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  1. Contest Artist?
  2. Can pokerus infect others if it's put in the comp?
  3. witch shiny?
  4. How can i make that stupid girl in Rustboro city to laught?
  5. pokemon topaz
  6. New Pokemon Game?
  7. Secret Area of Colosseum?
  8. IVs
  9. Japanese games played on English consoles and vice-versa
  10. In Game Team Help
  11. I got Lucario rank!
  12. Ev Training
  13. Resetting Ranger and the Egg of the Prince?
  14. Starting a new game of Colosseum, need some things answered.....
  15. How do i find chimeco in emerald?
  16. Why won't some gameshark for emerald codes work?
  17. I got a question about getting to Rayquaza in Emerald.
  18. The old "Mew is underneath the truck" rumors.
  19. worth buying
  20. New start
  21. Pokemon Colosseum Japanese Names?
  22. Anime Based Character Teams?
  23. Feebas Trouble?
  24. No weaknesses
  25. In Colosseum what do you use your Master Ball on?
  26. Pokemon Puzzle League
  27. The most dramatic shiny stories
  28. Getting Natures
  29. Arbok->Seviper?
  30. Zangoose-the crazy physical sweeper?
  31. Assuming wrong?
  32. Gym Leader healing-Should it happen?
  33. Best Starter Natures for D/P?
  34. Red Gyrados in DP
  35. What's the deal with Danger Anticipate?
  36. Does ???-type Arseus exsist?
  37. So, how do you trade pokemon again?(Sapphire w/ FireRed)
  38. help!?
  39. Manmuu Before Elite Four?
  40. Does anyone know how to get Chansey?
  41. Best places to train lvl40+ in Ruby?
  42. Pokémon Colosseum Pic Needed
  43. Help/Opinions
  44. Ehh Someone help?
  45. Swampert Moveset?
  46. Favorite things about D/P
  47. Post Pkmn from games with stats here
  48. A very strange Ranger question + Mystery Dungeon request
  49. How do/did you catch the three legendary dogs in silver/gold?
  50. Wish Cave
  51. Moltres
  52. What does Flower Head precisely do?
  53. Pokemon Leaf/Fire WPM
  54. Emerald Items
  55. No Revives Glitch?
  56. Battle Revolution trainer phrases
  57. Need help from fellow sharkers
  58. Sixth member?
  59. Orange islands
  60. Wireless Connector Was To Be Used In R/S?
  61. PMD Mysteries
  62. How do you set up your WiFi connection?
  63. Favorite Secret Base location?
  64. what comes outta a bad egg!?
  65. Official Colosseum Art?
  66. Anyone have Icyz
  67. A little help in poke dungeon red
  68. Hatching Pokemon
  69. Balanced Team Builds
  70. is it possible? a missingno on emrald?
  71. Orre DS e-reader?
  72. My Emerald team's log.
  73. access to subtropolis gym
  74. Bulk Up or Focus Energy
  75. do joy seeds have side affects?
  76. How to get your pokemon to their genetic max stats?
  77. baton pass volbeat
  78. Query re: Colosseum / Box & DS Lite
  79. Offline and Online Program!
  80. Can a Ditto breed with a Ditto?
  81. here r my pokemon
  82. sapphire players only!!!!!!
  83. Can anybody give me the recruitment rate for the legendary Pokemon in Blue Dungeon?
  84. Emerald Problems...
  85. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. [PMD]
  86. Which is better: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team or Red Rescue Team?
  87. looking for decent quality official art of Miror B.
  88. Emerald Boxes...
  89. The UGLIEST Pokemon sprites?
  90. Emerald, lack of HM Cut Pokemon
  91. Do you Think Cheat Devices are OK to use?
  92. DVs of in-game battle Pokemon
  93. Trade From Pokemon Rom to GB
  94. D/P English names--your predictions?
  95. What's the shiny encounter rate...
  96. Unown-Something weird
  97. How would you make a multi-region game?
  98. Need help with Hoenn Elite Four
  99. Manaphy Mission Code
  100. building an ultimate G/S/C team, need suggestions.
  101. Teams rated here
  102. Cerulean Cave Problems
  103. Colosseum to XD
  104. Pokemon Fire Red: Something weird happened to me.
  105. Hacking R/S/E pkmn's save file
  106. Pokemon GSC: From Japanese to English
  107. Has anyone got tips on catching Gen I Legendaries?
  108. Pokemon Ranger, is it worth getting?
  109. Should They Make a "Dodge" Option on the Wii?
  110. Quick Help
  111. 2 Questions
  112. MD Blue code needed, plus partner troubles
  113. Where is Generation III going?
  114. According to the 2007 Guinness Book...
  115. Cipher in PBR!?!
  116. How would you hack your way to Johto?
  117. Eevee's Evolutions
  118. Story - Something we can all agree on?
  119. Customization - Pokémon Battle Revolution
  120. Scramble Challenge
  121. More Manaphy Information
  122. The Announcer is back in Pokemon Wii, will Ted Lewis be back?
  123. Couple of Actual Gameplay PBR Videos.
  124. How can I get the Elite Fours second round
  125. Troubles with the National Pokedex in LeafGreen
  126. Another official Japanese PBR site up
  127. So, how have your games been destroyed?
  128. Best move sets for Aggron?
  129. Should they remake Gold/Silver?
  130. Which console should pokemon concentrate on?
  131. GBA games alive and well in Japan
  132. Manaphy Egg on Pokémon.com!
  133. Mystery Dungeon
  134. GameSpot FINALLY reviews Pokemon Ranger
  135. In Need of Two PBR Pics!
  136. Okay im having some problems with emerald!
  137. New PBR video
  138. Ranger, enter a code
  139. Blatant Self-Congratulation (Ranger)
  140. Bugs!
  141. Shedinja moveset help
  142. Snap DS???!!
  143. New PBR stuff
  144. Pokemon Trozei: Anyone else notice this?
  145. Personality Check
  146. The Jeep IN pokemon R/B
  147. pkmn leaf gren / fire red
  148. Anyone for Joy Seeds?
  149. PBR Colosseum Videos
  150. Would ya join a Wi-Fi league?
  151. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue help!
  152. Wondermail Generator
  153. crystal help!
  154. {Silver} Trading machiene is down for repairs
  155. Missing links
  156. How do "you" battle?
  157. new ways of battling
  158. PBR Boxart
  159. Move Linking?
  160. Are you a rescuer???
  161. I am offended
  162. Help Completing My Sapphire Pokedex
  163. Water Team on Emerald
  164. Favorite Generation?
  165. Glitches
  166. Two New PBR Scans!
  167. Wish Stone
  168. Eevee evolutions
  169. Legendaries
  170. Help with Team Meanies?
  171. Request for Sugimori Ranger Art
  172. Mew mission in Ranger
  173. Delay?
  174. New PBR Video
  175. in pokemon mystery dungeon...
  176. Jirachi disk?
  177. Celebi's max stats?
  178. New Battle Revolution Article on IGN
  179. Music Rips from Dungeon and Ranger
  180. Mystery Dungeon Blue question
  181. Does anyone know How the golden trees and the honey works?
  182. Pokemon Diamond & Pearl
  183. Pidgeot's new ability
  184. Pokémon Ranger - On Sale Now!
  185. New PBR Videos (Starter Final Forms!)
  186. Mystery Dungeon question
  187. If it gets made, what do you want in MD 2?
  188. Recruiting Deoxys
  189. Recruiting Mewtwo
  190. I lost Dive in a dungeon... (Mystery Dungeon question)
  191. Lack of regional starters in games. Why?
  192. Pokemon Ranger launch date announced for Aus!
  193. Orre--where is it?
  194. Generation V Wishlist?
  195. Emerald - Battle Palace
  196. Pokemon Battle Revolution CoroCoro scan
  197. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Friend Codes
  198. Must I Restart? (Mystery Dungeon)
  199. STAB question
  200. In need of directions
  201. Castform in battle
  202. DP in US in November
  203. Don't forget today is Mew day at Toys R Us.
  204. Battle Revolution interesting news......
  205. Pics of the Japanese waiting in line for D/P!
  206. toysrus is giving away mew
  207. Safari Zone rarities?
  208. I need a challenge
  209. Team Bulbagarden - Mysterious Dungeon
  210. Natures and Breeding question
  211. Riding a Bike over water and other codes
  212. Legitmacey of this?
  213. Should I restart Emerald?
  214. Mysterious Dungeon...is it worth it?
  215. Nicknames
  216. Where can I download the Pokémon Stadium MP3's?
  217. Number of Pokemon that can be raised...
  218. need Pokemon help for pokemon ruby for GBA
  219. Japanese Help
  220. Famitsu Scans...
  221. Anyone wanna try Wondermail in Dungeon?
  222. Official Bulbagarden MD Wonder Mail code thread
  223. Quick Question: Sapphire/Ruby Exclusive Pokemon
  224. New Video...
  225. For those of you who got Mystery Dungeon
  226. Gen 4: The Last?
  227. Age of players?
  228. Six of the GYM locations known...?
  229. Selling All My Pokemon Games!
  230. Zugaidosu Evolves into Lucario....
  231. A little question on the starter's evos..
  232. N. American Pokemon DP and Battle Revolution in March/April
  233. Pokemon Battle Revolution Video
  234. New interview with Tsunekazu Ishihara! Interesting details revealed...
  235. IVs, DVs, EVs, and buiding a battling Pokemon.
  236. Commercials for Diamond/Pearl
  237. Toys R' Us' Mew Giveaway Details Announced
  238. What Emerald cloning glitch?
  239. Attention Users.....
  240. Requirement to unlock National Dex in new games revealed
  241. How odd...
  242. Emerald Berry Glitch or not?
  243. Safari Zone in Emerald
  244. Is my friend a moron?
  245. This is weird...
  246. Battle Frontier team...
  247. Should I get Mystery Dungeon?
  248. Trozei → Mystery Dungeon
  249. New Coro Coro Scans
  250. Game Save Deletion... is this true?