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  1. The Adventures of Giovanni Ketchum
  2. Brother? Or More?
  3. In need of fanfic advertising advice
  4. Pokemon: Real World Adventures
  5. Golden Journey[Game, PG] (Chapter 20 finally up!)
  6. Thnks fr th Mnphy (song parody of "Thnks fr th Mmrs” by Fall Out Boy)
  7. Help for a Pokemon crossover story
  8. Poke' Special Manga DP: Current Chapter: VS Abomasnow II! Part 2
  9. Pokemon! Sinnoh Adventures!
  10. The Cerulean City Fair (One-Shot)
  11. Sinnoh Stories
  12. Take (R for pervasive violence)
  13. (NC-17) Another Tale from the Pokemon Center (Ash x May)
  14. Chronicles of Renji and Kon
  15. Pokemon Heroes
  16. This is by me and Peter.
  17. (NC-17) Harley's Night with Ash (yaoi-humor)
  18. A Tale of Two Magikarp
  19. Shipper's Stories
  20. Soldier (PG)
  21. Scathe (PG)
  22. [GAME] Garu Stu and the Joke Fanfic{PG/13}
  23. A Beautiful Moment (Advanceshipping fanfic)
  24. Never in the Wrong Time or Wrong Place (14A)
  25. The Living Spark (TF movieverse)
  26. Final Fantasy X-3 Fanfic
  27. (CROSSOVER!!!) Pokemon Trainer
  28. Love in Sinnoh (Ash & Dawn ?)
  29. Depressio! (Not pokemon)
  30. Upcoming Fanfic? Show us here!
  31. (Anime/Shipping) Waiting (G) Diamondshipping (Giovanni/Delia)
  32. A couple poems
  33. Tales of Flame
  34. Shadows of Fear: Journey with a Brain
  35. Final Fantasy X-3 Fanfic
  36. [GAME - One-shot] Flicker
  37. Fullmoons rising: The regretful curse
  38. Non-canon pairings: How do you handle them well?
  39. The Pretty Short Stories Of Bill Fireman (Comedy/Parody One-Shot)
  40. [ANIME/GAME] Sinnoh: Pearl and Diamond[PG/PG13]
  41. Eric Daimon's Quest: Pokemon, a Keyblade, & Revenge
  42. - Legendary Heroes - My First FanFic
  43. The Power that's Inside
  44. The Adventures Of Rose And Buttons!
  45. Celebi! A trip through time!
  46. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team Go-Getters Out The Gate To The Pokemon World
  47. Sabure Solution (Chapter 4 is up)
  48. Middle of nowhere
  49. An Untouched World
  50. A Day in the Life of a Forgotten Brendan
  51. The Ball
  52. It Begins
  53. I Hate Pokemon! [PG-13]
  54. Advanceshipping Fic
  55. The Marage Kingdom's Last Stand
  56. Rocket 100 Prompt 80: Ink
  57. Poke'mon Starlight Edition
  58. Color (PG, Mondo-centric)
  59. Mystical Waters of Lovely Night (Shipping/PG-13/Spoilers!)
  60. The Revelation
  61. Arrangments Divest
  62. Sogurn and Wallax - Rough Draft
  63. Misty meets may who meets dawn:Ladies Night
  64. Adam's new Pokemon!
  65. Story bout'... STEVE'S GIRLFRIEND?!?!?!?!
  66. [Original] Sinnoh - A new land, a newer adventure!
  67. [Original] Running with Rapidashes
  68. Rising of the Manus Custos’s Sun
  69. The Pokemon show
  70. Ribbon's Quest: Mysterious Dungeon 2 (kinda) Fic!
  71. For those who post fics on LJ
  72. PMD: The Legend and Adventures of Team Pearl
  73. Spirits of the Forest
  74. 5000 Years and What?
  75. (New Chapters!! Tons of em'!)Chris & Friends:Poke' ventures:the zenion quests
  76. [GAME] Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: Clash of Sinnoh
  77. [AU, Original] Little Life Fragments
  78. The Ballad of Captain Clefairy
  79. Stranger Danger: A new Pokemon adventure!
  80. My original character! Made by me n 7-2 pokemon associated!
  81. The Janitor (Comedy/Parody One-Shot)
  82. Pokemon: Shadow Reign
  83. Star Trek, My Way Project Idea
  84. The Daily Grind
  85. Going Solo (PG13-T)
  86. Kiruka's Random Ficlets
  87. Brian's Journey - Chapter 1
  88. Advanceshipping at its finest
  89. Styx. Horror Oneshot.
  90. Master trainer episode 1
  91. Everything Changes
  92. Eric Daimon's Quest: Pokemon and Revenge
  93. Brian Gets Pwned
  94. Orre Saga of Max
  95. Nathan's Pokemon Journey
  96. Prompt #78: Shame (Diamondshipping, angst)
  97. Rocket100 Prompt #80--Ink (rated probably R)
  98. (Crossover Fic) New Worlds, New Adventures
  99. The Bulbagarden Journey - Kanto signup thread
  100. Pokemon: The Documentary
  101. Ideas for Advanceshipping Story.
  102. A free vacation - A Rocketship Fic (Rated PG)
  103. Fanfiction gone wrong and youthful mistakes (Not a story)
  104. cathy's pokemon adventure
  105. Death Note (PG-13, AU, Championshipping, Originshipping, Leadershipshipping)
  106. Rain (Pokeshipping One-Shot PG13/R)
  107. The American League (E 10+)
  108. Red Temper! Red Curry! Red Nose Day! (Red Nose Day/Comic Relief Special)
  109. (Original) The Girl Who Would Be Ninja (Ch. 1 Up!)
  110. A Promise Lives (Eggshipping one-shot)
  111. Poem
  112. Meowth: Love Impossible! (Comedy One-Shot)
  113. Pocket Hearts II- the fanfic
  114. Pet Sues
  115. Disastrous Love, Endless Meaning. ( Pokeshipping, Advanceshipping, Contestshipping )
  116. Create your own Fanfic Contest
  117. The invasion of Johto Pg 13
  118. Hearts: Such fickle things (One-Shot) Cert: PG13
  119. The Seijin Stones (have no better name for it)
  120. Just a Day (AAML; G)
  121. I WROTE SOMETHING AT LAST! :D :D :D (all Sailor Moon, though)
  122. Pokemon Academy Episode X: A Trapped Performance
  123. You Are Not Alone (Tails x Cosmo One-Shot Valentines Day Special)
  124. I’m With You (Contestshipping Valentines Day Special)
  125. Far Away (Colosseumshipping Valentines Day Special)
  126. Mystery At Celadon City Lake
  127. poke100 prompt #23--Regret
  128. Me? Write Poetry? Me?
  129. Deleted fanfics/drabbles
  130. When All is Said and Done (PG-13/Oneshot/Songfic/PokéShipping)
  131. Pokémon XD^3: The Waves of Truth
  132. Save The Mall
  133. "Classic" fanfics
  134. Rocket100 Prompt #37--Psychic
  135. Evil Azurill's Rocket100 fics
  136. Neku's Rocket100 Fics Thread
  137. Rocket100 Prompt #69--Secret
  138. Rocket100 Prompt #11--Water
  139. Peanut Butter Cat!
  140. The Trainer With No Dreams (PG-13, Original)
  141. Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Tech.
  142. Describe the Library
  143. The Omega Gauntlet (HUGE Crossover)
  144. A Day in the Life - A long oneshot.
  145. An Originshippy Christmas Tale (G-PG)
  146. A Cerulean romance story (working title)
  147. Mario_email.exe
  148. The Avengers PG
  149. Myra the Chaos Chao's Pokemon Adventure DX!
  150. My Pokemon Chronicles... Chapter 1
  151. [AU/GAME] Pokemon XD: Different Paths, Same Destiny
  152. Christmas Quest (G, way pre-movie)
  153. (CROSSOVER) Team Muyo: Sextet of Miracles [13+]
  154. Pokémon Story
  155. Pokemon using Lightsabers? O_o Weird! Come Read!
  156. When you Mix Tennis and Pokemon. . .
  157. Eric's Story (T-rated) (redone)
  158. Bulbagarden - The First Movie (15+, comedy, drama)
  159. Pokémon X: A Galaxy of Evil (Anime, PG-13)
  160. Tiffany's Violin (Game, PG-13ish, Oneshot)
  161. His Angel (AAML one shot)
  162. Seven Souls(PG-PG13)
  163. Anabel's Dream: The Road to XD^3
  164. Pokemon Power Break
  165. All That Matters (Originshipping, PG-13 with NC-17 Epilogue)
  166. No title ATM (pg 13)
  167. One of Many
  168. The Christmas Wish (Epilogue FINALLY up)
  169. Scyther's Story (Death is not to be feared), NaNoWriMo 2006 [R]
  170. Brian Powell’s Christmas Carol (Chaptered comedy fic)
  171. The Duel For an Open Fire! (Christmas comedy one shot)
  172. Facade. Non Pogey stuff.
  173. Psychotic Desire (Poem)
  174. Nintendo Road Trip Writing Help
  175. Pokemon Unlimited!
  176. Shattered Pieces (The unBETAd version)
  177. The Crystal Harp
  178. The Curse of the Terrifying Glitch Pokémon: A Special Anniversary Celebration
  180. Moonlight (PG-ish?, one-shot)
  181. Ash and Misty Confess
  182. Peruikun, a new horizon (action, comedy) P.G. for some words
  183. Pokemon XD: Nightmare shadows
  184. in which Itsuki blacks out (one shot - mostly Susushipping) - R
  185. Is there such a thing...
  186. I wish I could tell you how much I love you... (contestshipping)Rating:PG
  187. A Weighty Matter! (Part 1 in a Series of One-Shots)
  188. Jump {One-shot} (GAME) PG
  189. Pokemon: Kusarno Journeys
  190. Molly Hale's Christmas
  191. Pokemon:High(DrewxMay and BrendanxMay)
  192. Waterfall of hope (one shot, contains pokeshipping ^^)
  193. Song of the Nidorino (comedy one shot)
  194. Create your own Fanfic!
  195. Lurking In The Shadows: Lisa's Ultimate Challenge (PG, Original/Game)
  196. A Pair (AAML, Rate: PG, Romance / Humor, Xmas special)
  197. His Miracle Cure (AAML, Rate: PG, General/Romance)
  198. (ORIGINAL, PG-13 to R) The Quest for the Legends (version IALCOTN)
  199. Eric's Story (PG-13 or R)
  200. Pokemon Omega *kinda like an anime season, TV-Y7-ish*
  201. The Ruby Files
  202. Silver (R)
  203. (Original, NC-17) Outcasts
  204. As the Cold Wind blows - Oneshot.
  205. The Canadian League
  206. Pokemon: A New Beginning
  207. Pokémon XD: The Shadow Nebula
  208. Pokemon XD: Shadow Generation (PG-13)
  209. Metamorphosis (Updated 10/3/06)
  210. She Will Be Loved (AAML One-Shot)
  211. Because You Loved Me (AAMayL One-Shot)
  212. Battle of the Minis
  213. It could be you - hoennshipping 13+
  214. Pichu and Meowth?
  215. To The Ultimate Extremes. (Likely, a song)
  216. Morning Town (scary, PG-13 at most)
  217. The Way of Danshoku (humor; gym leaders; 3/3)
  218. Dancing Disaster - Pokémon Fanfic
  219. (Game, PG-13) The Bonds That Break
  220. Another Day in Paradise (One-Shot Songfic)
  221. Star Trek: Pokemon Fleet LOOKING FOR ARTIST AND WRITERS
  222. Camelion and Calioness
  223. Pokémon XD^2: The Return of Shadow (Anime/Game, PG-13 for dialogue and some violence)
  224. (non-pokemon) The Omen Kid
  225. Happy Bad Day! (Comedy/Parody One-Shot)
  226. Cries of the Dead (anime, horror)
  227. Need opinion on fic...
  228. Advice for burgeoning fanfic writers (common mistakes to avoid, discussion).
  229. Star Trek: Pokemon Fleet--James' Biography
  230. Fanfic pet-peeves
  231. Pokemon:The Journal Of Hikari
  232. new writer, The Tides that Bind PG-13
  233. Destiny Chosen (Anime?)
  234. Venus' Star (nonPokemon), humour, or my sense of the word.
  235. (Anime/Shipping) Krazy Christmas (rated G)
  236. Pokemon Saviours!
  237. The date with May. ACshippy Rated R
  238. The Ash and Pikachu Show! (Season 4)
  239. New here. Fic - Victory, here I come!
  240. Night on Disco Mountain
  241. Shadow League (PG-13 to R rating, RivalSiblingShipping) -Added Chapter TWELVE-
  242. Into the Depths of Hoenn!
  243. Tales of the Chibi Trio!
  244. High School Musical - Pokemon Style
  245. NON-POKEMON: Never Again (for those who know "Bones")
  246. The Evil Bunny King of Doom...
  247. Just somethin i'm writin Please don't read dis if ur under 15
  248. Please Hold (comedy one shot)
  249. (NonPokemon, Poem) The Bonding
  250. Brock's Folky Tale (Comedy One Shot)