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  1. Just somethin i'm writin Please don't read dis if ur under 15
  2. Please Hold (comedy one shot)
  3. (NonPokemon, Poem) The Bonding
  4. Brock's Folky Tale (Comedy One Shot)
  5. Hero's Heart
  6. Behind the Match
  7. Yoshio's Pokemon Journey
  8. What A Brother Knows (Digimon Frontier, post-series, G)
  9. Pokemon: Cards of Promise
  10. More Than Just Friends....
  11. Mama Mia Mario! (A ambitious fic!)
  12. Ash's Inbox!
  13. Dark Forces - Ch. 1
  14. The Flamestar Chronicles (Original Trainer)
  15. (Krazyshipping, One-shot, PG) Taking a Walk Under the Moonlight
  16. The Pied Rockets of Pallet Town! (Comedy One Shot)
  17. Loyalty (One-Shot)
  18. Photograph (One-Shot Songfic)
  19. Trying to find a fanfiction
  20. Pikachu's Blue Note (Comedy One Shot)
  21. (AU, NC-17, Shipping, Pokemon) Dragon Girl
  22. Pokemon - Stoner Quest (NC-17 for drug use, profane language, non-graphic sex)
  23. Squirtles on Tatooine(and other weird crossovers)
  24. Brock's Mailbag!
  25. Behind the(kissing)scenes (krazyshipping) (PG-13)
  26. Let's try this again. Ken's Hoenn Journey
  27. Otherwise Known As Agent Hun(PG-13 for language,mature references,and some violence)
  28. Rock n' Roll Forever! (a comedy one-shot)
  29. HarleyScarow (ContestShipping)
  30. The Pika Pizza Commercial (Comedy One Shot)
  31. Ken's Hoenn Journey
  32. Lament in Azalea Town (Poetry, Original Character)
  33. A Love Poem (Pokémon one-shot)
  34. The Adventures of Kochou and the Beautiflies
  35. Post Pokemon Haiku Here
  36. ~ Mocha Cappuccino ~ Rated PG [Pokeshipping] -AU-
  37. You’re Beautiful (Brockshipping One-Shot)
  38. Now and Forever {AU/Adventure}
  39. Original Fic: Journey of a Lifetime
  40. Star Trek: Pokemon Fleet SPOILER
  41. Midsummer Knights: DREAM
  42. Jessie and James' legacy
  43. Kadabra, the battles of destiny
  44. Rollercoaster (poem)
  45. No Longer the Silent Observer (Pokeshipping and Brock with...someone, G)
  46. Evolution Of Fable (PG-13)
  47. The PBF Academy! Book#1
  48. Jackpot!
  49. The Prime Cup Tournament
  50. Brock Amuck (Comedy/Parody One Shot)
  51. The Ash and Pikachu Show! (Season 3)
  52. The View From Her Head (Pokepoem #3)
  53. Look At You Now! (Pokepoem #2)
  54. I Want to Love You (Pokepoem #1)
  55. Maybe We Really Do (commemorative poem)
  56. Prize (G, Airshippy)
  57. (Non-Pokemon) Random chaper from a book I was writing
  58. Mysterious Girl (Brockshipping One-Shot Valentine’s Day Special)
  59. Only One Road (Colosseumshipping One-Shot Valentine’s Day Special)
  60. Your Song (AAML One-Shot Valentine’s Day Special)
  61. Something Stupid (Contestshipping One-Shot Valentine’s Day Special)
  62. Wonderful Tonight (AAMayL One-Shot Valentine’s Day Special)
  63. Scum of the Earth (PG)
  64. What They Will Say (PG, Juan-centric)
  65. Sabrina's Story (now on Bulbagarden!)
  66. The Mankey Song (songfic)
  67. Saffron
  68. The Avengers
  69. OkashiraShinomori's Other Fan Fiction
  70. Shadow Island
  71. A Heart So True: Pikachu's Kanto Diaries
  72. Kater's Fanfic Contest
  73. Two For One
  74. Resonance
  75. Blades (PG-13, One-Shot)
  76. When Life is Just Re-VOLT-ing (PG-13, One-Shot)
  77. Pokemon Team X
  78. To Care for Him
  79. Pokemon: A Siren's Voice
  80. 50 lines about Bashou and Buson
  81. Halo Slipping Down
  82. Pokemon Impact 3 (PG13)
  83. The Adventures of Quaz PG
  84. Home for the Holidays (My Creative Writing final project, Rocketshippy-ish)
  85. Pre-Fanfic thoughts and struggles..
  86. The Ash and Pikachu Show (Season 2)
  87. Pokemon Snaggers (A Script)
  88. (AU) Pokemon: The Chronicles of the Catalpa Trainer Dorm (Rated PG)
  89. Viewer's Choice!
  90. BulbaCast Radio Drama Contest - Authors Wanted!
  91. Tree vs. Grass PG-13, maybe R--Anime
  92. Patchouli- PG13 One Shot
  93. Misty's Miracle Rated PG-13 (AAML)
  94. Lost in the Haze
  95. Quiet, Please!
  96. Pokemon Quest
  97. Firelight (PG, May/Drew, oneshot)
  98. .'.'Johto'.'.
  99. Needing some ideas for my final...
  100. Lady In Red (AAMayL One-Shot Christmas Special)
  101. All I Want For Christmas Is You (AAML One-Shot Christmas Special)
  102. Christmas Costume Calamity! (Comedy/Parody One-Shot Christmas Special starring TR)
  103. Pokemon Rescue Force!
  104. Adventures in Pokesitting!
  105. No Gym for You (one shot)
  106. James’s moneymaking scheme (Comedy One-Shot starring TR)
  107. The Ash and Pikachu Show! (Season 1)
  108. Short Story - Illusion
  109. NaNoWriMo?
  110. The 3 Metal Islands
  111. My Tenchi in Tokyo fanfic
  112. Fanfic writing tutors?
  113. Weapons of Choice
  114. Pokemon destiny redefined
  115. Pokemon Master Journey
  116. a Pokemon/Star Trek crossover fanfic project
  117. Bishounen: Demoonica's Story
  118. His Father's Eyes (Diamondshippy)
  119. Indigo's League
  120. Aftermorphs #001 - "Into the Belly of the Whale" - Chapter One
  121. Sailing Away (horror)
  122. Pokemon: Next Generation
  123. I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing (AAML One-Shot)
  124. ORIGINAL Tempus Fugit- A Cycle Reborn
  125. Temptation Eyes- (yaoi, PG-13 for now)
  126. Turbo and Serraph's Excellent Pokemon Adventure (Rated PG-13 for Language)
  127. (Non-Pokemon) Silent Hill 2: Eddie's Story
  128. (Non-Pokemon) Someone Take the Wheel
  129. Writing: Inspiration, etc (basically, I'm bored)
  130. YF-19...my attempt
  131. The Phantom of Altomare (PG-13)
  132. Untitled Fanfic (Please View)
  133. Too Late (Shigeru fic)
  134. If you're not the one (AAML One-Shot)
  135. Against All Odds (AAML One-Shot)
  136. Where the Heart Is (AAML)
  137. (AU/Manga)BattleField Tamamushi:The Ultimate Tournament *Revised* (PG-13)
  138. My fanfic archive ^_^
  139. Gym Leaders
  140. Northbridge (PG 13)
  141. (Poem) Truth
  142. Reel Lit: See the movies or read the books?
  143. (AU) Hoenn Mirror World
  144. Juxtaposition, or, Them Things What Goes On Top Of Each Other [G]
  145. memory/accolade [linked oneshots, G]
  146. The Prize [oneshot, G]
  147. Ridiculous [oneshot, G]
  148. Summer's Dying Days [oneshot, G8+]
  149. A Question Of Power (Pokémon POV)
  150. Pokémon Jade (Mild Language/Violence)
  151. A classic returns...THE FANFIC SOUNDTRACK TOPIC!
  152. Tick Tock (Pokémon POV)
  153. (SHIPPING) The Luckiest
  154. (SHIPPING) Fragile
  155. (AU) Hearts and Minds
  156. (AU) Yamato-san's Pokesho Translations
  157. (Game/Original - M) Legend of Spirits (Chapter 3)
  158. Spock as Sith Slayer ? (Article)
  159. Midnight; She was the only one they ever feared (PG 13)(pokemon)
  160. Help Finding Fics
  161. True Evil Never Sleeps (or, Nekusagi attempts to write comedy)
  162. (Game) Pokemon Emerald(Now with Chapter 3!) (G)
  163. The Fanfic Board Rules & FAQ - 2005 Edition! Many changes!
  164. The Wingèd: Those Things with Wings
  165. What do you want to see from a fanfic board?
  166. Walking in Your Shoes
  167. Back to Kanto
  168. (Dark Fantasy, Continuity) the Kyuusaisha
  169. Unnamed Fanfic (Not rated R or higher, but may become so)
  170. (Discussion) Where no Pokémon has gone before...
  171. Pokemon Impact: Series 2
  172. A Trainer Fic Parody
  173. Unforgiven (Pokémon, Anime, Drama)
  174. Tragedy
  175. (anime, pre-series adventure) Status: Before Elitism (multi-parter; PG)
  176. Strike
  177. 'Nother beta fic. Feedback peeps.
  178. 74 Hours of Waiting
  179. The Loner Raichu
  180. The Fanfic board contact list
  181. Congratulations to our new mods!
  182. Fanfic ideas
  183. Misappropiation (Steelshippy)
  184. Amazing
  185. Tamer's Poetry
  186. The PokeRUS
  187. The Obituaries - An often updated Anthology of dead fictional charactesr
  188. Status: Before Elitism (intermission; G)
  189. Honor Among Thieves
  190. Mamma Miyu! (Abba...Pocket Monster Syle...)
  191. (Anime, Dark Fantasy) Ambition's Debt (Chapter 8, When Angels Deserve to Die - 7/11)
  192. Desert Sands {Fanfiction Competition I}
  193. Poetry-junction-sumption-function. PIP (Poetry-in-progress) update - 06-21-05
  194. The First Rule (One Shot)
  195. Character Sketches ~ A sneak peek.
  196. Hasn't Been Enough
  197. Emotions ~ A spoken word tale
  198. Brave Warrior (Ch.11)
  199. Alone, Together. (Buson's POV)
  200. My Hoenn story with Ash: Dusk on Victory Road
  201. Could use a hand...
  202. (Original, Action/Tragedy) Bloody Sword: 3050 A.D. (R for pretty much everything)
  203. Wanzewald Pokemon Contest!
  204. Chains (one-shot)
  205. A championshipping (Ash x Lance) Fic (Pg-13)
  206. (unnamed original) Another Beta of mine
  207. Luna's Lost Memories (Pokémon fanfic)
  208. Pokemon Impact
  209. Rumble of the Robot Masters ('Nother Megaman fic)
  210. Haito Adventures (The Revised Edition)
  211. Whirl Island Adventures (Humorous Story Rated PG13)
  212. (Anime, romance) Water Reunion!
  213. Alone
  214. The Wingèd: The Kuraitenshi
  215. Pocket Monsters Chronicles PG-14
  216. Megaman Reborn (TEH FINASHED OMG WFT)
  217. (AU, romance/comedy) Guys, Dolls and Pokémon
  218. The Quest for the Legends, ilcoeth revision
  219. In My Hands
  220. Ballgown Brunhilda (Final Fantasy VI fic)
  221. The Beta Application Thread!
  222. Mikey's Kanto Journey (Chapter Three)
  223. Seeking fics for Sattelite of Bulbagarden project!
  224. (Original, sci-fi) Aquarius
  225. Line Inspiration
  226. (Original, Rapidash Racing) Riding Fire
  227. Obsession
  228. (Anime?, Humor, PG, light cursing) Night of the Horriffic Monster-Like Thingy Guy