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  1. This Cosmic Manifestation
  2. Lupine
  3. The G-Pod™, God's Cosmic MP3 Player!
  4. True Love Never Fades (Altoshipping - PG)
  5. A trainer in Sinnoh on a wierd journey everywhere.
  6. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Trapped Souls (PG-13)
  7. The Chicken Came First!
  8. The Weather Makers of the Mysterious Planet: The Legend of Huracan(Futago Hime,PG-13)
  9. Business Lunch (Galactic, gameverse mostly, G)
  10. Hystericos (Pokeshipping)
  11. Pokemon Trainer Diaries: A day of a random trainer
  13. The Continued Journey [PG]
  14. Poketopia: Rise of Team PHEONIX
  15. Guardian: The Beginning (PG-13)
  16. "A Passion Revived" AU, rated PG-13
  17. Biohazard
  18. Hoenn Based Journeying (ikarishipping maybe included)
  19. First love never dies (advance,poke,contest one-shot) (PG)
  20. Betrayal (PG-13)
  21. The Deed Is Done: A Saturn Fanfic (Rated K+/PG)
  22. The Path of Destiny (Original, PG/PG-13)
  23. Prince of the Island (PG-13, Original/AU)
  24. Psy, Yai, Yai (Parody of "Bye, Bye, Bye" by *NSYNC)
  25. Honesty (PG-13, shipping)
  26. Cherry Blossoms-A Team Galactic Fanfic-By Saturn Artist: Rated PG (second thread)
  27. this (Pokémon, rated PG)
  28. Molly's New Scooter
  29. Do not Disturb! (one-shot)
  30. Pokemon Academy!: Year One (Director's Cut)
  31. Land Before Time: Twilight Valley (Rated PG-13)
  32. Final Fantasy: Tales of the Crystals (Book 2: The Crystal in the Cave)
  33. (Shipping) How To Deal (PG-13)
  34. Tales of a Nomad
  35. Blue Vengeance (R)
  36. Untold Stories of The Region
  37. Skinflint Liz (PG-13, Fairy Tale/Fable type Original fiction)
  38. Urban Legend (Original Fiction, PG-13)
  39. Summer breeze
  41. Shadows of Kamon (Game, rated PG-13)
  42. Could this be love? (contestshipping and advanceshipping) (rating PG)
  43. Cherry Blossoms-A Team Galactic Fanfic-By Saturn Artist: Rated PG
  44. Orre Adventures: Detective Files
  45. Rynvats's Tale (PG)
  46. The Games We Play (General, PG)
  47. Till Death (PG)
  48. Brian's Johto Journeys
  49. Violence (R)
  50. "Divided we Stand" (Rated T) Updated February 27th!
  51. Forbidden Love (rated PG-13)
  52. Fire and Ice
  53. Does anyone think i write too much pokebooks?
  54. Pokemon XR: Legends of Sinnoh (Original, PG to PG-13) [COMPLETE]
  55. Just ask me to [poetry]
  56. Maggots of Society [Journey Fic - R]
  57. The New Beta Thread! 2008-?
  58. Pokemon Infinity
  59. Chronicles of the Weathermakers(Futago Hime)(PG)
  60. ~Measure of a Trainer: Secrets of Kultran~
  61. Money Can't Buy (PG, Jessiebelle x James, shipping)
  62. Pokémon - The Live Action Movie Script
  63. Orre Enigma [ORIGINAL, possibly PG-13]
  64. Ash Ketchum: agent 700 - From Sinnoh with Love
  65. (GAME-TCG) Team Dearborn
  66. Ebb and Flow (Tracey-centric, PG)
  67. MOD POST: Fic Rules update coming--input needed!
  68. Raw (NC-17, Violence, No Romance)
  69. 'Hero of Horland'...Chapter 1
  70. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Silver Resistance
  71. Accidental Connections
  72. Embrace The End: Repentance
  73. Portrayal of Legendaries
  74. Pokemon Alpha-Chapter 1: A rough start
  75. Human [Short Story]
  76. Eric Damon Chronicles: Part One "The Feral Girl of Sinnoh"
  77. Untitled, some Rocketshipping, pre-anime canon, PG-13
  78. Operation:Sinnoh Storm
  79. Proving Grounds: Kanto
  80. An Oyster Stew
  81. The Hope And The Party
  82. Baseball Season
  83. The Retelling of Pokemon Colosseum
  84. Second Chance
  85. The Vampires Down the Street (PG-13)
  86. Two Heads Are Better Than One
  87. Enter... The Lizzinator
  88. Aftershock
  89. Drop (R100, PG-13)
  90. On Fins And Toes
  91. (NC-17) May the Spy
  92. Pokemon XD 2: The Rise of Darkrai PART 1
  93. My story, by Darth Cookie Monster
  94. Rain, rain, go away (Luckyshipping (Red/Blue), PG)
  95. Castles in the Sand (Divergence, Dark, R)
  96. Poetry: Railway and another poem
  97. The Tragic Life of Paul (Detective Story)
  98. Rude Awakening
  99. Capnolagnia (PG-13) (Machisakishipping (Bill/Surge)
  100. Running Away from Dreams
  101. (Original Story)(17+)---A Pastries Tale
  102. Potential Idea for the Board--Need Input
  103. Fanfic Suggestion Thread?
  104. Matinee at the Pallet: Confessions of a Master's Rival (one-shot, monologue)
  105. The Night Before (PG, Machisakishipping (Lt. Surge x Bill)
  106. The Cliffhanger
  107. The Weathermakers of the Mysterious Planet (Non-Pokemon: Futago Hime) (PG)
  108. Non-Pokemon (PG13)
  109. The Twilight Chronicles (PG-13)
  110. Power of the Godai (Non-Pokémon)
  111. Good Night
  112. Legendary Trainers: The Boy and his Caterpie
  113. Great OT fics
  114. Lost (NC-17) (Erogenousshipping (Giovanni x Paul)
  115. Welcome to the Internet [PG-13]
  116. The Interdimensional Vacation Discussion
  117. Champions League (Pokémon Anime) (Completed)
  118. Pokemon: Summer Island
  119. Truth Beyond Truths(NON-POKEMON. Fullmetal Alchemist. PG-13 for language& violence
  120. The Interdimensional Vacation
  121. Final Fantasy: Tales of the Crystals (Book 1: Darkness Crystal before Dawn)
  122. Orre Uprisings-Story of Michael
  123. Pokemon Revolution: Cataclysm
  124. Midori and Aka (maybe I'll come up with better title)
  125. Finding a Fic
  126. The Currently Untitled Fan Fiction
  127. Just A Brother(Somewhat Shipping)
  128. If I Ever Lose My Faith In You: 50 Lines About Morty and Eusine
  129. A Path To the Moon (one-shot, G)
  130. A Simple Game (oneshot)
  131. Nightlife (NC-17, Shipping)
  132. (Original 'AU' NC-17) Arrant World
  133. (Shipping): Love (Championshipping)
  134. Persian Curl: Three Days (diamondshipping)
  135. Christmas Misunderstanding [Shipping, PG-13]
  136. (NON-POKEMON Land Before Time) The Adventures of Littlefoot and Ali [Rated PG]
  137. Trick Or Treat
  138. Fowl Play
  139. (Anime, Rated T, AAMayL) A New Generation, A New Beginning
  140. Death (Game, PG)
  141. The Deadliest Tournament (Rated R)
  142. Divine Intervention
  143. Professor Kamon Senzu's Non-Rule Breaking Adventure. :(
  144. (SHIPPING) Misty's Miracle. An AAMRN (PG-13)
  145. 'Project Arceus' and 'A New Generation, A New Beginning'
  146. HeatTagshipping:a love story:Based on a Youtube video i have recently seen
  147. Acceptance (oneshot)
  148. Pancakes (Diamondshipping Valentine's Day one-shot)
  149. Home (Steelshipping, PG)
  150. [ANIME] Christmas Gifts
  151. Dragons of Sinnoh
  152. A Moment's Pause (Digimon 02, G)
  153. Johto Stories (PG to PG-13)
  154. How Eric Daimon and Peggy Nohrstein met....
  155. She returned advanceshipping nc17
  156. Genric Pokemon Adventure
  157. Digimon Heroes (sequel to Digimon Frontier) *one of my better fics*
  158. The Elite
  159. 1 sentence stories (SAT prep style!)
  160. Will(OT, PG13)
  161. Shame (R100, PG)
  162. The Legendary League
  163. Lesley's journey (PG)
  164. Pokemon, Revisited
  165. NPBA: National Pokemon Battle Association
  166. (Game) To Walk With the Legends
  167. Hoenn the World Do I Get Home?
  168. Daedalus and Daring Drapion
  169. A new Pokemon War! ( Rated E-10 )
  170. Danny Teach: A Boy and His Dour
  171. Stupid (R100 #86)
  172. [GAME] Betrayal
  173. Grass (Allergyshippy, R100 fic)
  174. The Beginning of my topsy-turvy Castlevania fanfic.
  175. Ciao
  176. (NON-POKEMON, NejiTen one-shot) Setting the Caged Bird Free
  177. Digimon Heroes: The Movie (fanfic based off another fanfic I am writing)
  178. Nothing
  179. Shades of Destiny: No Absolutes
  180. Truth (PG, anime)
  181. Back to the Battlefield...
  182. Everstone Quest: The Infinity Plane
  183. Presents Inheritance (Comedy/Parody One-Shot Special Christmas Special)
  184. Black-out: the Story of the Old Chateau (PG-13)
  185. Pokemon XD: The Ressurection
  186. Pocket Hearts III: The Fanfic
  187. All The Kids In America (MultiShipping, AU, G-rated)
  188. Christmas Short: Dr. Yung's Enigma Shadow Holiday
  189. The Night Before Christmas- Epilogue
  190. The Best Way To Get Things... (Comedy/Parody One-Shot)
  191. Pokemon: Rift of Time,Space, and Death.
  192. An Average Journey Through Sinnoh, for now- With plenty of convenient plot twists
  193. Eric Daimon's Quest: Domino's Vengeance (PG-13)
  194. [ANIME] Tricks and Treats
  195. The Regi-Expedition
  196. No Title A fanfic by Pokemon1571
  197. Vivid Rain [PG-13]
  198. Elite Beat Four
  199. (ANIME) 2.4 Pokemon
  200. The Sneasel Trainer
  201. Pokemon: the Lost Novel (PG-13)
  202. pokemon: hannah of johto in sinnoh
  203. (Original Pokemon) The Garuku Council [Pg13]
  204. The choice is yours (Poem)
  205. The Pokemon Without a Number! (PG)
  206. Sparrow's Flight
  207. Kanto Adventures of Brendan
  208. my best friend
  209. Pokemon: Shining Nightmare
  210. Chao Afterlife
  211. A new world
  212. Back to the Dual Screen (comedy one shot)
  213. Elements (Original, PG-13)
  214. Nothing, Everything [PG-13]
  215. That's Right (parody of "Don't Cha" by The Pussycat Dolls)
  216. An Amazing Fan Fiction Theme
  217. Witches and Wizards [WICKED, PG-13]
  218. A Heroes Legacy
  219. Eric Daimon's Quest: Pokemon, A Keyblade, & Revenge (PG-13)
  220. Revolutionary Girls (Digimon 02, G)
  221. (ROCKETSHIPPING) For You [Ch. 1]
  222. Legend of the Black Dragon
  223. Pika-pika-chu!
  224. Contest - Fanfictions [ Halloween 2007 ]
  225. Fanfiction linking thread
  226. Chosen Last
  227. The begining...and Missingno.
  228. Dragon's Rage
  229. Goldenrod High (Multishipping PG13)
  230. Reunited, a Team Rocket Fanfic (Rocketshipping and Neoshipping, most likely)
  231. Stealthy Ninja Mario
  232. Annoying Ringtone Ideas
  233. Pikachu-pika-chan
  234. Digimon Savers MK II (rated Teen)
  235. Pokemon: An Australian Epic
  236. Yu-Gi-Oh Halloween
  237. ~ A Trainer's Love ~ (PG-15)
  238. Pokemon Flame (Sinnoh Stories 3th season)
  239. [PG-13] A Day of Rest (shonen-ai, Ash x Max)
  240. The Danger Is You (really) (may include bloodshed)
  241. Pi-pika-chan!
  242. Turtwig and friends
  243. The Danger Is You(may include bloodshed)
  244. Pokemon: Shadow Flame
  245. The Holiday Talent Show
  246. Pokemon: Hell's Blood Demons
  247. POKEMON: Trials of the Elite Four
  248. Dreaming Out Loud
  249. M Pokemon : The Evil Jigglypuff (Short Ghost Story)
  250. A Star Is Born