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  1. Unable to switch between generations on a pokemon's move list?
  2. Help Crediting a Voice Actor
  3. Just discovered a cheat for gen 2.
  4. BULBAPEDIA: Why Do None Of The Mega Evolutions Have Their Own Menu Sprites?
  5. BULBAPEDIA: Need to add to Lapras's Breeding Moves Page
  6. Probelms? Come Here
  7. BULBAPEDIA: Question about editing
  8. About the new move lists...
  9. BULBAPEDIA: Confirmation Email not recived?
  10. BULBAPEDIA: Lugia - Dragon Pulse
  11. Updating the Pokémon Icons to the X & Y ones
  12. Regarding Animation Credit Translations
  13. Friend Safari on Pokémon pages
  14. Aftermath Items?
  15. Why no pages for Diancie, Volcanion, and Hoopa?
  16. Please stop changing the origin species of Helioptile and Heliolisk
  17. where's the 6th generation pokemon on the "species" page
  18. This guy is a real...Looker
  19. BULBAPEDIA: Openable menus inaccessible on mobile browsers
  20. pokemon species for Pokemons from x and y
  21. Data Compilation Threads?
  22. When Does Bulbapedia Get Updated?
  23. BULBAPEDIA: Edit Request(s)
  24. BULBAPEDIA: I'm new to all this and want to learn about competition fighting and online play
  25. BULBAPEDIA: Images that are supposed to be animated aren't animating
  26. How will Bulbapedia handle Gen 6?
  27. can't register at bulbapedia wiki
  28. #bulbagarden IRC Channel Issue.
  29. Dream World images?
  30. Bulbapedia Quiz
  31. Beta Springs! Help!
  32. Youtube series, Bulbapedia rip off
  33. Help Me Out I Got Some Important Information but i need help to put it the wiki.
  34. Scatterbug and Spewpa japanese name origin
  35. missing pokedex for the talonflame, skrelp, clauncher
  36. Advertisements on Bulbapedia and Bulbanews
  37. Connection to Main Page is "Untrusted" EDIT: Problem seems to have solved itself?
  38. List of Pokémon that debuted before their generation?
  39. pokemon red and green-japanese 'mart' and 'poke' signs in 1.0?
  40. Pocket Monsters Stadium Trainers
  41. Bulbapedia not opening in firefox.
  42. Regarding EP081 in Season One
  43. BULBAPEDIA: Generation IV - The ??? Generation
  44. BULBAPEDIA: Can we please add details for popular mods such as Shiny Gold and Liquid Crystal?
  45. BULBAPEDIA: Google DNS blocks Bulbapedia, considers it a malware haven
  46. BULBAPEDIA: Masuda Method Question
  47. Image issues
  48. BULBAPEDIA: BP as a reward
  49. togepi acts like misty
  50. Bulbapedia: Black 2 and White 2 Pokédex Entries
  51. BW2: The EV Berries
  52. fire starters
  53. Legendaries
  54. no trainer data for Walkthroughs
  55. BULBAPEDIA: Catch %
  56. BULBAPEDIA: Minor Question
  57. BULBAPEDIA: Facts about Pokemon cries.
  58. Pokedex entry editing help for B2W2...
  59. I noticed an item missing
  60. BULBAPEDIA: Accuracy Needs clarification (Moderater review requested)
  61. sitting psyduck possible error
  62. Party template help
  63. Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough
  64. Disambiguating Conquest characters
  65. Appeal for being a member of Encyclopædiæ Pokémonis
  66. BULBAPEDIA: Assist Mode
  67. Wicked Event
  68. BULBAPEDIA: Consistency in main anime character articles
  69. Bulbapedia not working?
  70. Locked
  71. Challenge mode???
  72. Just Wondering...
  73. Variations
  74. IDEA
  75. ARCHIVES: animated png
  76. BULBAPEDIA: P+NA Abilities
  77. BULBAPEDIA: Bulbapedia adroid pokedex app
  78. BULBAPEDIA: Lectures, Openings and Endings
  79. Team Rocket doesn't blast off in this episode
  80. GB Sounds glitch!
  81. BULBAPEDIA: In other languages
  82. BULBAPEDIA: A few things about the translations of the TV series' episode titles
  83. SOPA Consistency
  84. BULBAPEDIA: Trainer Class Infobox and Stadium 2
  85. BULBAPEDIA: Japanese cards to English card images.
  86. Clarification of abbreviations
  87. Can't Make Account with my e-Mail.
  88. Spoiler Template
  89. Warning!
  90. Twelve Days of Christmas 2011 - Staff Appreciation Awards & Nominatons: Day 2
  91. BULBAPEDIA: Expanding articles based on personal experience
  92. BULBAPEDIA: Sprite Images
  93. BULBAPEDIA: Event organisation
  94. Staff drive 2011
  95. BULBAPEDIA: DuckDuckGo wants you!
  96. BULBAPEDIA: List of moves by Mystery Dungeon index number
  97. Does Nacrene City's possible IRL inspiration warrant a mention somewhereon its page?
  98. error in the species page
  99. BULBAPEDIA: Smogon External Links
  100. Master List of Opposing Pokémon
  101. Egg moves
  102. Paper using Bulba as a source
  103. species name from generation I-IV
  104. A small idea
  105. Fansite articles
  106. BULBAPEDIA: Black and White Shippings
  107. BULBAPEDIA: Grunt Articles
  108. BULBAPEDIA: Candidates for merging/moving/mainspacing/splitting discussion thread
  109. Gen I/Gen II Starter & Event Pokemon Stats
  110. BULBAPEDIA: Unreleased Pokemon & characters to Prototype Pokemon & characters
  111. Orange Archipelago and the Sevii Islands
  112. Question: Audrey and Kathryn's history
  113. BULBAPEDIA: Suggestion/offer: Use a database
  114. Information
  115. BULBAPEDIA: the sandbox
  117. BULBAPEDIA: Master Pokemon
  118. ARCHIVES: Gender-specific portraits
  119. Jazelle
  120. BULBAPEDIA: Critical capture probs in species template
  121. BULBAPEDIA: Expanding List of Pokémon by catch rate
  122. BULBAPEDIA: Abyssal Ruins Mapped
  123. Is there some sort of list for moves that can hit Non-present targets?
  124. BULBAPEDIA: Safari Zone mechanics
  125. Concerns to Trivia
  126. BULBAPEDIA: More manga articles please!
  127. Range and Target types in MD
  128. Compare and Contrast
  129. Change DP175 Header Picture!
  130. BULBAPEDIA: User Account Help
  131. BULBAPEDIA: Add MD's Low Kick tier to List of Pokémon by Weight?
  132. BULBAPEDIA: Quick MOS Question
  133. Pokemon Based on Animals
  134. BULBAPEDIA: An article on the Belly
  135. BULBAPEDIA: Proposed enhancement to Favorite Music userbox
  136. BULBAPEDIA: Cable Club black out glitch
  137. BULBAPEDIA: MD2's Elemental Collectibles
  138. BULBAPEDIA: Starting stats and levelups in MD
  139. BULBAPEDIA: Moisture intake for Berries in G4
  140. BULBAPEDIA: Separate pages for IQ skills
  141. HM locations
  142. BULBAPEDIA: Pokemon rarities
  143. BULBAPEDIA: It is interesting to note
  144. unsure how to post on bulbapedia
  145. BULBAPEDIA: Mythical Pokémon
  146. Battle Hall Pokémon
  147. Battle Palace
  148. Escape Rates in G4 Safari Zone
  149. Stat Stages in MD
  150. Mobility Types in MD
  151. I created a page on Bulbapedia.
  152. Hi, I just signed up to the forum, but I have been a member of the wiki for months.
  153. Bianca's Pignite
  154. Eeveelution Game?
  155. Animated images and file size
  156. ARCHIVES: moving of pokemon artwork files?
  157. BULBAPEDIA: I cannot wait for the wiki to be unlocked
  158. what happened to bulbapedia?
  159. BULBAPEDIA: The actual experience formula for Gen.5
  160. Assist Egg Move Glitch
  161. Sugimori art redlinks
  162. BULBAPEDIA: How to delete Bulbapedia/Bulbanews account?
  163. Idea for species articles "In the video games" sections
  164. Move Levels for Evolutions
  165. BULBAPEDIA: Just a little pointout in two episode articles...
  166. Unova Pokemon's Species Name (English/Japanese)
  167. BULBAPEDIA: Moves In Mystery Dungeon
  168. BULBAPEDIA: Critical Hits?
  169. BULBANEWS: A Weekly Real-Life News Update
  170. BULBAPEDIA: Quotes for N
  171. Glitchdex question
  172. ARCHIVES: Renaming Colosseum/XD Sprites
  173. Pre-evolution Moves Template Question
  174. BULBAPEDIA: Ground type % incorrect
  175. Categorize your templates!
  176. ARCHIVES: Animated Sprites ?
  177. The Great Arceus Debate: Should We Include Arceus's Formes on Each Type Page? (Join!)
  178. Orre - Main Series? Or Side Game?
  179. Orgin of this picture?
  180. All Unova pokemon names (Idk if you knew or not..)
  181. In other languages
  182. We need a weekly poll!
  183. Project AniSpriteDex
  184. Unova's Cities images
  185. Using GIFs for animated sprites
  186. deleted
  187. Does this even exist...?
  188. Event Pokémon info box issue
  189. Archives - Moving back sprites
  190. Welcoming users
  191. Tildes
  192. Warnings
  193. Lt. Surge??
  194. Our standing on the leaked Pokémon name list
  195. Italian links
  196. Nidoran?
  197. Regarding the Elemental Monkeys (Pansage, Pansear, and Panpour)
  198. Problem with Future Generations of Pokemon article
  199. A second request to join Encyclopædiæ Pokémonis
  200. Trick and Switcheroo with Griseous Orb in Black and White
  201. Demographics - Official Count
  202. Event Articles
  203. EToP Pokémon Tower=Bruegel's Tower of Babel?
  204. Kanto Badges
  205. Did we used to do this, or am I imagining things?
  206. Guess who fixed their password
  207. HELP
  208. Maps/Screenshots
  209. Virus?
  210. The end of an era
  211. Help Thread?
  212. Warnings
  213. Incase anyone cares.
  214. Non-Pokespe manga characters images.
  215. OU wifi battle
  216. Updating Pokémon Disambiguations
  217. So a decision must be made.
  218. The Official BMGf "Hey There's a New Person On the Forums" Thread.
  219. Another new template...
  220. Seeking Approval for a "Pokémon in Australia" page
  221. Pokemon Event Info Wrong
  222. Think I found the uncredited voice for Officer Jenny (AG155)!
  223. Learnset Checking Project (offer and request)
  224. I can't name my foe?
  225. statistical averages for Legendaries
  226. Shikimi = Velma
  227. Recording Software
  228. Bulbapedia search: skipping the disambiguation page
  229. Can I have a copy of at lease the first 151 pokemon wiki?
  230. GIFs for Pokemon Crystal Animations
  231. Apply for a member of Encyclopaediae Pokémonis
  232. Pokemon anime pics
  233. Generation V Pokemon sprite section.
  234. Aren't those Blue artworks?
  235. "Earthquake Spiral"?
  236. Iris is...
  237. Bulbapedia Log-in problem
  238. Pokemon Black and White Trivia
  239. I have a question?
  240. Wrong?
  241. Mijumaru/Futachimaru/Daikenki - any information?
  242. Genesect?
  243. Type effectiveness error? Steel is not immune to poison?
  244. Monozu (Pokémon)/Jihead (Pokémon)/Sazando (Pokémon) page information to add
  245. List of index numbers by base EXP yield
  246. Where will bulbapedia get the new images?
  247. Pokemon Base Stats Data Structure?
  248. Gen V Gender Ratio: Differences between Bulba and Serebii
  249. Has anyone noticed any beta material yet for BW?
  250. Whats happening with Catlin?