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  1. Generation 1: is there a pokemon with higher speed then alakazam...
  2. I would like to know ALL of the one-hit KO moves in Generation 1.
  3. Weird problem with GBA SP
  4. Super luck?
  5. Can anyone list me the custom rules in the Battle Mode of the NGC PKMN games
  6. What Happened?!
  7. pokemon leaf green gamesharks
  8. Suicune
  9. Best time for Nidoking
  10. Most Difficult Gym Leader in each generation?
  11. Why do so many people hate gen III?
  12. how to feed more pokéblocks
  13. Unown '?' and '!' at the Tanoby Ruins
  14. Pokemon Yellow
  15. In Emerald, I want to play with fire.
  16. New Glitch? (Blue/Red)
  17. Searching for some information within an old Pokemon guide
  18. Stopped playing pokemon after Gold and Silver . Should I move on to Gen III and IV?
  19. If I got a Mew from a nintendo event, what level would it be?
  20. Alaka-Help!
  21. Not Exactly "Version Exclusive"
  22. Missing Glitches?
  23. Bought all the Pokémon GBA games, Ruby has a dead battery :(
  24. Yellow Remake
  25. Pokemon XD Help!
  26. Mystery Dungeon blue help
  27. To Pokemon Emerald or LeafGreen?
  28. A "Wow, I should have figured that out a lot sooner" thread
  29. Red Gyarados's gender?
  30. Pokemon Stadium 2 rentals
  31. Where did the name "Leaf" come from?
  32. Does anyone have a list of who calls you about rare Pokémon in Crystal?
  33. Yellow Shards in Generation III?
  34. Concerning Effort Values
  35. What'd you name your rival?
  36. celebi egg trick
  37. Motherload of Pokemon G/S ALPHA information!!
  38. [RBY] - Caterpie-only Challenge: possible?
  39. My personal Pokemon Silver tragedy
  40. Mirage Tower Help.
  41. Classic Nintendo Music
  42. Houndevil?
  43. Help me on Red rescue team, please?
  44. Is this true?
  45. IM stuck On Fire Red help me please
  46. Problems with the cable link
  47. Who still plays Pokemon Stadium 1 or 2?
  48. Favorite Pokemon Game: Gen. 1-3
  49. RuSa National Dex
  50. Creation of Ho-Oh?
  51. Lilycove - A little doubt...
  52. R/B/Y IV values?
  53. Is there any point to the Hoenn Battle Frontier?
  54. Charmander as starter? IN EMERALD?!
  55. Eevee as your starter in Yellow
  56. Migration
  57. How were you introduced to pokemon?
  58. What was your team at the end of R/G?
  59. Who here is getting Pokemon Platinum?
  60. EVs?
  61. Golbat - > Crobat: FireRed
  62. Something about Lilycove Dept. Store Lottery
  63. Orchestrated Music from Ru/Sa
  64. Emerald help.
  65. Trading Pokemon from Generation I/II games to Generation III games
  66. Who still plays their 64 or GCN?
  67. Linking different region games
  68. Rival Quotes
  69. shendinja
  70. Do you still play the GBA games?
  71. Hoenn battle tower ribbions
  72. Shiny Pokemon Up For Grabs
  73. Question on FireRed.
  74. Identical Sprites Between Games
  75. a question on breeding in g/s/c
  76. Shoal Salt/Shell regeneration glitch?
  77. The Best Pokemon Sprites
  78. D/P/Pt - What is the biggest number of Clefairy bonus rounds you've gotten?
  79. Favorite Regi ?
  80. Do you assign voices to the video game characters?
  81. I cought a red Gyrados in Emrald!!!
  82. help!
  83. Main Series or Spin-Off Games?
  84. Gary's sister?
  85. Accidentaly killed a shiny
  86. New Berry ideas
  87. trying to ev train my dragonite
  88. Where can I get pokemon fire red?
  89. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon(All) Recent happinings
  90. DS games compatibility
  91. Beastly Trick in PMD2
  92. What have you named your Pokemon?
  93. What have you named your rival? (all games)
  94. Evolution question, stats and so on
  95. More ways to get to glitch dimension!
  96. did you know that
  97. Hardest Pokemon Stadium 2 feat?
  98. what Pokemon do you rely MOST on your team?
  99. Various parts of the main games you've liked..
  100. Weakest pokemon you ever raised
  101. FIrst Pokemon you ever raised to LEvel 100?
  102. Looking for friends
  103. team rate and help
  104. Johto Game ideas
  105. GS cloning and the Johto Pokédex
  106. Effect Chances
  107. Hardest/Easiest Pokemon to Catch
  108. Best use of Secret Power
  109. Another where to catch?
  110. Pokemon Ranch question
  111. trade shiny Rayquaza
  112. Ruby & Sapphire won't save.
  113. G/S remake petition thread BBG version. If you don't post, you don't care
  114. Yanma, where to catch
  115. Regarding Spinda's Spots
  116. Which main series Pokemon games do you have?
  117. What was your first Pokemon game?
  118. Who is your favourite Gym Leader?
  119. Anyone else bored with pokemon games at moment?
  120. Something just occured to me...
  121. An interesting similarity I've noticed...
  122. new pokemon
  123. I'm sure it's been discussed before...
  124. A quick way of finding some romaning pokemon
  125. Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia - Information Thread
  126. Dragonite Event
  127. Pokemon 3D
  128. wow
  129. CGL
  130. Best HM slave?
  131. vbagx 1.20 activation code
  132. Egg Moves and Chain Breeding
  133. Wanting to trade...
  134. GS Characters
  135. should they do something about all these crappy Normal-type attacks?
  136. Pokemon Yellow Missingno
  137. Recharging internal batteries on GBC games?
  138. Would a sudden shiny change your team?
  139. Pokémon Wii
  140. Craziest Rumors
  141. what moveset upgrade in platinum suprised you?
  142. Strongest Legendary Bird???
  143. 11 Movie Event
  144. Help (I feel stupid for asking this) (RB Pinball)
  145. Tuber
  146. hoenn gym leaders rematch
  147. Pokemon G/S/C internal battery
  148. Ghosts In The Old Chateau!
  149. Is there a better way to catch Celebi?
  150. Which Pokemon are unavailable in each version
  151. Pokemon Green JP-ENG Translation
  152. Australia - Darkrai avaliable at Target 30th Oct - 9th Nov
  153. Garchomp an Uber?
  154. Game Freak's Emphasis on brawn over brains
  155. Pokemon PC
  156. Question about Ralts in Platnum!
  157. What's Your Training Methods?
  158. Stupid guard won't let me through!
  159. Pokemon Online 3D
  160. Best Way to Hack 3rd Gen, AR, or GameShark?
  161. Has anyone had this happen to them?
  162. Your favorite glitches
  163. How do I get egg moves on to a male nidoran?
  164. Question, GSC Music
  165. Pokemon Platinum OST needed!
  166. Bizarre question regarding Gligar, Dig, and Earthquake
  167. Which is better Stadium or Battle Revolution?
  168. Migration problem
  170. A Quick Question..
  171. Help catching Raikou and Entei in Crystal
  172. Question!
  173. Fewest Pokémon Challenge
  174. what happens when the PC is full?
  175. error.
  176. Rumor: Longtime Pokémon game translator let go
  177. Legendary Dog Glitch? (G/S/C)
  178. Re: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Celebi and Mewtwo
  179. Some moves need revamped in future...
  180. Gameplay Time
  181. friend codes...
  182. Help
  183. Your Worst Trade?
  184. If you made Anime pokemon in D/P
  185. Pokemon ultimate legacy
  186. Trade?
  187. How do you guys do it?
  188. Question about Butterfree and Gust.
  189. Pokemon I Need To Trade For
  190. Favorite Battle Facility
  191. Wi-Fi Connecting Problem
  192. Question About Focus Energy
  193. EWORLD Pokemon Events!!!!!
  194. Karate Chop - Pokémon Yellow
  195. Question about Soft-resetting for a Shiny Starter
  196. Karate Master's Choice.
  197. The move bite when trading from Red to Crystal. Does it Change Types?
  198. Question about the Daycare in Pokemon Red.
  199. Arceus
  200. Need Help With Wifi
  201. how to get a shiny Gyarados in FR!!
  202. Hi I need a little help with my old Pokemon Red game.
  203. If you designed the Gen V storyline..
  204. Pokémon red to crystal
  205. Battle Request
  206. Chaos Black
  207. Pokémon Crystal Help Please
  208. What is your favorite Pokemon Game?
  209. MKPP v5.00 Suggestion Help
  210. why did lance's pokemon in G/S/C get weaker?
  211. So...what's your opinion about the new Mystery Dungeon Games?
  212. What "songs" do you like the most in pokemon games?
  213. I've been challenged to a match
  214. How to get Johto starters to Diamond/Pearl?
  215. Emerald and...Spongebob?
  216. Gligar Help
  217. Flame Plate
  218. Victory Road Yellow Version
  219. Catching Legendariy Birds in Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team
  220. favorite trainer (NPC)
  221. Pokémon Will Probably Top All-Time Best-Sellers List in 2012
  222. Buy Diamond/Pearl or wait for Platinum?
  223. OMG Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Time and Darkness coming out in the UK.
  224. Berries
  225. What kind of pokemon game do you want Nintendo to make?
  226. Bad eggs?
  227. Favorite legendary?
  228. I feel so conniving...
  229. Yet Another Colosseum Dillema. (It's almost over)
  230. New Pokemon RPG!
  231. New Penny Arcade Comic (Pokemon Ranch)
  232. Good pokemon for contests
  233. Action Replay DS codes
  234. Sequel to Diamond/Pearl!...?
  235. pokemon sound files
  236. Pokemon Colosseum Question (God Help Me)
  237. Trade pokemon
  238. Create your own move/ability/item/Pokémon
  239. Everyone's Team
  240. How many Pokémon have you memorized?
  241. Pokémon Ranch question
  242. What will be a good name for my starter pokémon?
  243. Could someone with R/S/E test something out for me?
  244. My Pokemon Ranch
  245. Umbreon / Epseon FR/LG
  246. Needing some help
  247. Best place to make money in FR/LG?
  248. How Do You Play?
  249. Which Trio is used more?
  250. If GF can only make one: Platinum or GS remake?