Journey Through Unova
  213. Spring Awards: Winners, and Overall Voting (open until April 2)
  214. Pokemon Agger Region
  215. TEEN: The Key
  216. Don't fall asleep...
  217. EVERYONE: They Also Serve, those who Stand and Cater
  218. EVERYONE: Tales from Seon
  219. EVERYONE: One-Shots (Pokemon)
  220. TEEN: Wendigo [Non-Pokemon One-Shot]
  221. MATURE: Stray
  222. TEEN: Journey through Darkness
  223. TEEN: BW: Journey Through Unova
  224. EVERYONE: The Traveler's Tales: A Minstrel's Journey
  225. EVERYONE: An Unusual Meeting
  226. TEEN: The Hunted
  227. TEEN: A Little Bit of Good (Chapter 5 up)
  228. The Worst Movie Ever Made
  229. EVERYONE: We Were Supposed To Meet Today
  230. TEEN: Much Ado About Maylene (oneshot)
  231. When it Ends
  232. MATURE: Disbelief And Truth
  233. EVERYONE: The First Disappointment
  234. EVERYONE: Mount Silver
  235. MATURE: Days Like This
  236. TEEN: Over
  237. Spring Awards: Voting Thread (open until March 24)
  238. Pokemon Master: BW
  239. MATURE: Side Show
  240. MATURE: "A Wait on One's Heart" (One-Shot)
  241. TEEN: Austin's Beginning [Holiday is Over and a New Chapter is Out]
  242. New Workshop Feature: Prefixes!
  243. Shipping Satire: Proud to be your Slave
  244. Pokemon Blue: The Book: Part 1
  245. Pokemon Journeys: The Sinnoh Chronicles
  246. TEEN: Godzilla
  247. EVERYONE: Alabaster Daze: Unova Chronicle
  248. MATURE: Unova Arc Pt1: The Unova Affair (Ch.26: Old Habits Die Hard)
  249. MATURE: Roxanne
  250. Loneliness for the Unknown