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  1. battle frontier symbols
  2. Ruby speed run party discussion.
  3. my strategy for playing pokemon.
  4. Help me fix my old Pokemon Yellow game!
  5. Gen V: Report in playing Black 1
  6. Ideals and Truth
  7. Emerald vs. Platinum?
  8. what are your teams in HeartGold ?
  9. GEN IV: Is it good?
  10. Hoenn vs Sinnoh
  11. Is there any point in...
  12. Gen V: Should I play or should I not?
  13. GEN IV: Should there have been some way to battle Leaf instead of Red in HG/SS?
  14. Anyone else remembers that gen 1-3 eye style?
  15. Why do people hate Gen 4 and 5 so much?
  16. internal battery has run dry. the game can still be played but clock based events...
  17. Final 6
  18. Ultimate National Dex Solo Run Challenge
  19. News about Arceus moveset found in code for PMD:EoS
  20. The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games are hardcore?
  21. Awesome capture and close calls, anyone?
  22. Why do Gen 1 Ghosts not learn Poison Gas?
  23. Looking Back: Red, Blue, Yellow, Silver, and Gold
  24. First playthrough of gen 2 - words of advice?
  25. GEN III: Should Game Freak have used Leaf's original design in FRLG?
  26. GEN III: If you'd had you owned a gym, where'd it be?
  27. Old pals :P (if only)
  28. Alternate Pokemon Red and Blue boxes?
  29. GEN II: Was Game Freak Afraid to Use Johto Pokemon?
  30. Pokemon Red: Becoming Pokemon Master Red Challenge
  31. Battle Revolution 2 Should There be One
  32. GEN I: Pokemon is kind of like a mystic adventure...
  33. Average battles on the 4 Generations + the black and white games to beat the game
  34. Famous Mew glitch Update!
  35. Let's Play
  36. Newly Discovered Gen 1 Glitch?
  37. Was gen 4 really that bad?
  38. FireRed for a first timer
  39. Would hate for later generation Pokemon be more justified if it were conceptual hate?
  40. About Stadium pokédex entries
  41. GEN IV: Hardest Gym?
  42. Does anyone else have uber slots skills?
  43. Should Generation 1, 2, and 3 games be released for iOS devices or Nintendo E-shop?
  44. GEN I: Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow Ports
  45. Remakes or Originals?
  46. What do you miss most about the older games?
  47. What was your favorite part of playing previous games?
  48. Do you like how remakes portray the originals?
  49. Your Opinion on Generation 3 Games
  50. Best Song From Pokemon Red and Blue?
  51. GEN IV: Making heart gold more interesting
  52. GEN II: English Pokemon Stadium 2 and Spanish GB games
  53. Best Diamond/Pearl Pokemon?
  54. What Sevii Island would you live on?
  55. So...
  56. Gold or Crystal?
  57. A challenge on FireRed
  58. The use of Action Replay is wrong ?
  59. Beta Sprites and date
  60. Lost Tower Poll #49 Do you think Stadium/Stadium 2's mini-games should return?
  61. My Platinum Team At The Moment (Right After Eterna City) Rate My Team
  62. Is Pokemon XD and Colosseum considered Spin off?
  63. Anyone Get Nostalgic Over the Difficulties of the First Two Generations?
  64. Sp. Atk + Sp. Def stats calculation in Gen II from Special stat in Gen I
  65. A bit of useless theory (you may think Im stupid :D)
  66. Which region, if any, would you want to see a sequel to?
  67. LT Weekly Poll #48 Favourite hand-held console to play Pokémon on?
  68. Old Chateau or Lavender Town, Which theme is creepier?
  69. Professor Oak Battle
  70. Weird beta names of Pokemon
  71. Just to give this place some life.
  72. LT Weekly Poll #47 Did you like Colosseum/XD's story modes?
  73. FAQ: PMD: Magnagate and the Infinite Labyrinth/Gates to Infinity Discussion Thread
  74. Dratini Case Study
  75. Why do people call her Leaf?
  76. LT Weekly Poll #46 Did you like/use the radio feature in G/S/C/HG/SS?
  77. Pokewalkers. Fun or frustrating?
  78. LT Weekly Poll #45 Did you replant berries?
  79. Gen I unused growth rate experience formulas
  80. Generation I - Is anyone a GameShark expert?
  81. Pokemon Fire Red/ Leaf Green Speed Running Challenge
  82. So...Whats the the chances for VC pokemon games?
  83. What was best?
  84. LT Weekly Poll #44 Did you like the inclusion of the Sevii Islands in FRLG?
  85. A crazy thing happend to me!
  86. LT Weekly Poll #43 Were you able to catch/find Feebas in R/S/E?
  87. Possible game prediction in Emerald?
  88. Cries of Gen I pokemon
  89. LT Weekly Poll #42 Did you ever find a Munchlax on a honey tree?
  90. Pokémon spinoff games that you're not a fan of
  91. Why is Gen III so popular all of a sudden?
  92. LT Weekly Poll #41 Pokegear, Pokenav or Poketch?
  93. A beta Pokémon sprite into Pokémon G/S/C beta Casino?
  94. Old Chateau Mystery Solved!
  95. The Trainer House Glitch That Wasn't A Trainer House Glitch
  96. LT Weekly Poll #40 Did you participate in Contests?
  97. New important information found about Pokémon Gold and Silver 2 Alpha!
  98. I have found new beta images of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire!
  99. Pokemon Lore Questions
  100. LT Weekly Poll #39 Did you prefer Gen III's Battle Frontier facilities or Gen IV's?
  101. Pokemon R/B what destroyed your childhood?
  102. Pokémon Yellow Unused Music - Its purpose?
  103. Pokemon gen 1 -3 on 3ds virtual console?
  104. LT Weekly Poll #38 Favorite Eeveelution?
  105. Should I restart Emerald?
  106. Opinions please: Should I buy Emerald?
  107. Last Gen! Who is still playing?
  108. LT Weekly Poll #37 Did you participate in the Pokéathlon?
  109. Charon's notebook in the Japanese version
  110. HeartGold/SoulSilver Team
  111. LT Weekly Poll #36 Do you prefer breakable TMs?
  112. In Your Opinion, What Pokemon is the easiest to level to 100 in Pokemon Emerald?
  113. What system do you play Gameboy games on?
  114. Gold/Silver Love Letter (Easter Egg)
  115. LT Weekly Poll #35 Were you addicted to the Sinnoh Underground?
  116. What was/is your Pokemon team for RSE?
  117. Pokemon Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness - Main Series or Not?
  118. LT Weekly Poll #34 Headbutt or Honey Trees?
  119. LT Weekly Poll #33 Favourite Mystery Dungeon game?
  120. LT Weekly Poll #32 Favourite Ranger game?
  121. FAQ: Mystery Dungeon Help Thread
  122. Help, please.
  123. Interna battery life of Generation I...
  124. Help Backing Up a Gen III Game Cartridge to a PC or SD Card
  125. What are the details on Kurusu and Honoguma?
  126. Kiyo
  127. LT Weekly Poll #31 Favourite Sinnoh Gym Design?
  128. LT Weekly Poll #30 Did you use the TMs?
  129. LT Weekly Poll #29 Favourite Sinnoh Gym Leader?
  130. Blue/Yellow pokemon art?
  131. Have you ever solo'd?
  132. LT Weekly Poll #28 Do you play originals or remakes?
  133. LT Weekly Poll #27 Whitney's Miltank - Was it a problem for you?
  134. How do you play Gen1-3
  135. [Gen3] Generation 3 - Which game is the best?
  136. April Fools Pokémon
  137. Do you own either of the original Japanese Pokemon games, Red and Green?
  138. Gen III Purists?
  139. Using GameShark to clone Pokémon
  140. LT Weekly Poll #26 Favourite Hoenn Gym Leader?
  141. LT Weekly Poll #25 Will Platinum be the last "Third Version"?
  142. If any of you have played the pokemon mystery Dungeon series,then what is your team?
  143. Do you think Red caught any legendaries in canon?
  144. LT Weekly Poll #24 Would you like to see older games on the 3DS Virtual Console?
  145. What do you suppose proto-Kris look like?
  146. LT Weekly Poll #23 Favourite Johto Gym Leader?
  147. Pokémon Stadium Descriptions for Unused RGBY Items?
  148. LT Weekly Poll #22 Favourite Stat Trainer?
  149. LT Weekly Poll #21 Do you like remakes?
  150. LT Weekly Poll #20 Favourite Kanto Gym Leader?
  151. Mystery Dungeon 2 plot!
  152. What do you want in Pokemon Red and Blue/Gold and Silver eShop release?
  153. GBA or NDS games
  154. LT Weekly Poll #19 Did you use the Wi-Fi Plaza?
  155. First Glitch you discovered?
  156. LT Weekly Poll #18 Pokémon Contests - Yay or Nay?
  157. LT Weekly Poll #17 Favourite Apricorn Ball?
  158. LT Weekly Poll #16 Favourite Hoenn Gym Design?
  159. LT Weekly Poll #15 Do you want your Pokémon to follow you again?
  160. Cloudy weather in Route 213?
  161. Is "Pokémon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition" a canon main series game?
  162. pmds rescues?
  163. Pokemon Sapphire Playthrough
  164. Pokemon Ruby! Lets GO!
  165. LT Weekly Poll #14 First Handheld Console?
  166. Hoenn Cycling Road Record.
  167. I Generation: Missigno Cry's video, possibly Crobat Cry?
  168. LT Weekly Poll #13 Most Beneficial Third Version?
  169. Has any of you gone (and got) an actual event item during Gens 2 and 3?
  170. Pokemon Red; Escape Rope.
  171. LT Weekly Poll #12 Favourite Sinnoh Starter?
  172. LT Weekly Poll #11 Favourite Kanto Gym Design?
  173. The Making of Pokémon Gold & Silver: New Staff Interview Unearthed & Translated!
  174. The Making of Pokémon RGB/GS: New Staff Interview Unearthed & Translated!
  175. LT Weekly Poll #10 Slot Machines or Voltorb Flip?
  176. Favorite Frontier Facility?
  177. Pokemon Stadim 2 any good?
  178. LT Weekly Poll #9 Best Hoenn Starter?
  179. Pokémon Yellow: "The file data is destroyed!"
  180. How to play Gold and Silver
  181. How the heck do I get Porygon?
  182. LT Weekly Poll #8 - Do you still play the older generations?
  183. LT Weekly Poll #7 How old were you when you started playing?
  184. Did you ever cry in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games?
  185. LT Weekly Poll #6 Best Johto starter?
  186. Copycat in Cerulean?
  187. Why did PBR Downgrade?
  188. LT Weekly Poll #5 First Pokémon game?
  189. LT Weekly Poll #4 Should we go back to coloured cartridges?
  190. LT Weekly Poll #3: Best Kanto Starter?
  191. How easy is it to make a custom Pokemon cartridge?
  192. Crystal Remake
  193. Some HG/SS Advice?
  194. A few questions about Gen 1
  195. LT Weekly Poll #2 Most Beneficial Past 'New' Generation?
  196. FRLG/E - Link Cable or Wireless Adapter?
  197. Mystery Last Starter Pokémon in GSCHGSS
  198. LT Weekly Poll #1 Are the original 151 the best?
  199. Mystery Dungeon TDS: Rescue missions or outlaw missions?
  200. When nicknaming your Pokemon...
  201. What was your team the first time you ever beat the E4?
  202. Was the Gen III reboot successful?
  203. What was your favorite original Pokemon?
  204. Save State
  205. Why Is Gen II Supposedly The Best Gen?
  206. Dumbest/wierdest "old chateau" rumors
  207. Contests - Why is Beauty Blue and Cool Red?
  208. PMD world: Why are there no humans?
  209. Lack of fossil pokemon in gen II
  210. Gen I Prequels?
  211. Possible Lorelei Cameo in GSCHGSS?
  212. Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console Possibility Thread
  213. Replaying the old games - How does it feel?
  214. Remembering Whitney's Miltank
  215. Best old game for a beginner?
  216. What is your favourite town or city in Generation 1?
  217. How to Clone?[Glitched way]
  218. in HG/Gold, when your Togepi hatched, did you go back to prof. Elm immediatly?
  219. Mystery Dungeon, RB vs TDS
  220. i think I was spoiled...
  221. What is your favorite Partner Pokémon in Shadows of Almia?
  222. Strange Ribbons in Gens III and IV
  223. What GRBY sprites do you think is the best?
  224. I'm addicted to Voltorb Flip!
  225. Red and Blue movesets SUCK!
  226. Guardian Signs Partner
  227. Pokemon Red Hat Glitch(?)
  228. The older the game the more powerful the Pokemon.
  229. Do you shine your badges?
  230. Coast glitch on Seaforms Island too? (R/B)
  231. How many ribbons have you ever received on a single pokemon?
  232. Questions for an Expert or 2 or 3
  233. Newly found Cloning Method in Platinum?
  234. help me?
  235. Lack of options in Gen 2 ?
  236. Scary Rockets?
  237. Walking Pokemon... Your thoughts?
  238. A Further RGBY Remake? *READ FIRST POST!*
  239. Stadium Mini-Games
  240. Pokemon Snap Discussion
  241. Pokemon XD team halp
  242. Fire Red/Leaf Green Draft
  243. About the FRLG character models in Colosseum
  244. Mystery Girl in RSE Hyper and Master Contest audience!
  245. Post your Pokewalker information!
  246. Racking up steps
  247. Pokemon Stadium 2 - Little Cup/Egg Cup
  248. How many shinies have you found in Pokemon Rumble?
  249. PMD's Linked Move feature in the main game
  250. Your Favorite Ribbon